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    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Really engoying Subs in this event, but i have some concerns If they come to normal play. I would not allow them at levels before Aircraft Carryers and i would give aircraft carryers anti sub equipment Shuch as fighter droped depth charges and homing torpedos and sonar boys so as to prevent subs camping. Another thing is I don't think all 5 levels of depth are needed unlless subbs get alot greater air cap as it is only the killer wale and the barcuda can realisticaly reach that depth. also going that deap has no benafite as all deptha below periscope deapth have the same detection range. personanly i thionk the deaper you go the more the detection range should shrink.... unless your apponant is using sonar where it sould make you MORE visable. Fireing torpedos on the surface should be more like a normal shipo fireing with all available tubes being fired in a spread. makeing firing from a the surface an option as you would take longer to reload but fire a spred at your target. Firing from perisope depth should change the torpedos into deapwater torpedos and should be able to hit subs at this deapth and the firing mechanick is fine as is. Also a speacal training mishion for sub drivers should be made availbale as I have seen lots of player just drive into shiping without realising they could dive below it and avoid it.
  2. Morty_Jhones

    Torpedo damage of the roof?

    theres an intresting shockwave afect called 'pealing' that can sort of expne why a hit anywhere can cause a mag exsploshion. basicaly the shelll or torp exsplodes between 2 armour plates. the shockwave and plasma then bounces along between them before exsploding out the end. the armour plates are only buckeled by the affect but at a weak point it bursts open like a pealed banana. this exit point can be some distance frome the inital impact site.
  3. Morty_Jhones

    Black Swan Hull Question

    LOoking at the black swan in the british tec tree I knowtise the hull is labled Black Swan (A) Will be a Black Swan (B) or © at some point? the refites the ship receved where 1 - 12 x 20mm Oerlikon in 6 twin AA mounts (should never see a air wing) 1 x Hedghog Spigot Morter (Would a fight ever get this close, erm mabie espeshaly around some of the islands) 2 - 6 x 4 inch twin perepus Guns in 3 twin mounts (erm, is this two much firepower for t1 ????) I mean thes ships served with just the RN from 1930 till 1960 with others being sold off to egipt, India, even the emerging western germany where there carryed on upto the 70's ALso this ship intorduces A Histericly British secondery weapon wich all the sips of this line where armed with - the HEDHOG MORTER ok yes intended for use against subs these impact weapons where used whenever the situation called for it. ok so range at ant great 200 at 1st but rising to 1k but boy what a sting..