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  1. CountMordrek

    Mission expiration date

    True - but then you could add hours to the given time frame and then as some suggested present a timer with X days left which become X hours left once it’s only 24 hours left. However, I guess you already have enough suggestions to think about so I’ll only send a “have a nice day” along the way :)
  2. Hmm... pay to lose? Seems risky? Or am I hedging my options by joining both pay to win and pay to lose? Feels kinda like a guaranteed pay to something, but what if we have a draw?
  3. CountMordrek

    Can we please stop the T10 spam?

    Meh. The problem is still the T10 premium camo which makes it more profitable for good players to play T10 than to play a T8 premium and almost on pair with spamming the Mighty Mo while allows for poor players to play T10 without losing credits which enables the top tiers for more people. Compare this to how it was pre-T10 premium camo, when people were spamming T8 premiums to keep their economy... That said, I'm kinda unsure how Wargaming can solve this problem given that they probably don't want to make premium camos a "must have" to play some tiers...
  4. CountMordrek

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I love my Shima, and the value of staggering your torpedo drops on enemy BB's is probably my greatest achievement yesterday (even though it was more up to the enemy BBs incompetence). This also makes me worry for when the deep water torpedoes comes, since their reaction time will make the old old Shima feel bad.
  5. CountMordrek

    Mission expiration date

    Couldn't you just add a timer so that the mission ends at midnight before the server update? Honestly, this would not only provide a lot of clarity and remove confusing situations but it would also be great for the daily container grind as well as with other timed stuff (even though it would give us a few hours less to grind the missions in).
  6. The joy of clan battles to come... well... we all love Paradox... and don't ask me how t3h3th32 translates into paradox, because that is a paradox in itself... anyway... Blitzzz, is that a reference to German panzer tactics or are you maybe spending a tad too much time with LoL? Because WoWS is perfect to play on one screen while you watch Worlds on another <3
  7. CountMordrek

    Premium ships nerfs and refunds.

    The terms and conditions which you agree on when you purchase the right to use the ship in-game clearly states that they are allowed to change the ship however they want... now, they have a policy to rather remove a premium ship from the shop instead of nerfing it, probably as to not make the paying part of the community rage, but that doesn't change the fact that you agreed to let them change the ship if they feel like doing so.
  8. CountMordrek

    DD's has god mode!

    You delete cruisers while cruisers needs to pew pew for a while to take your Izumo down. Cruisers delete DDs while DDs needs to pew pew for a while to take your Izumo down. And DDs delete BBs while BBs needs to pew pew for a while to take down the DDs. What's wrong with that?
  9. CountMordrek

    Questions of the Community

    In regards to fire chance; me and a friend have been testing Akizuki setups and noticed that an IFHE build has almost the double the chance to set a fire per %-age of fire chance than a non-IFHE build. This increase also correlates somewhat to the higher damage per HE shell done by IFHE, which would indicate that HE shells penetrating instead of shattering actually had something to do with it. Now, I have three possible solutions to this, and wonder which of them if any that could be true. 1. There is another modifier, if a shell penetrates or shatters, which affects fire chance 2. Fire chance isn't linear, so even though a higher %-age should give you more fires per percentage of fire chance, it doesn't 3. It is all a statistical anomaly. Even though we based our data on a couple of ten thousand hits, and that the difference is too great to be explained by potential tier differences as well as IFHE registering more fires even though we fired HE all the time with that setup which should give us the reversed result (due to actually firing HE on fully burning targets), it's all a statistical anomaly and the fire chance doesn't take into calculation if you penetrate or shatter a shell. Thanks in advance
  10. CountMordrek

    Detonation %

    I might have been taught the wrong numbers, but from what I've heard then the chance for detonation is 1% if a shell penetrates a magazine (under the turrets) or if you have a HE shell which AoE explosion reaches the magazine, and that number increases based upon the amount of damage the corresponding turret have taken up to 10% on a hit to the magazine if the turrets HP pool is depleted.
  11. CountMordrek

    Reached Rank 10

    Congratz! On a side note, the average player in each tier gets worse for every day that passes, so don't give up because there is still plenty of time left of the season
  12. CountMordrek

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    So you fired too high... just aim a tad lower next time.
  13. CountMordrek

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    open game client. Click tech tree. Select RN. Select Minotaur. Open armour viewer. Remove all armour that isn't citadel. Fire and hit the part that remain. Case closed.
  14. CountMordrek

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    Does that mean that I can have my constant radar and ship-to-ship missiles? I mean, you can have your Yamato, but it will sink before you even see me... because right now, you're having "game breaking balance" where you're even allowed to get within gun range of my sweet Kutuzov...
  15. CountMordrek

    WG EU, this is getting ridiculous...

    MrConway, on 09 February 2017 - 12:21 PM, said: I think we can just use this thread, I'm going to go through it on Monday and compile a proper feedback report to send off, so feel free to keep making constructive suggestions here First of all; I finished the mission in 15 games... ...and I have to say that it's the first weekly mission in a while which I enjoyed playing and focusing on. That might be because of ranked being a grind of it's own, but at the same time this was kinda funny missions. I'm borrowing Egoleters formatting here, but I hope it's okay: Mission: Battle of the Java Sea I Restrictions: Random battles, Cooperative battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any ship can be used Conditions - Over any number of battles: Win 1 battle Rewards: 50,000 Credits One win, for a 50 000 credits reward... honestly, I understand that you want to have progressively harder missions, but still... a single non-repeatable mission which nets you ~25 k credits per played is only a hurdle to get over and becomes more a chore than something to strive toward. Mission: Battle of the Java Sea II Restrictions: Available once Battle of the Java Sea I is complete Random battles, Cooperative battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any Tier IV+ ship Conditions - Over any number of battles: Shoot down 75 enemy planes Rewards: 10x Juliet Yankee Bissotwo Signal Flags This is kinda funny, because if you doesn't have a carrier friend and a strong AA platform like Cleveland or Des Moines then you're supposed to play CV... and if you don't like to play CV, then shooting down 75 enemy planes becomes yet another boring chore just to grind through. Mission: Battle of the Java Sea III Restrictions: Available once Battle of the Java Sea II is complete Random battles, Cooperative battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any Tier IV+ ship Conditions - Over any number of battles: Deal 50,000 damage by causing flooding to enemy ships Deal 50,000 damage by setting enemy ships on fire Deal 1,000 damage by ramming enemy ships Rewards: 5x Hydroacoustic Search II So this is the first "real" mission, where you actually need some sort of skills... and then you add this? Fire damage is... okay, although 50 000 fire damage fits more in a gerat HE battle than over any amount of battles, flooding damage is all about finding that AFK BB unless you want it to be a repetitive grind and ramming... really? Sure, I get the idea that people need to ram more because there are so many times where a low hp ship could have made his death worth it by taking down an almost full HP enemy, but with the bottom line being 1000 damage then you're just promoting bad play. Had you instead picked a better number, say 20 000, and limited it to one battle then you would have had people really try to get the full value out of their dying ships. Also, the reward is kinda... meh. ~100k creds for at least 5 games where you have to do some focus is not that much, at least not compared to what you can have. Mission: Battle of the Java Sea IV Restrictions: Available once Battle of the Java Sea III is complete Random battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any Tier VI+ ship Conditions - In a single battle: Hit enemy Citadels 7 times Be among the top 3 players by base XP in your team Rewards: Damage Control System Modification 2 If you want a comment, then this is probably the "best" mission in this whole list. Why? Because it promotes good play, while also makes people learn more about their ship. Sure, I could really see you limit this ship to cruisers, because if someone needs to learn to switch ammo then it's cruisers, but why complain. This is a typical "skill based" mission, especially since you combine the citadel hits with being among the top players by base XP. Mission: Battle of the Java Sea V Restrictions: Available once Battle of the Java Sea IV is complete Random battles, Ranked battles Once per account Any Tier VI+ ship Conditions - In a single battle: Destroy 5 enemy ships Be among the top 3 players by base XP in your team Survive the battle Rewards: 20x Engine Boost II 20x Defensive AA Fire II 20x Catapult Fighter II 20x Spotting Aircraft II Final Reward: 15x Dragon flags (+333% Commander XP earned for the battle) 15x Restless Fire camouflage (-3% to detectability range; +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship; +250% Commander experience earned in the battle) Okay... the good with the bad... This one took me two tries to finish, and that without me even having to actively go after kill secures, but I can already feel the grief that's coming later in the week as more and more people reach this stage and more and more players land on those 4 kills or dies after yoloing in for the 5th one... ...and that's kinda the problem. The missions should be a test of skills, and encourage players to become just a tad better, but even though a good player should see a Kraken a week, the missions should still be achievable for the average player if he or she puts in the time and effort to do them... and well, the Kraken combined with surviving is like the Fleet of Fug hunt for Russian ships all over again I mean, a good tips would be to ask an average player on WG EU to try to do each part of a mission, and if he or she isn't able to do it without a great deal of luck during 10 matches then either the mission is too hard or the reward too low. Yes, I managed to finish it all in 15 games, with 3 Krakens under my belt, but at the same time that was my 2 best Cleveland games and my best Leningrad game to date so my 15 games is not a good measurement for how long it will take for the average player to finish these missions and thus they're fairly... meh...