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  1. Toxic ping abooose

    Stop *****ing running to wg staff and cry like a babies every time someone insults you in game, shoots you or pings you. You look so EDIT trying to act like internet and online gaming platforms suppose to be home for peaceful sinless god lovin individuals. If you can't handle it maybe go play EDIT. This game has enough automated systems to handle minor salt which happens daily. For me it just looks like you are using personal reports to wg EDIT. Don't even pretend you want to make online community nicer because that way you need to ban half of damn world.
  2. Had honour to play with man himself...

    Now you all made me feel bad for being at wows since the beginning and not knowing him....
  3. Something aint right?

    lol.....it's obvious what everyone's reply would be, but lets say something different then: BUFF DAMN BB's, THEY CAN'T DOMINATE WITHOUT PLAYER'S SKILLS!
  4. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Maybe you should start paying attention to it? If others keeps saying this to you constantly the problem is not them, it's you.
  5. Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    I think the problem is more likely the fuse times and bouncing angles normalisation. That's what i dont like about facing stalingrads. My yamato got deleted in 2 salvos 9-10km away. 40k+ dmg each salvo. Yes, i gave full broadside, sometimes it's your mistakes, sometimes you have to take that risk. Today Moskva had my full broadside 10km away. Used AP, took like....up to 10k health in 3 salvos... I can give full broadside to another yamato. He might get 3x citadels on me in rare salvos but mostly you get 1 or 2 due to shells spread everywhere. Sometimes you get lucky and the shells just scratches the paint. Stalingrad in other hand picks up citadels like with the magnet. Seen in randoms today how stalingrad was taking 1/3rd of izumo's health broadside 13-15km away. Poor guy couldnt even turn fast enough then he realized he is being eaten. On top of that bow tanking abilities of stalingrad at close range is as good as moskva's. Even yamato stuggling to find the spot where to deal damage. Agree with one thing, its too early to see the real stats about this ship but its clearly leading the "OP" way. Funny how ichase or one of them made a video how OP jean bart will be at tier 9. That was before staligrad was released. But then the designer from WG came and said: "hold my beer"... Oh, and did i mentioned how much AP damage stalingrads deals to Destroyers? Again thx to shorter fuse times on stallinium shells.
  6. Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    Can your henri kill full health battleship in 2 salvos? Stalingrad can. And all these talks about "counter ships" to stalingrad already speaks about disbalance. I wows no ship meant to have few counters. They all meant to be even or good/worse in comparison with same class same tier ships. So you need specifically build henri and hindy with ifhe to pen stalin, oh and conqueror also counts as a "counter" to stalingrad. But it shouldn't even be taken into comparison coz one is BB one is suppose to be Cruiser. You say you can burn stalingrad easily. What if he can aim properly and turn his guns to you? How many correctly aimed salvos needed to delete your henri? Oh yes... Angling... But quite often you dont do 1vs1 battles. You angle to stalin you give side to yamato. The whole point in this game is to keep more or less similar win rates in all ships of the same tier. Have you checked recently the performance of stalingrad? I think it was 66% win rate overall (plus all other stats way above average). Yes, only good players gets this ship and there wont be potatoes who will drag a win rate down. They will never get this ship. But there are other hard earned/new ships where percentage of bad players owning it still low. And these ships dont overperform that badly. For clan battles it will be another "cancer" ship and im sure many many top clans will use at least 1 or 2 of those in every match. Its like having Worcester in a team, everyone must focus him and take him down quickly before he melts everyone down. Thing is, you can counter Worcester with any cruiser and any BB.

    Lets buff stalingrad. It's not op enough.
  8. The new IJN gunboats

    Cough... Cough... Balancegrad... Cough...
  9. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    I've seen players with 65% win rate in division (5k+ battles) but only 50% win rate solo(1k battles). So would he be allowed to play? As my example shows, win rate does not show how good player is. Although i do judge players by their win rate myself....
  10. Will get a free musashi within a week

    Who said jean bart and alaska will come out for coal? Any info on this? More likely they will make it for steel. And i bet one day will be a lot of packages on premium shop included steel (ooops, just gave another bright idea to WG how to cash us all more).
  11. Sure they will. Enjoy your 100 detonation flags.
  12. Bots

    Indeed. But we mainly play randoms.
  13. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Thanks WG. Due to your amazing offers and even gold nerf (for buying the premium you already own) this year you got £0 from me. And i was tempted to spend some on decent offers.
  14. Quite old screenshot i managed to do on my alt account.
  15. WoT - like battles.

    Feels the same. Today i had 5 landslide battles out of 6. Only the last one was very even and close call.