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  1. Sugertukas

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    I understand the exception on khaba due to it's having 50mm plating but harugumo as exception has no common sense. (apart from being quite op DD would make it even more op).
  2. Sugertukas

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I think at the final product we will get the CV control alongside a squad control. IF most of the players sais it's needed im sure they will change that. I mean what we are testing now it's way off the final product.
  3. Sugertukas

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Even battleships are not that reliable mistakes punisher so why cruiser should be? Give stalingrad 1.8-1.9 sigma and it will be ok'ish. But again, we have too many rng here already.
  4. Sugertukas

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    I did spend 600k free exp to unlock hindy a month or so ago. Didn't play many battles on it but have mixed feelings. Some battles i do 30k dmg sobme battles 150k. Hindy somehow feels sluggish for me. And after my last unlock on henri4, i haven't touched hindenburg since.
  5. Sugertukas

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Everyone keep saying benefit system in UK is stupidly broken. No wonder my taxes are so high...
  6. Sugertukas

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    You probably know that sometimes you do a lot of hard work which doesn't include dealing damage to lead a team for a win? Like radaring in right time, denying enemy to enter cap or flank because they know you are there and so on. You get 0 exp for such a teamwork.
  7. Sugertukas

    Can we have a way to Disable seeing map pings from players?

    I need more testing (lol) but full set of torps Usually don't sink even friendly Cruisers. Once i launched 8 torps on "friendly" afk CV in z52 then we lost a game in 4minutes and i only took down 1/3rd of his health the most (no, it's different from damage saturation). You instantly get teamkilling penalty and your HP starts ticking down quickly until you die (unless its a minor damage so it stops). Don't know on which update they implemented this but it's very hard to team kill. Last week i ate friendly shimas torp in hindenburg who tried to sink me internationally and the damage was nowhere near as big as enemy's shima would do. But in a same time you can accidentally team kill a ship who sails on your torp. Could it be that as soon as system picks up a team damage from you, it reduces it dramatically further. Just my prediction due to normally shimas torp would devastate half health hindenburg but since he pewpew'ed me before, got penalty as system announces, torp hit did minor dmg. Don't know does it work the same in training room, would be interesting to test. (ps i don't recommend testing it in randoms, you won't make your team happy about it)
  8. Sugertukas

    Can we have a way to Disable seeing map pings from players?

    Haven't you seen the team killing protection system? Its literally impossible to team kill a full hp friendly ship without dying yourself. Even if you drop 15 torps on him, they somehow do like 99% lower damage than normally should. The only way to teamkill is if annoying “friend„ on low health or burning/flooding and has no repair. Beleave me, i tried many times. Most of them you end up dying yourself by the team damage penalty. I really don't like this protection system :) you still get teamkill penalty but you not really killing a teammate. I'm sure many of you had a situation where your potato friend is better off dead than alive. Especially if you are on low hp hiding in your smoke, waiting for repair or smth and "friendly" ship rushes into your smoke right next to you without any chance to hide dragging all incoming fire with him. Ramming you just to stop and then you eat random shells which were launched on him. These are one of the situations where you better off turning your guns on him and releasing him out of his misery. Saving yourself and possibly a win for a team.
  9. Sugertukas

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    This is a secret rule but its true. I reached rank 5 quite early and most of the players there i met was green/purple clans. Really felt like clan battles. Steadily was climbing up to rank 3 but due to lack of time playing a lot i've ended playing 1-3 battles per day. Week later it was a totally different experience at ranks 5-2.... 2 options: rank out early in 200 battles (the most) or spend another 500+ trying.
  10. Sugertukas

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Dropped from rank 3 to 5 in 10 straight losses. Ended trying this season. Overall, if you think, is 1000-1500 steel worth these countless hours or frustration then people throwing away a won game? Everything else for reaching rank 1 is buyable for small amount of real money. There will be many other events where you will get steel. Lolingrad won't go away anytime soon. Rule nr1: game you play should be fun to play. I'm back on randoms.
  11. Sugertukas

    Toxic ping abooose

    Stop *****ing running to wg staff and cry like a babies every time someone insults you in game, shoots you or pings you. You look so EDIT trying to act like internet and online gaming platforms suppose to be home for peaceful sinless god lovin individuals. If you can't handle it maybe go play EDIT. This game has enough automated systems to handle minor salt which happens daily. For me it just looks like you are using personal reports to wg EDIT. Don't even pretend you want to make online community nicer because that way you need to ban half of damn world.
  12. Sugertukas

    Had honour to play with man himself...

    Now you all made me feel bad for being at wows since the beginning and not knowing him....
  13. Sugertukas

    Something aint right?

    lol.....it's obvious what everyone's reply would be, but lets say something different then: BUFF DAMN BB's, THEY CAN'T DOMINATE WITHOUT PLAYER'S SKILLS!
  14. Sugertukas

    Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    Maybe you should start paying attention to it? If others keeps saying this to you constantly the problem is not them, it's you.
  15. Sugertukas

    Stalingrad - Any reason left to play Moskva?

    I think the problem is more likely the fuse times and bouncing angles normalisation. That's what i dont like about facing stalingrads. My yamato got deleted in 2 salvos 9-10km away. 40k+ dmg each salvo. Yes, i gave full broadside, sometimes it's your mistakes, sometimes you have to take that risk. Today Moskva had my full broadside 10km away. Used AP, took like....up to 10k health in 3 salvos... I can give full broadside to another yamato. He might get 3x citadels on me in rare salvos but mostly you get 1 or 2 due to shells spread everywhere. Sometimes you get lucky and the shells just scratches the paint. Stalingrad in other hand picks up citadels like with the magnet. Seen in randoms today how stalingrad was taking 1/3rd of izumo's health broadside 13-15km away. Poor guy couldnt even turn fast enough then he realized he is being eaten. On top of that bow tanking abilities of stalingrad at close range is as good as moskva's. Even yamato stuggling to find the spot where to deal damage. Agree with one thing, its too early to see the real stats about this ship but its clearly leading the "OP" way. Funny how ichase or one of them made a video how OP jean bart will be at tier 9. That was before staligrad was released. But then the designer from WG came and said: "hold my beer"... Oh, and did i mentioned how much AP damage stalingrads deals to Destroyers? Again thx to shorter fuse times on stallinium shells.