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  1. Matevz96

    The HMS Victory

    Great article and even better ship, you got +1 from me :honoring:
  2. Matevz96

    Croatian Navy - Salvage Ship

    Nice article, can you tell me what are those 'tubes' on sides?
  3. Matevz96

    Rapid Patrol Boat Super Dvora MK 2 - Ankaran

    Sgt_Bones, on 11 November 2013 - 05:47 AM, said: I swear they look just like the old American PT boats minus the torpedo tubes.... You know, easiest part of disigning is to hepl yourself with proved designs :glasses: Atleast this is what I think that Israelians did.
  4. Matevz96

    Slovenian patrol boat Triglav

    Achmed_Gringo, on 10 November 2013 - 06:54 PM, said: Nice post, although i have thought that slovenians have more ships. Well this is mater of discusion. If you count rubber boats too, we have 5 ships. more info on rubber boats: http://www.slovenska...quipment/#c2571 And I forgot to mention we have a submarine too! But it isn't operational it is "docked" in a museum :eyesup:
  5. Matevz96

    Rapid Patrol Boat Super Dvora MK 2 - Ankaran

    As requested: Ship was bought in 1996, it has aditional crane for lowering smaller boat. Each engine has 1500 horsepower, which are feded from fuel reservoars with capacity of 9600 litres. It is armed with two 7,62 machineguns and two Oerlikon 20 mm cannon. It has satelit reciever, electronic navigation card and radar. For searcing it is equiped with IR camera. I also found some additional pictures of it: http://www.caranduse...n-21.html?pic=1
  6. Achyluss, on 10 November 2013 - 02:11 PM, said: Guns: 2 x Goalkeeper CIWS 2 x 30mm Marlin WS rapid fire gun 4 x 12.7mm Hitrole NT machine gun 6–8 x 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun I expected some anti air missiles
  7. Ankaran is one of the two slovenian boats, it is protecting our coastline along with Triglav* The Super Dvora Mark II fast patrol boats is a high-speed class of patrol boats meant for a variety of naval missions from typical off-shore coastal patrol mission profiles to high-speed, high-maneuver littoral warfare. Built by Israel Aerospace Industries for the Israeli Sea Corps the Super Dvora Mark II is the successor to the Dvora class fast patrol boats. In Slovenian navy it is used for reconnaissance and control of local waters. General characteristics: Type Super Dvora MK II Displacement 52 t (full) Dimensions 25 x 5,6 x 1,1 m Engine 2 x MTU 8V Diesel Drive 2 ASD 15, surface drive Speed 42 knots Fuel endurance 800 Nm at 25 knots Crew 10 (3 officers) Armament 2x20mm cannon (Oerlikon), 2x machine gun 7,62 mm FN MAG Radar Raytheon ARPA *you can find more about Triglav here: http://forum.worldof...__fromsearch__1
  8. Since this is supply ship I don't expect much firepower, but as far as I see there is some weapon in front, do you know what is it?
  9. Matevz96

    Croatian Navy - Patrol boats - Mirna class

    It is great thing if you can maintain ships as they deserve, some politicians in Slovenia, would like to sell ships for 1€...
  10. Hi, if there is already topic about this ship I am realy sorry. I am planing to tell you something about Slovenian navy. We are having 2 (two, dont laugh we are small contry :teethhappy: ) vessels. One of them is Svetlyak-class Multi-purpose patrol boatTriglav. We got the vessel as part of a repayment of the USSR’s debt to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The cost of “Triglav” is priced at 35 million dollars, while the total Russian debt to Slovenia is about 129 million dollars. As a part of the Slovenian fleet, the ship is named “Triglav” in honor of the highest mountain point in Slovenia. The Slovenian navy expects the Triglav to carry out a variety of patrol missions to prevent violations of its maritime border, protect facilities from enemy surface and air attacks, to monitor exclusive economic zones, to protect natural resources areas and coastal lines of communications. The Triglav was produced by the shipbuilding company “Almaz” who also designed and built another Svetlyak patrol boat for the Vietnamese navy. So the vessel: Triglav is an Svetlyak-class patrol boat in use by the 430 Naval Section of the Slovenian Armed Forces. This version has one AK-306, place for two inflatable boats, one decompression chamber for divers, two 14.5mm machine guns, sixteen Igla-type MANPADS, Shturm anti-ship missile system, PK-10 anti-missile projectiles and three MTU diesel engines type 4000 with 2.880 kW each Arnament: 1x AK-306 gun mount (AK-176M gun can be mounted in the bow section) 2x 14.5mm machine gun 16x Igla-type MANPADS FR-2150W navigational radar Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system GAGK1 Pastilshchik-D gyroazimuth/horizon compass KM-69M1 magnetic compass LEMM-2-2 electromagnetic log with echosounder functions AP-5 dead-reckoning tracer RN-1 radio range-finder KPI-9F receiver-indicator of ground-based radio-navigation systems NT-200D shipborne satellite navigation equipment Buran-6E automated communications system General characteristics: Class & type: Svetlyak Type: patrol boat Tonnage: 333 tons Displacement: 375 tons full load Length: 49.5 metres. Beam: 9.2 metres. Draught: 2.5 metres. Propulsion: 3x MTU 4000 diesel engines with 16200 hp Speed: up to 30 knots (Full Speed), 13 knots ( Economical ) Range: 2200 miles at 13 knots. Endurance: 10 days Crew: 28 ( 4 officers ) If you would like to know some more things let me know :eyesup: