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  1. Riggerby

    Could 2021 be the year they rebalance stats?

    Ehhhh. I think they may have to eventually but i doubt its something we will see soon or in any great quantity. Looking at World Of Tanks, Now over 10 years old, That game is absolutely filled with tanks that have been in a powercrept state for over half a decade, Only really in the last year or two have tanks that have been deeply out the meta began receiving some small quality of life buffs. But those buffs aren't really making them competitive so much as theyre just making them less bad. I suppose its hard to compare though, in WoT most of the powercreep is just adding new stuff with better stats, In WoWs most of the powercrept ships are only in this state as a result of mechanic / skill changes. The biggest offender being the AA rework. For example. Excellent AA was one of Montana's biggest strengths and was one of its key compensating factors for lacking overmatch, Back in the day if you AA built her she would shred planes. AA Rework hard nerfed her AA effectiveness massively and now she is just a 406mm BB struggling to stay relevant in a sea of 457mm+ monsters. Or look at Atlanta. She was sold and advertised as an AA god, Now her AA is so awful that her mediocre hydro holds more worth than her special infinite def AA. And you know you can say this same thing about Desmo, Wooster, Mino, Iowa etc etc. This isnt so much statistical powercreep as it mechanical one so isn't really as easy to fix without effecting the game at large.
  2. Riggerby

    Why is Podvoisky so utterly useless?

    I've just started grinding the line myself and i've been really enjoying it so far, I honestly think i enjoyed Pod more than Gnev as the firing angles are alot more friendly. Your guns have really nice velocity + arcs and with BFT / AFT the range and reload is decent too, throw ontop your really nice speed and she is really really good at just kiting things with guns. I almost never use torpedo's, always guns. The only time i ever use torpedo's is if a rare opportunity presents itself, for example, One game in Gveny i seen a carrier beach himself, another game in Pod there was a Scharnhorst who pushed right into an island, So in both situations i could just rush round and blap them from point blank with the torps. The detection range is just so awful there is no real way other than opportunism or last ditch suicide drops to make the torps work. Always play around the guns. Also, Your detection and DPM means fighting other DD's usually isn't a good trade at closer ranges especially in uptiers. I always try and make sure i have team support if i'm going to fight another DD, there is no shame in simply running away from a 1v1 you can't win. Always try and keep people at range where you can use your velocity to your advantage and where your nice speed allows you to dodge as much damage as possible.
  3. Riggerby

    Thunderstorm visibility

    Ahhh i apologize mate, I posted the US link didn't i. Sorry, it was the first one that came up when i searched. Here you go lad https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/modstation/
  4. Nah, If you show broadside you should get punished. In my opinion, I think putting the bows of tier 10 CA's up to 32mm could be an option. The gluttony of new battleships they have added into the game with 457mm+ guns has made cruiser armour almost totally irrelevant. I think if you made bows 32mm you return the ability for ships like Desmo and Moskva to effectively bow tank, maintain their ability to be heavily punished for showing side, and by only buffing the bow and not the stern you prevent them from being too overpowered when farming in kite.
  5. Riggerby

    Thunderstorm visibility

    To which support will say, ''Hey, We have an official mod pack we created to fix exactly that problem, Why dont you download it?''
  6. Riggerby

    Thunderstorm visibility

    Eh?. Modstation is created, updated, approved and operated by the developers? If you feel very strongly that people using it are at an advantage there is nothing stopping you from simply installing it for free yourself.
  7. Riggerby

    Thunderstorm visibility

    Hey mate, Not sure if you're aware, but World Of Warships has its own official modstation - https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/modstation/ (Edit. Accidentally posted the .com link, changed to . eu) This is basically something you download, It links with the game, and it gives you a menu of mods that have been safety / compability checked by the devs so its all perfectly game legal. Its basically like a launcher where you select what mods you want to play with. Anyway, in that modpack there is an option to remove fog and glare which makes aiming in storms much more user friendly.
  8. Riggerby


    There is a test of them happening at this very moment. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/submarine-testing/ As for when they will go live? Noone knows. Watching the test gameplay though, hopefully not for a long, lonnngg time yet.
  9. Riggerby

    Teamkilling AI in Coop is a thing?

    I think @Yedwy 's comment above hit the nail on the head, The bots then were just as stupid as the bots now. The way they just rush straight in is still kind of similar. The difference is between those op's and coop is in coop a human player only has to deal with 1 or 2 bots suicide rushing into them at any given moment. In the Operations there was half a dozen bots constantly bearing down on each player. For example, The Human BB's, if they got even 1 bad RNG roll on a salvo, Thats 30s those half a dozen enemy ships have to close the gap and get into ram / torp range. Basically every salvo had to be perfect or the human team just physically couldn't reload quickly enough to kill things fast enough. Its sort of like Zombies on Call Of Duty. The really stupid zombies are easy to kill on round 1 when there are only a few of them charging towards you, But even though they're equally stupid on round 20, there is simply so many of them you just struggle to kill them quickly enough to keep em away.
  10. Riggerby

    1000 karma

    1000 !? How on earth? Haha, Fair play mate.
  11. Just finishing up a few final directives for the dockyard in coop when something really weird happened. Starting off the game, Nothing out of the ordinary, I kill an enemy Skane who is the only enemy on this half of the map, There is noone behind him or to the east. Note the time is 17:55. (I'm not boasting about killing a Skane in coop lmao, I'ts just to show that he died wellll before the incident) Now its 16:59, Almost a full minute has passed since the enemy Skane died and still absolutely nothing else is on that side of the map, I turn west to get back into the fight and our friendly AI skane then sails right across the front of me and dumps his torps into me. Immediately i turn the camera behind to see if he was trying to torp an enemy who suddenly appeared or something, but no, There is literally noone there except the sinking enemy Skane who died an entire minute ago, The torps werent even headed to his wreck anyway, they were aimed at me. I am the only ship in the entire match to his east so there is absolutely noone he could be launching his torps at other than me. Edit - I just realized in the screenshot above the minimap is a little blury, So here it is zoomed in just so you can see nothing is over in that direction. Granted i don't play Coop very often, but has this always been a thing or is this just a weird bug in the AI programming ?
  12. You know, There is a training battles mode where you can go and get screenshots like this on any map without having to burden your team in randoms.
  13. Riggerby

    special spot ship ..idea

    Nah, It would be totally game breaking. I mean, The obvious big issue is that you're going to be spotting every other Tier X DD with a 3-8km buffer zone between you and thats not even mentioning the 6km hydro or 12km radar you mentioned. Basically every DD other than the likes of Kleber and Kaba are just instantly unplayable as a result. This sort of balancing in extremes, i.e having little or no of one thing but absurdly ridiculous in another thing just doesn't make for healthy gameplay and never has in wargaming products. We've seen them try it with the WtAufE100 in World Of Tanks, We've seen them try it with the Kitakami here in WoWs, it just doesn't work and both were removed from the games as a result. There is no amount of nerfs you can give to a ship to justify giving it an 'i win' button somewhere else. With the amount of radar and CV at tier 10 these days, the last thing this game really needs is more spotting. The ability to disengage and live to fight another battle is an important part of the game.
  14. Riggerby

    No Camo

    Whilst its basically become a guarantee at this point the no camo allies on your team will be the first to rush in and die (Weirdly almost always Japanese DD's / German BB's ive noticed too?), I feel like there should be some defence of newer players who struggle in regards to camo's. I think its probably fair to say for most players the bulk of our camo stocks come from Anniversary / Christmas events where you get Supercontainers from Tier X ships and can stack up hundreds / thousands of camo's to see you through the year. For newer players who dont have many / any Tier 10 ships they do not get this massive haul. They also struggle during the New ship line events / dockyard because they often dont have ships in enough different nations / lines to meet the strict mission requirements of the directives and missions. I still think ofcourse there is no excuse for not just buying the camo that costs credits, Its literally only 22k a game, and if you're playing a BB you can get away with only getting the -7% dispersion if you're really desperate which costs like what, 7.5k? But to be honest. I don't even blame the players for this, I blame the complete lack of tutorials and ingame info for new players. I think this game has a bit of an issue when it comes to teaching new / casual players about all these little ways that they can min max their ship which just leads to these players getting outclassed and outplayed by players who are aware of this stuff and exploit these fine margins to their max. Its purely an educational issue.
  15. I have no idea what the official reason is, but i imagine the economic factors played a hand? In all the 'World Of' games you gain Free XP at a rate of 5% of your gained normal XP. (100xp earned in a battle earns you 5fxp). In World Of Tanks, Even with a premium account, If you have a very good game you get like 1,000-2,000XP ish. So 50-100FXP. In World Of Warships. With a premium account, and with all the juicy Flag and Camo's people have. The Modifiers can stack to insane levels. You can have games earning anywhere from 5,000-15,000 in raw free xp. In Clan Battles you can earn up to like 30,000FXP with a win due to the bonus. The reason why we see ships like Alaska, Agir, Friesland, Azuma, Missouri, Hayate, Smaland, Musashi, etc etc being sold for Free XP in WoWs is because its so so so so much easier to obtain here.