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  1. So You have a Yamato but still dont understand the concept of Detonation or RNG? so you take out the good old "cheat" card... and even reports the player? seems legit and all.. and yes, ofc it must be cheating as you are in the mighty Yamato and did get hurt.....
  2. Bump bump! We are still looking for players
  3. Paiko

    Old WOT exploit is back in WOWS. Still not fixed.

    Why are you not read the rules, do it even says something about 1-2-3 countdown?The rules is clear to not give other teams benefit by telling where the enemy is and so on.. but do it even says something about just going on the same countdown? we all have our own views on this one. but that said, what do the exact rules say?
  4. Paiko

    Clan System Public Test

    Please change the text color when a clan member writes in chat. it's just strange to see it in white...
  5. Paiko


    show us thew vids!
  6. Paiko


    i do not troll you, I'm just saying the facts, your stats are not so good that you should use them as "watch my stats I know what I'm talking about" wether you take it as an insult or not is not the point. logically, you should take it as a lesson and not as criticism. Regarding your matches, yes? We all have that kind of matches / team sometimes. seriously what's the problem with that? sometimes you win sometimes you dont ..
  7. Paiko


    So your answer to BadGene616 that did explained it well, where that he should check your stats? Your State explains quite clearly that you, despite so many games still have not learned too much... so do not pull up the "stats" if you seriously do not have the stats to back it up with...
  8. Paiko

    Swedish Clan

    ni kan alltid titta in hos Vanheim.se vi söker alltid sociala och trevliga spelare.
  9. Welcome to Vanheims recruitment post! As a newly created community, we have already grown large in a short time and it is now time to look towards the sea! We are a completely Swedish community, and seek only Swedish-speaking players. We are a multi-community, where we are represented in World of Warships, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars The Old Republic to mention a few. In Vanheim all participants are always worth the same no matter how many digital ship you owned. What this does for gaming concretely is that we always adapt the pace and goals in our activities for the people involved. The player, in turn, is expected of course to always do their best for the group.You fit in with us because you are looking for a happy and pleasant community where you feel you are appreciated for who you are and where you feel you can participate in your circumstances. What we are looking for: No age limit, but a mature behavior is a requirement. Active SOCIAL players, we are not looking for the solo player You speak and understand Swedish fluently. You have a working mic You are active both on our forums and on our discord What we offer: Active players No requirements for specific ship Community-based competitions To meet new and like-minded friends However: You should play active, and be active both on the forums and on discord and you need to have some game knowledge to join our clan or the ability to learn. We want our applications made through our forum, you can find us here: http://vanheim.se/ Ingame contacts: Guild Leader: Paiko officers: Berrserkr, VonBlixt
  10. Paiko

    LFM - Swedish/Scandinavian Only

    You can always check us out. we do not officially recruits right now as we are completely newly created and most of our core members are still on the lockout timer from x-clans. right now we are a small group of players who have been playing together for years. and our goal is to have a social gaming experience. http://vanheim.se/
  11. Paiko

    Best Arsonist line?

    Unfortunately you can not really use the rate of fire here as we have RNG, which can (not so likely) make 10,000 shots have zero started fires. Which in turn means that we must return to the % per shot, where Zao wins. in short, she is most likely to start a fire per shell fired. period.
  12. Paiko

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    And what defined as "kill steal" in your opinion? if you do the most damage it gives you the right to get a +1? I can turn it around.. when I fired the last shots and kill the ship you owe me 90% xp! do not steal my XP! Must immediately start a thread because everyone steals my xp!
  13. Paiko

    Adding a dispersion oval/circle to gun aiming

    I like it!, simple, easy, and understandable!
  14. Paiko

    HMS Fleet ?

    Tomorrow !? I had so reliable sources that it was to day after breakfast ... Best sexy Paiko...