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  1. For the argument, Mainly considering them in the sense of how much damage they can take, But, Other ships will be effected too. Obviously Carriers take greatly more fire damage and such % wise, (Though their HP pool is lower so it is kinda similar), Cruisers obviously, Most lacking the heal, what they take will stick, so... if anything i think it would be even more of an issue for most cruisers, And DD's.. I think its less of an issue with them, but, if someone didn't have the right captain skills, It could be an issue with actual modules being damaged.
  2. -_-... sorry mr godlike super unicum. i shall bow down to you and your pretentious highground built upon your statistical superiority..
  3. There's a bit of a different between like... +3+ enemy dispersion and a couple % smaller spotting range, Compared to taking tens of thousands more damage and dying much easier though?. When i have battles where i don't take the II by accident.. everytime i have a fire and i've already used it.. i cannot help but sit there and think.. ''Right now im taking 20,000 damage i didn't have to...'' I dont see how the more damage recieved and easier deaths can ever possibly outweigh the 22,500 cost of the II module. Surely the repair cost of a sunken / more damaged ship is costlier?
  4. It is a huge, colossal advantage though. How much is fire damage, 500 per second?.. You have 3 fires on a BB and you're burning out 1,500 damage a second. And you have to wait an extra 30 seconds because you dont have Party II. That's 45,000 damage!...... How can you say taking 45,000 damage over another player who dosen't, isnt a huge disadvantage?.... And more then likely the player will die before he even takes that full hit of damage, Wheras the player with party II would survive with a ton more health... Don't even get me started on flooding.
  5. Its so different though, Its like, Premium ammo, just negates skill (In world of tanks), you dont have to learn weakspots, you just look and click. But this, is genuine death or not. The amount of times i've been saved by the premium consumable, the tens of thousands of prevented damaged lost most games because of the premium consumable, Its just insane. Anyone who does not use this is at such a massive disadvantage, and is so so so so much easier to kill then someone who does use it. Its crazy.
  6. So, Since, Early game, this has been one of my biggest... ''just why?...'' gripes about this game. And that is, The normal (Free) and the premium (expensive) damage control's. Just.... just why?... i don't understand it?.. i don't understand what need there is for 2?.. You're giving players 2 options. 1) Be at a massive massive massive massive disadvantage which WILL cause you many many many un-needed deaths and also stupidly more HP lossed on average during battles. But its free to enjoy these 'luxuries'? or 2) Pay a fee for a massive advantage?.. I genuinely, Cannot comprehend, why this is a feature?.. i genuinely don't know a single person who ever has or ever will intentionally use the non 'premium' version of this consumable ?.. Its like.. i just... i cant even put into words how permanently dumbfounded i am over this... The 2 different types adds absolutely nothing to this game?... Why not just have a single damage control party and make it free?... The ONLY. and i mean ONLY people who are ever going to use the damage control party 1, Is either A) People who have forgot to change it do Damage control 2. or B) Players who have literally just started the game and have no credits. This mechanic servers no purpose what so ever then to punish new players, and simply to annoy more established players when they forget to change it... Probably one of the most janked stupid mechanics in the entire game... If it wasn't for the fact you could buy Damage control 2 with credits this would be blatant pay to win. (I suppose in essence, the same fundamental principle of this issue exists with the premium versions for all consumables, But.. to me, if someone wants to pay alot of credits to.. idk.. make his catapult fighter stay flying longer.. aye.. whatever... Theyre small advantages at best, And reduced usage times. With the other consumables i view it like 'sure you can buy it, and do slightly better if you play your cards right', But this is just 'if you dont use this, you're literally making your ship so so so so much weaker'. -Rant over.
  7. Your right, The original developers can not control for what the fanbase creates... But it sure says alot about the fanbase dosent it?. And again, You've got some real hard [edited]argument for that ''theyre grown women but you're just thinking theyre girls''..Aye... Ofcourse. Correct me if im wrong, but, I believe the word for the art style is some thing like ''Moe'' though believe its pronounced differently to how its spelled. And in said art style, there is emphasis on featureless skin / youthful appearance. Leading to the characters looking like theyre 5. Even though they could be 30. So, In anime, youre telling me it dosent matter that they look about 5, As long as the story says theyre 20, or 30, or whatever, its fine?... Pfft... And i know you're going to come back with the ''oh hurrr durrr durrr your the creepy one for thinking they look 5 hurr hurrr hurr even though they actually do and i see it too hurr hurrr hurrr'' Because your only argument here is just to throw sh*t back at me to take the pin of you. So dont even bother. This topics dead, This games being deluded into a creep fest, Im out. Pointless even asking this in the section of the forums where all the people like you live... -Not replying anymore, Clearly we have completely different cultures mindsets, I think characters who look like kids being sexualised is wrong, and you obviously dont, whatever, Im done-
  8. If not liking little naked girl drawings means i have a ''biased narrow worldview'', Then im more then happy with that... And before your next run of crap, Google image Azure lane... And tell me that's not f*cked, And tell me again why that sh*t has any place in this game.... If you like that crap, Whatever, I think its absolutely deplorable and disgusting, But you do you. i just think its horrendeous the rest of us should be subjected to this putrid filth for the sake of ''because not many games are about ships..'' WG really sold out to the weaboo's this time.
  9. Jesus people like you are tedious. ''hur dur me no pedo u must be pedo for call me one hurr hurr hurr''.... Cba even replying to this kind of childish crap... And, Again... Imagine trying to justify your love of skimpy clad little girl drawings by drying to draw attention elsewhere.... Lmao.. 'it dosent matter that it like it because YOU like a game about ships shooting shipssss'. Aye.. because those two are comparable. lmao. Edit - Also, Im hardly ''so insistent'' that theyre underage, The characters just are... Even just google imagine ''Azure lane'', Literally half the pictures are naked creepy sh*t. I genuinely feel sick that this sh*t is in this game!. No point even arguing with nonces like yourself. Too busy hugging your little anime girl pillows at night to even get a grasp on how messed up it is.
  10. Aye, Keep lying to yourself that these girls arent suppose to both look and be young, Just to make yourself feel less like a pervert/creep if it helps ya bud, Whatever floats your boat. Creepy af...
  11. Love aswell that i posted this in the off-topic section which is seemingly where the entire anime loving populace of the game likes to reside, Lmao.
  12. Bit off a difference between ships shooting ships and people liking nonce cartoons wouldnt ya say tho? Ones a video game.. the other would be enough put you on a child offenders register if you couldnt hide behind the ''theyre only drawings''/
  13. (OP), Feel i should add at this point before i deeply offend every anime fan on this game. As i said in an Edit somewhere, I do not hate ALL anime / manga, And im not sugesting at all in any of what i said that i think ALL anime is creepy. As i said in that part, I think some of it, Is quite literally just using that specific art form to tell a story or play a game or something, Which many of them do and i have no issue, I only have a gripe with it when they start... adding short skirts.. stupid amounts of cleveage... upskirts... all the kind of crap that is genuinely just not needed at all, You could have the same character and everything be the same, And it would be fine, But... just sexual aspects added for no reason at all are what bother me about it. And, To have them in a game, That has no adult theme whatsoever, Is just... well... just why?... If the anime fans want that elsewhere, I couldnt care, it has nothing to do with me, ya'll do your thing with what you like, Its just... why here... And i see what alot of you are saying about ''ship girl''? or whatever its called. Again... Maybe its just me but... having body parts be parts of ship (From what google images is showing me). just... very weird... (Even just googling that... 95%+ of the images are.. once again... pointlessly sexualized... bikinis... ripped clothing... stupidly large breasts... stupidly un-needed upskirt shots.. just why...? i dont understand it at all...) And some of you mentioned the issue with server limitations, Eh, I understand that to a degree, wont argue that point anymore. Some of you said it was possible to disable all this stuff, Is that just in the settings menu? (Also, I know in the defintion in that thing i made about girl = child alot of you said look at definition 2.... come on.... ''high school fleet''.. you know as well as i do theyre girls, not young women.... Women dont go to school, Lmao) And finally, (Im forgetting it as im writing thisss...) euhh... what was it.. oh yeah. I realise this is already in the client, and they cant ever delete stuff people have payed for, But... how about in future just.. making user skin support and stuff more of an accessable feature, Like.. (idk if im allowed to use competition refferences), But in warthunder there is literally a folder in the files you can drag skins into and they appear as an option then in the client. Maybe something similar to that system in our game? Perhaps for those who are interested in this stuff, can have the option to do it there for free to their hearts content, that way people like me who are a bit insulted by it dont have to associate with it, Win win for both, Ya'll get as much of your anime as you want for free and as custom as you want, Others dont have to see it or have anything to do with it. :)
  14. 'not creepy')))))))) 'not oversexualized')))))))))))))) 'Double Z boobs on a little girl are there for aerodynamic reasons and for the 'fan service' of creeps')))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Aight mate. (Edit - Im not an idiot, I know not all Anime is creepy. Infact, quite alot of it is very serious, and the art style of manga or whatever is just used as a tool to display stories / events, but... you cant for one second tell me giving that girl that big breasts and that much cleveage isnt intentional sexualization... Hipper, Hood, and aurora dont bother me much, but Why give the Belfast one a stupid amount of cleveage ? Why make the clevelands ones skirt so stupidly and un-neededly high up? Why do both to an extent with enterprise and nelson !?!? Why include children in the game at all!?!??!?! let alone in the attire of strippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So messed up its disgusting...
  15. Spoilered all my own thoughts for anyone who cares, Little mini rant ngl. (meme in there too lmao), other then that, ty for your vote / thoughts :)