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  1. there's datamined info and supposition masquerading as fact in this thread. Why don't we save the flames for the released line? It'll be good for some people's blood pressure in the short run, and maybe you'll all be pleased with the result? as has been stated, all are WiP, stats and names and everything else subject to change. I cant and won't give you anything that's not publically available, but as a RN fan and a Brit I'm looking forward to release.
  2. Do you like fishing mtm? The hook is definitely in with this one
  3. Guns for shooting nearby mines. I believe they would also try to shoot inbound torpedoes. @WG devs - that would be a cool feature
  4. @OP I fail to see how you can post an opinion on the Hood when you have not played it. There are many ship attributes that go toward a 'good' ship that are not visible in port or easily apparent from data-mined stats (all of which are subject to change!) It will be balanced for tier 7, not tier 6. Take that as you will...
  5. Friant deck and bow armour is only 6mm. Bogatyr fits either 130 or 152mm guns i believe? 130mm overmatches 9mm or thinner armour so whichever you fit you should be able to deal AP damage from any range or angle. Suggest the 130mm guns for added shell velocity
  6. Is it OP? Is it UP? No one knows.... Because it has not been released yet!
  7. 1. DescriptionThe ship carousel in port intermittently scrolls left and right when using the mouse wheel, also a seemingly random selection of ship are selectable. 2. Reproduction stepsEntered a random battle and was destroyed, exited to port before battle ended. 3. Result The carousel is mostly unresponsive, and filters take several attempts to change. 4. Expected resultThe carousel should function as expected on early return to port 5. Technical detailsOccurred ~0800 31/03/17 after testing Friant and Duke. DxDiag.txt
  8. Map view? just hold ctrl and click on the destoyer in normal view mode or binoculars. Much easier
  9. Kutzuov. Kutzukov. That Russian tier 8 cruiser I can't spell the name of. KUTUZOV!
  10. I'm afraid that boat has sailed MilkPowder (see what I did there?), it is officially OP and never on sale again. Unless you get lucky with a supercontainer...
  11. Mostly not worth it - Warspite has a better base accuracy built into her secondary guns, so if you have Warspite its worth it, otherwise its a good skill for any t7+ ship you plan to brawl with. I use it on the Hipper to good effect. To forestall the issue of only being able to fire from one side, ponder this: you can have a ~5% hit rate on both sides, or a ~12% to ~15% hit rate on one side (versus a dd size target at 4-5km). Personally I'll take the option that actually lands some shells on target ;)
  12. Guys, some of you are talking like this is going to be released as is. PRELIMINARY STATS - all this has the potential to change during testing. Why don't we all wait and see how it performs when it goes live THEN criticise it. Never trust leaked stats....
  13. I'm not sure newcomers forum is the best place to post a problem you have with a tier 9 ship. General forum might get more feedback.
  14. 0.5.13

    Just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to the WG developers and staff who brought us the RN cruiser line. I know you have had a lot of stick from the community over this new line and from working in customer services myself, the thank you's are nice to get. I didn't expect the low tiers to be any good - in fact, I expected them to be awful, as it is with every low tier vehicle in any "World of #" title ( except Black Swan - never had so many Kraken in a tier 1 ship ), and I wasn't disappointed. I did end up really enjoying the Emerald at the end. Hard not to like a ship that gives you 4-6 kill games regularly. Leander was a big improvement with the ability to fire half your guns directly forward and have enough bow armour to ignore 6" gun fire, Leander has caused me to sell my Cleveland just so I did not have to sell it to get the Fiji, a ship I have not played much yet, but my initial impression is that is is the same level of improvement from the Leander, as Leander was from Emerald. I think the RN line is a welcome return to the rock-paper-scissors core gameplay design, and that the complaints are aimed at the lower tiers and as a reaction to not fully understanding the game mechanics. E.g. one post I read stated RN cruisers need HE to be able to deal damage to bow-on battleships. Semi-correct but ignores the single fire torpedoes, which I really like for ships charging directly at my smoke, and that after HP depletion all HE does is give a small chance for a fire. As the adage goes, if one person is saying it, others are thinking it. I am not the only person who like the RN line. Its not how i expected it, but now we have it, I couldn't imagine it differently, nor would i want it to be different. Again thank you for an excellent line of ships for the thinking player.
  15. I read his post last night and its true what the UK advert tells you ; a good Night-ol, follows a Drightol Seriously though, if he wants to leave we should do everything we can to assist him. It seems in everyones best interests to do so.