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  1. _Robertas_

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    Why should be if lootboxes brings biggest profit?
  2. _Robertas_

    TEAM KILLING PAYS! (according to Wargaming)

    me after launching all sets of my 20km fishes playing Yoshino...
  3. _Robertas_

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    I normally report people for saying "poi". And I'm normally chat banned most of the time. It's like alcohol. You may pretend that you stopped drinking. For a week or two. But there will be days where it only takes one sip (one battle) to get back where you belong. But it's an online game where 12 players trying to kill another 12. There always will be toxicity. Everything related to multiplayer games has it. And if you have temper not to reply with toxicity well good for you. But it doesn't make you a better player nor a person.
  4. _Robertas_

    Mass reporting resulting in chat ban

    No. Because while you grab a beer after work and WASD a ship in a battle just to see how pretty it looks, other player's in your team RELY on you doing your role because they might be also having work/family and have only an hour a day to do some grindy directives while their newborn baby is asleep. As long as it's "team play" it will never going to be the same for everyone. So if I'm one of the guys i described and i see you are throwing a won game away by totally potatoing it - be sure you will receive toxic response from me. How you deal with it it's up to you. Obviously such a toxic behaviour won't make you a better player but will allow the other guy to vent out a bit.
  5. _Robertas_

    puerto rico for FREE grinders. yours progress?

    I will just pay. My prediction for next time would be: similar grind for new balanced by Stalin himself Soviet Union ship. Something close to (or above) Smolensk level. Because you know... Spreadsheets sais it's fine.
  6. _Robertas_

    The Thunderer. Love her or Loathe her?

    Thunderer is a better conqueror.
  7. _Robertas_

    Rigging clarification

    Stop looking for a raisins inside the arse... Blame WG for potential damage missions.
  8. _Robertas_

    So...I got the PR....

    People were blaming other players who bought PR on day one costing them around 270 euros. That way they were justifying WGs hidden sale under "free" tag. At this point these days, even casual player can finish offPR grind with as little as 30 euros - depends on how fast you did your directives or did you buy any boosters. 30-40 euros is the price tag of any ordinary tier 8 premium ship. You don't insult players who runs Tirpitz, Massachusetts or Vanguard? I will get mine in 6 days and wil cost me 21000 dubloons in total (i only need to buy 5k - had the remaining ones for years). I barely did any grind and only recently bought first booster (to reach stage 30 for discounted price). 21000 dubloons is not so bad for tier 10 ship knowing any tier 8 cost 13-14k.
  9. _Robertas_

    Armada: Indomitable

    Meanwhile Enterprise is laughing somewhere in a background with it's massive rockets squadrons, 40 sec restoration, biggest fighter squadron, good torpedoes and stupidly OP AP bombs....
  10. _Robertas_

    "Plays poorly"

    It does nothing because "plays poorly" represents 90% of players.
  11. _Robertas_

    Getting your first Tier X ship for Coal

    That's why i don't think he does care about winning. Those people just like pumping stupid number of battles without willingness to learn anything. No matter what he picks he will suck anyway.
  12. _Robertas_

    BB's That Shoot Only HE... Noobs or Clever Pyromancers

    Smolensk's would love to see you 13km away. These dakka dakka ships one after another is the reason battleships ain't pushing at all now.
  13. _Robertas_

    BB's That Shoot Only HE... Noobs or Clever Pyromancers

    Yeah, that's probably me in Conqueror. Literally don't remember last time i swiched to AP in this ship.
  14. _Robertas_

    Reports and chatbans

    Hm. I probably will get one too soon after yesterday where i did wented out a bit in one game. But tanking half an enemy team myself while literally all 30% wr players sitting behind 1 island and even thinks they know what they are doing sometimes pulls the trigger. And i even forgot what 1 day chat ban means. I always get 15 days one now. Btw, game has semi-automated chat ban system on top of automated 24h chat ban and manual, given after someone submits a ticket to support which picks up certain "offensive" words from your in game chat, collects them and according to amount/type or words/frequency of use chat ban being issued...manually i guess since it's "semi-automatic". You receice such a chat ban with the reason something like "bypassing the filter blablabla".
  15. _Robertas_

    BB's That Shoot Only HE... Noobs or Clever Pyromancers

    AP shooting Conqueror is a noob Conqueror unless you know you will see perfect broadside in 30 seconds 10km away. So some battleships excels in using HE shells. Others not. But that's where "knowing the game" comes in.