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  1. Knobster

    Tirpitz, sec built

    Just wanted to say that IMO a secondary build without manual fire control is really pointless, as you will miss 95% of shots anyway
  2. Knobster

    Secondary skill 4 advice needed chaps

    Switch your t2 skill for adrenaline rush for nice reduction in main battery reload time (and when they fix it it will affect secondaries too) And take inertia fuse for nice increase in secondary DoT. You will still cause fires (especially if you use the flags too), and cruisers will really hate to be in your secondary range even more. (fire prevention is also a solid pick, but i go all-out secondaries on my Bis) Did he take into account that German HE penetration is caliber/3 caliber/4 and not caliber/4 caliber/6 like other nations? My clanm8's came to the conclusion that it's still viable on the Bis...
  3. Knobster

    Plunging fire?

    This is what I think happens as well. Shells will enter through the belt (or maybe even sligthly above it) and hit the turtle back at a more steep angle compared to close range, which is then no longer autobounce angle and have a chance of penning the citadel.
  4. Knobster

    CVs in ranked games

    TBH I click out of ranked cue if I see CV in waiting list. In 7v7 on these small maps CV is just too powerful. If you are lucky to have the better skilled CV player you win, if not you lose. I'd rather play a game where I can influence the battle myself.
  5. Knobster

    Damage blocked indicator

    That's what potential damage in detailed report is for. Would be nice to see it during the battle as well i guess.
  6. Knobster

    what playing the Yamato taught me about the high tier BB meta

    I find it strange that nobody has commented on your post here, because it perfectly explains 'y u no push BB?' 4 out of 5 times in randoms, when a BB pushes, he's abandoned by the rest of the ships around him at the first sign of the enemy, and basically left to die. The passive meta is a symptom of the cowardice and lack of teamplay of the entire team for random games, not just BBs. It's just easiest to cry 'BBabbies are camping cowards and afraid to push', while the only reason I don't push as often as I like is the complete unreliability of teammates. I think this is also partly why divisions are so much more successful, simply because with just 2 other ships for reliable support, the BB can push without overextending and make a real play that can win the game. And then there are ofcourse the backseat captains who can't recognize successful play even if it citadelled them in the face... Few days back I was divisioning with 2 friends and we three alone held a cap/flank against double the number of enemies. We were in secondary range most of the time, racking up 200 secondary hits and multiple kills in the FdG, effectively tying up near half the enemy team and eventually coming out on top. We didn't push hard into the cap because we were outnumbered, but we kept them from taking it for a long time and eventually were able to cap it. And guess what? We got called campers by some dead guy...
  7. Knobster

    Christmas convoy misson is here

    Thank you WG EU for doing the right thing and the explanation. Now please remember for the future that communication is always THE way to prevent messes like this. Oh, and just have the same offers and specials etc as the other servers, otherwise ppl will always feel short changed.
  8. Knobster

    How to disable ARPs?

    I don't have the option either. My carousel looks exactly like your screenshot.
  9. Knobster


    Boring campfest or dying pointlessly, that's epicenter. My most hated game mode of all!
  10. Knobster


    I'm roughly 4m away from buying the Iowa, but i don't have enough to immediately get the B hull. How bad is the Stock config? Is it playable or should I wait even longer to get it upgraded?
  11. Knobster

    Okinawa - domination

    Why oh why do people insist on going to A (north) with half the bloody team? It's just an instant loss, might as well return to port immediately. Even when it's been said in chat before the damn game begins, even when it's clear there are only a few enemies there, STILL the morons keep on sailing there and ensure they are useless for the entire game. Sorry for the rant but this happens WAY to often, even at high tiers where you'd think people have tried and failed this 'tactic' often enough to try something else...
  12. Knobster

    Epicenter zones UI

    Epicenter is the only game mode I truly dislike. Putting it mildly...
  13. Knobster

    Premade divisions never top tier?

    Soooo... translation: players coordinating are OP versus potatos refusing to coordinate. pls nerf brains! Might just as well make world of battleship (the old school boardgame) with all shots determnined by dice rolls. Sounds fun!
  14. Looks like you just discovered what we call 'confounding factors'. Basically this means that just correlation can never prove causation, without controlling for confounding factors and ideally some form of experiment. It's the number one cause of shitty statistics.
  15. Knobster

    Premade divisions never top tier?

    Or you could just, you know use the new feature and make a division on the fly! You will have all the same perks like voice com and coordination, the only thing you lack is matching ship selection before the battle, but then you have 11 teammates to chose for your ad hoc division. Maybe try and adapt before crying nerf?