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  1. BAN Policy

    I would vote for completely banning all the mods, leaving a plain vanilla client. Could make a voting which parts of current legal mods players wants to see to be as standards and everything else is forbidden.
  2. No wonder sometimes I'm being hit in a smoke while moving and shooting with 100% accuracy. Like 4 out of 4 salvos? Unlikely just a pure skills. This type of mod should be banned. Gives advantage to players who doesn't use any mod.
  3. WORCHESTER fairy tale

    Historically ships were having about 3 successful hits in average out of 100 shells. Lets make it like this i game.
  4. Ships that need a buff

  5. Do suiciders get punished?

    Banned for killing yourself? Really? What about being banned for causing your teammate to die? Or match to loose? In that case 99% of players should be banned for not using the **** common sence and moving all together to A10 or J1 on every map.
  6. That's why i would replace all players in my team with 11 bots any day. talking about bots......oh.....
  7. Collectors club

    We do have POTATO CLUB here. About 90% or players automatically included.
  8. Bcuz radar + smoke = balans

    FInally i will have the reason to take grozovoi our of port. But ye, give anti-radar as new consumable.
  9. Counter the radar!

    Do that in a match with 7 radar ships. Moskva's, Des moines and others. LEts say in a DD with 9km torps and shitty guns like hsienyang tier 8.
  10. Bcuz radar + smoke = balans

    Although grozovoi needs a boost I don't think another radar ship is needed. But I prefer that duration of all radars would be shortened to max 20sec. Or just give grozovoi an antiradar consumable which would disable radar within that 7.5km range.
  11. Counter the radar!

    Yes, counter radar is needed. But not to be able to hide completely. For example It would be enough if anti radar consumable would remove the target lock of you. And we all know it's much harder to hit a target you are not locked at. Needs more skills but hey, WG is not going that way for years now. They need more potatoes.
  12. Verdict on Nelson?

    DON'T buy Nelson. It comes with potato team package. And it transfers to a whole account too! 13 lost games in a row with always as top 5 player (often top 2) And here is my nelson today:
  13. True random looking for EN/LT clan

    Guys, nice offers but as i've mentioned i can't use mic. I can read discord and other chats, but can't listen and/or speak. So still looking for a clan without a must to use mic requirement.
  14. Due to incoming upgrades where clan will become more useful feature might be good thing to pay less for ship repairs and other stuff. * I play mainly on evenings monday-friday 18-22pm GMT-0. Not much active on other times. * My win rate somewhere 53% (60-65% on favorite ships) so i'm a bit higher than standard potato but far away from unicum. * I'm 33 years old * I don't use any communication programs or microphone. Don't need to talk - i can type fast enough. In game chat is fully enough for me. * I CAN look at mini map and use common sense (i think these skills are THE must to have on 7vs7's). * I can and i do spend money on OP premium ships (although i suck on Saipan more than on Erie). * I do say sh*t on chat if getting frustrated by noobs without common sense causing us a loss (but thats a common thing on randoms). Been chat banned 3 times already so if your clan's "honorable" reputation is very important for you - i'm not suitable for You. Although my sometimes overreacted behaviour would represent only my own opinion, not the clan's. * Although it doesn't happen often, i may go afk for a minute if my daughter asks for a toilet. * Mainly play Battleships and Destroyers/ Gunboats. What can i offer? I consider myself quite OK'ish team player especially in 7vs7, i know that DD's SMOKE is NOT only for myself, i can read the map and follow the lead. Looking for english / lithuanian speaking clan which is not taking this game more serious than real life. In game Sugertukas.
  15. What is the point of super containers?

    Yesterday i got 2 supercontainers out of 3 rolls available daily. Flags and upgrade module but still fun to pull 2 out of 3.