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    Submarines are Coming

    After watching some fotage from the test games i have to say..... i am impressed, and.. at all the winers out there....... Subs just take the place of all thouse anoying sneek torpedo Destroyers that are TBH once you get past Tire 6 completly USLESS except agenst scrubbs who constanly drive in straght lines and never cheack the miny map or even listen to torpedo warnings. Also from the gameplay vids.. all you HE spammers should be fine as Subs have 0 armour and should be splated like flies by HE.
  2. Morty_Jhones

    Submarines are Coming

    This is defiantly an 'Marmite' situation. you are ether gonna love it or hate it. personally I am carefully overoptimistic. There seems to be a solid promise to how subs are going to work and how they will affect game play, A starting tree of only 3 layers is a bit sad, but i understand it. like air craft carriers they have a unique way of working and challenge players to a rethink how they play. I also hope that this means that we will see ships like the Advanced Black Swan class.... ............................, not much in the way of guns, but loads of Depth Charge launcher & Mortars,and Top of the line Sonar and Hydrophones