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  1. So simple, yet. so genius. why have i never thought of this. You are the Einstein of our time.
  2. Riggerby

    Can anyone recommend a line for me to grind?

    Interesting shout. The Tier 9 and 10 do look beastly, And there is a good premium to help with crew Half of me would love a GK just for the secondary abuse, Its just the thought of going through the tier 9 which hurts my soul. Haha, I've heard nothing but terrible things about it. Zao is actually a really good shout. Interesting stealth flame thrower gameplay too. What did you make of Ibuki and Mogami? I always loved Gearing and Fletcher when i played them on test servers, I do worry now though, With Kebab and Spamagumo if Gearing has lost its gunboat edge though :/
  3. Riggerby

    Mino + Damage Saturation = :(

    They aren't that rare when the Enemy only shows you front or rear, And you only have a single area too shoot. If a BB bows on you, Once you've saturated the front of the superstructure. He's immortal. You cant pen deck, You autobounce hull, and you do nothing against structure. All the light gun spammy ships suffer this, But, they can atleast switch to HE and rely on fires for damage. Mino is basically just buggered. Haha.
  4. Riggerby

    Can anyone recommend a line for me to grind?

    Do you feel as though the Henri and the Moskva are good at Tier X?. Maybe i'm just bias from never having played them but.. Whenever i see them in game, I literally value them as nothing more than Damage pinyata's, I respect Moskva's guns alot, But.. They just die so so so so so so so easily it looks like they dont get along time to actually use those guns, Haha.
  5. I already have the lines in my Signature completed, And, i just don't know what to start next.I look at all the remaining ones and don't really see anything that especialy stands out to me. Unless im overlooking a hidden gem? I'm wanting to start RN CV's when they drop but, Idk what actualy ship line to do next, (I love all classes equally btw), (Also i have no interest in USSR BB), Thanks all :)
  6. Riggerby

    Mino + Damage Saturation = :(

    As the title basically suggests, In Mino, i'm having an extremely torrid time when it comes to Damage saturation. DD's are absolutely awful for it. If they face towards you / turn away, And only offer either the front or rear, After a certain amount of shots. They literally become immortal. Hundreds and hundreds of 0 damage penetrations. Every second you're firing and they're not dying is a second longer all the enemy cruisers and bb's have to train their guns at you and.. well.. we all know Mino is literally a floating damage pinyata. Not just DD's though, Most things, Once you've saturated the Superstructure on things like Yamato and Kurfurst.. again.. They're literally immortal to you. There is physically no way to kill them bar torpedos. You have no HE to burn them and you don't have the pen to punch through their hull. Do you think Ships like Minotaur, And the other AP spammy British cruisers should have some sort of change in the way they operate with Saturation? Not completely voiding the mechanic, But. Maybe just do a very very small amount of damage on those penetrating hits in an already saturated area? (Im talking tiny damage btw, Like maybe even 50-75 hp per hit) just to make things not immortal No other ship or class or nation suffers in regards to Saturation quite like British light cruisers (Bar belfast / Exeter) This video illustrates quite well what i mean : (Skip forward quite alot) I also realise the ''spammy'' ships liko Mino and Haragumo and such are universally hated and annoying, So most wont like any changes to Mino. But. Eh. Its very very very very agonising from a Mino perspective. Haha
  7. Riggerby

    Does anyone know what these things are on most ships?

    Sorry if this comes across as a bit stupid but... If they're being towed behind the ship, They're not really stopping the ship itself hitting the mine right? Haha. I take it these things were more along the lines of mine clearing channels for allies / later passage as oppose to actually protecting the ship deploying them?
  8. Riggerby

    Does anyone know what these things are on most ships?

    That would make sense i suppose. Asashio has some on mounts at the rear, Which would be perfect for that.
  9. Hi all!, I've always wondered what these thing's are, Usually they're strapped to the side of parts of the super structure or slung on the sides of the barbette's, At first i thought they were Torpedo's perhaps (That's what they look like) but i have noticed them on ship's which both do not have Torpedos, And the shape / size / colours of them is nothing like the Torpedo's that ship uses. Does anyone know what they are? Most ships in the game have them. Ta! (Here is an example on Hindenburg, Though i have noticed them on ships of all classes)
  10. Riggerby

    What is this star trek??

    Its to show your team mates you have popped radar, Also there is a white 'pulse' that is very visible which spreads out around you your allies can see. There were alot of valid points about people using their radar, and their teammates not helping them focus fire on the things the radar lit up not knowing they only had a 30second ish window to shoot, It's designed entirely to just make your teammates aware they don't have alot of time to shoot at whats being lit. All in all a good addition that helps teamplay.
  11. Riggerby

    Who said the Belfast was OP?...

    If we're being realistic. Belfast herself, as a ship, Isn't that good. She can't HE spam aswell as an Atlanta or an IJN cruiser, she can't AP spam aswell as her tech tree comrades, she can't critadel punish like USN cruisers or German cruisers can, and one of her most painful aspects, no torp, mediocre AA and soooooooooooooooo weeeeakkkkkkkkkk. She is made powerful entirely by her consumables. If you deny her proper use of the consumables.. she's not that great of a ship. Force her out her smoke with Torps, Or pop Radar / Hydro (Nearby) as soon as she smokes up, And she will either be instantly butchered, or rendered completely useless for minutes until her smoke Regens. the entire time she will have to spend vulnerable and exposed. Hell, Even just push into her smoke, She has no torps to prevent you doing that. Shes Brutal with her consumables. Mediocre without them
  12. I have tremendous reservations about just how balanced the Tier X will be. It's very obvious the way its been designed its forcing you to get up close and personal. And all its accuracy buffs as range decreases and its damage con just make it a monster in a brawl, Which makes me worry alot about the Kurfurst as that's sort of its thing.. But then on the flip side. This thing will get absolutely brutalized by Haragumo / Conqueror / Zao / Khaba (Generally anything with exceptional HE spam), I know all BB's struggle with them but.. With the limited damage con.. Surely if this thing has its opposition Kiting away, His guns will be far too bad at range to hit him, And its limited repairs mean's it will get absolutely tortured by HE. I don't like this sort of Balancing... It feels like to hard counter the Tier x all you have to do is kite away and spam HE, and there is nothing he can do but burn to death. Also, CV AP Bombs that hit the deck around the superstructure will critadel her for dayyyyyysss. The unique limited Repair party is a cool little token ability but i feel like it just makes it too strong in some areas and too weak in others. I dont like this forced 'Borderline brokenly powerful to hilariously killable depending on whether or not you have burned through all the dmg con or not :/ Cant help but feel like when her damage control parties run out, She will feel alot like a Mino that's run out of smoke. Haha.
  13. Riggerby


    Have you ever tried... ya know.... not showing broadside....?
  14. Riggerby

    Best RN Premium BB?

    I think the Short fuses ability to punish broadside cruisers harddddddddddddd was slightly negated by the massive massive density of BB's at mid tier which the short fuse struggled against. I feel like the slightly less punishy nature against light cruisers is well made up for by its ability to actually deal with BB's without having to resort to HE Spam. Something which would be really cool, Since Hoods AA ability is just rendered useless by rework, They gave her 3 shell types in battle, Her old Shortfuse AP, Her longer fuse AP and her HE. Make her alot more skill based and rewarding of the ammo selection.
  15. Riggerby

    Best RN Premium BB?

    My observations thus far are weird by this logic though. Broadside cruisers, Are just insta delete. Its genuinely Unusual in hood to not 1 shot broadside cruisers (British cruisers have alottttt of overpen). Whereas, i think the only BB Citadel i can remember has been against a US NY. Surely it should be the other way around right?