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  1. Jayuus

    Changes in Ship Detection Mechanics

    So is anyone going to test the changes and leave constructive criticism based on their in game experiences at any point?
  2. Jayuus

    Service Cost

    a while back repair costs were standardised. Now no matter how much / how little damage you take, the repair bill is the same
  3. Jayuus What's in the ninja patch?

    Nelson. Patch notes on the launcher. Edit: Sorry, you're right that was the last mini patch. In this case.... *shrug*
  4. Jayuus

    questions and thoughts

    RN cruiser line = officially not for the inexperienced. I suggest the USN or IJN cruisers. Maybe thats just because those were the only nations when I started this game, but i think they are more newbie friendly. Although Russian cruisers are strong.... You are obviously keen on RN ships. I understand this ;) But unfortunately unless you want to buy a premium you will have to wait. RN battleships are a work in progress so hopefully we will see them in game soon. Your other questions are best answered by playing and gaining experience. Youtubers can give you a few shortcuts but nothing beats playing and leaning from your mistakes. I favour The Mighty Jingles as he is, to be frank, a bit of a noob so his videos are good for beginners. Flamu is super competitive and very critical of everything and everyone, but he is very good at the game.
  5. Jayuus

    Starting to take the game seriously!

    On top of what Ze_Reckless said: The question you asked is huge. Essentially I take your post to be 'How do I play the game well?' Best answer is play to the ships strengths, adapt your strategy and tactic to the situation. Best tool to help you is the replay system. Had a great game? Check the replay and see what went really well. Had a bad game? Check the replay to see if the error was by you, your team, RNG rolling you or if the other team was just better.
  6. Jayuus

    Main battery dispersion - battleships- USA

    get closer. Low tier bbs are a lottery at max range, fight at 1/2 or 2/3 of max range fot better results. ninja'd by seconds!
  7. Jayuus

    Karma & Report/Compliment Numbers

    There are rewards for good levels of karma on the NA server I believe.
  8. Jayuus

    German BB secondaries need a nerf

    I would advise only get that close in a DD. Cruisers are meant to be weak against BBs and if a cruiser gets within 11km of a tier 8+ battleship you should expect to get sunk very quickly. The only advantage some cruisers have at close range is their torpedo armament. Otherwise.... stay further away than 11km :)
  9. Jayuus

    Should I buy Gallant to help with Dunkirk?

    120mm / 6 = 20mm 20 * 1.33 = 26.6mm IFHE on Gallant effective against armour thinner than 27mm
  10. Jayuus

    Guns precision

    Not quite a fully accurate summary. The dispersion figure in port is the horizontal diameter of the dispersion ellipse, the vertical diameter is an unknown figure. The gaussian distribution with the ellipse is based on a formula that includes a sigma value - sigma is the variable that can make terrible dispersion on paper actually very good in practise e.g. North Carolina with its 1.8 sigma. Not 'locking on' increases maximum dispersion by a factor of 3, and therefore the distribution of shot will stretch to fit the larger ellipse. Otherwise bang on. I suggest reading Octavians guide and the WoWS Wiki page on gunnery to understand why German BBs can't hit the inside of a barn from the stall. Edit; Onion, I saw a later post of yours where you said 50% hit rate would seem normal. At very close range, say 6-8km in a Bayern I'd agree, but overall a well practised aim will get around 30-33% hit rate with BB guns. German BBs a little less, they are the most inaccurate. I generalised for BBs as a class. As to a broken mathimatical model.... well, if BBs had cruiser accuracy, they would delete a ship every 30 seconds or so :) That would not be fun for anyone.
  11. Jayuus

    Italian BB Leaked Special Ability!!!

    Will they have the ability to perhaps dynamically change flags and / or match attributes; Once per 5 minutes of game time, captain checks scores and takes appropriate corrective action. Algorithm as follows: IF(enemy_team_score)>(own_team_score)=true, then Changeteam Else Seduce_other_teams_women + with_fancy_accent EndIf
  12. Jayuus

    Monarch thoughts?

    there's datamined info and supposition masquerading as fact in this thread. Why don't we save the flames for the released line? It'll be good for some people's blood pressure in the short run, and maybe you'll all be pleased with the result? as has been stated, all are WiP, stats and names and everything else subject to change. I cant and won't give you anything that's not publically available, but as a RN fan and a Brit I'm looking forward to release.
  13. Jayuus


    Do you like fishing mtm? The hook is definitely in with this one
  14. Jayuus

    New ship preview: Heart of Oak

    Guns for shooting nearby mines. I believe they would also try to shoot inbound torpedoes. @WG devs - that would be a cool feature
  15. Jayuus

    1940 Hood is T6 material

    @OP I fail to see how you can post an opinion on the Hood when you have not played it. There are many ship attributes that go toward a 'good' ship that are not visible in port or easily apparent from data-mined stats (all of which are subject to change!) It will be balanced for tier 7, not tier 6. Take that as you will...