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  1. Sugertukas

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    Worst summer "sale" since the game was launched. Can't beleave they are so bad at trying to sell stuff that i don't even have a temptation on it. Would like to see a "spreadsheet" how much profit they made in comparison with last 2 years of summer sales.
  2. Sugertukas

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    What i really don't like is they make cv play harder - we push ourselves harder to the limits and still maintain lets say 100k av or often top 1 in a team. WG drops kremlin with best AA in game, ok one no fly zone. WG drops DD friesland (wait till it will be available for everyone) who melts planes ever faster. Am i suppose to have fun having all my planes deleted and just spot for team who doesn't care with one remaining plane? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying i can't play CVs anymore but playing and enjoying it is two different things.
  3. Sugertukas

    CV population according to "spreadsheets"

    I loved the rework. I really did. I'm one of the few who likes the way the planes are being controlled. But where the things are going now... Everyone has limits. Sometimes i think even 0.8.0 (era of flying shima's) wasn't that bad as it is now. Their fixes ain't going to the right direction. It's already the point where i can say "why bother?" if i can collect that 100k dmg in battleship without looking at my monitor much.
  4. CV population is low, lets make a rework to make this class more popular. 0.8.5 stupidly strong AA buff kills tier 8 CVs in tier 10 battle Releasing Friesland (destroyer) with ultimate "no fly" zone who eats planes better than minotaur. WG, play carriers yourselves. ps what does your !"£$%^ spreadsheets sais about CV population now?
  5. Sugertukas

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    I just don't have time to keep up with these grinding campaigns. So it starts to bother me less and less and in result WG sees less of my money. Actually adding up AMAZING summer sales last time they got my money was.....last year's xmas whenever they sold year of premium for half price. To sum it up, as soon as i won't be able to be competitive due to missing key ships/commanders/other boosters which were hidden under special long grinds i will simply quit. So not every grind will keep players playing more and spend more...
  6. Sugertukas

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Oh yes i was. Not that often as used to be but it's ok now, i'm a good boi again :)
  7. I'm really happy WG sucks so bad at trying to sell things that my wallet is happy to be closed. Not even a temptation. Try harder, WG.
  8. Sugertukas

    CV Rework Discussion

    now be a good boi and play tier 8 carrier in tier 10 battle.
  9. Sugertukas

    CV Rework Discussion

    I would like a WG team @MrConway and friends to play Saipan in tier 10 match on their next twitch stream. Thank you.
  10. Sugertukas

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    Would like to see the famous spreadsheets about how much the popularity of tier 8 CVs dropped after 0.8.5 update. Especially ships like Saipan with amazing 11 planes squadrons and longest regeneration of all tier 8's. Was my favorite CV after rework. Now as tier 10's are still playable, Saipan is one of the few i removed the "move it to favorites" tag.
  11. The guy who comes with such an idea like NTC would be sent cleaning toilets for next 6 months if i would be the Boss of WG. Unless it was his idea...
  12. Sugertukas

    CV Rework Discussion

    What pisses me most is this HE bomb nerf. WG don't want skilled players to dominate, useless potato DDs cried half a forum mimimimi about it so they gave such a horrible rng to it that its practically useful only vs afk targets. Just had a battle in Midway where i perfectly aimed my bombs target 100% over Iowa. 2 bombs landed. Where the rest of them? Are they all dropping outside the circle? Or if there is a 1 cm gap outside the ship "RNG" will land all bombs down there? Can't my perfect aiming get rewarded without your stupid RNG (which never lands in a middle anyway, so it's a dodged RNG)? I swear this crap is bugged. Just did same thing and had ALL cyrcle on Moskva, pefectly aimed, Moskva slowly reversing. 3 out of 6 bombs hit. I even watched replay frame by frame, pitty it doesn't show aiming cyrcle on replays but clearly didn't miss 3 bombs. How this is even possible to miss half a bombs if circle is fully on the ship? @MrConway
  13. Sugertukas

    CV Rework Discussion

    Read it again. My skills should be rewarded and not decided by rng. He bombs became as useful as your TiTs out of stock. The vast amount of randomness in these bombs can't offer anything better what rockets can't do. At least Midway drops more of those with higher chance to hit. But you are pointless to argue with. Buy Saipan, go into tier 10 battles with only 11 planes each on deck with massive recovery times. My point is - take away the fun part of playing those and we end up where we were before rework. Ps. : your wall of texts soon won't fit in one page.
  14. Sugertukas

    CV Rework Discussion

    Is this "fix" somehow should have helped ships like Saipan to survive longer in tier 10 battles? Sorry, haven't felt any improvement. Although doing ~60k-80k dmg still not hard (still below my averages), every attack or search for an attack feels frustrating. Also WG can %$£"!!% with their HE bomb balance. SKILLS OF DROPPING NEEDS TO BE REWARDED. But then you attack afk stationary, AA off harugumo, line up the cyrcle perfectly and land 1 bomb! out of 2 attack attempts well then.... FU? #buffsaipan
  15. Sugertukas

    Wargaming snuck carriers into clan brawl.

    Just nerf enterprise to Saipan's level?