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  1. clocky

    Devs fix the the damn map border abuse

    ..... Read my post again. when you get to that "I was not able to hit him" pause and read slowly. Sometime it works in understanding text. Typical example of an elitist post. It normally follows the same logic "If you got killed by ... insert "terrible wrong""Done ; Unfortunately you have no idea what you are talking about. Each salvo from neptune is enough to chip 1-2k no matter how well you angle (as you can take it the upper structure) With a bit of math you will only need ~20 salvos (if everything goes bad) . With the rate of fire of the neptune that is not a very hard thing to do when you use the map border to evade the shots fired at you with an unnatural sliding. If you'd had any idea how easy is to abuse (do some training time) you'd laugh at your comment. You people obviously lost the point here. I absolutely enjoy people like that look at the finger when I actually point at the moon. The map border can be abused , period. Others have pointed as well. You are trying to show me how wrong I am when the problem is how this was designed. Stop eating crap and look to improve this game for a fun experience for both parties don't give me that elitist [edited] nobody other than your low self esteem cares for
  2. clocky

    Devs fix the the damn map border abuse

    You totally missed the point but I guess your opinion matters too. Also some game modes don't includ "capping". @Pikkozoikum I have no problem with people that run in the map border by mistake.However some abuse with intention and no matter what others may say it IT CAN BE ABUSED to a point of making the game for others a complete frustration. I just tested this and it's hilarious how easy it's to dodge shots even with the so called"penalties" for the ship engine , if you're in a cruiser or DD. that head-on slide still manages to get enough momentum and to no actually penalize players that abuse it. This is a complete joke in the current implementation. This needs to be fixed.
  3. I literally had 28.000 HP left when I started in my Georgia to engage on a Neptune that spent his 2/3 of a game time abusing the map border in such ways it was nearly impossible to kill him 2 vs 1. You can just take the border head on and then slide along (A or D'ing) , the problem is that you still have enough maneuverability to laugh at any BB or cruiser fire. Repeat and you are in for a very annoying experience. For a ship with a good turning circle and speed that can be heavily abused. I am really failing to see how these are not on the "abusing a game mechanic" to have an advantage. I will send a replay to WG , although I won't keep my hopes up they will be doing anything in this regard. I feel that players that sail their ship running away and abusing the map border should be punished with HP damage (just like hitting other ships)
  4. clocky

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    I see the same issue. I am stuck on "Waiting for Authorization" loop.
  5. clocky

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Travelling is just one thing you can do with money in the outside world :)
  6. clocky

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    It's kind of sad to be honest. There is so much to see in this world , so many beautiful places , so much to do ...but you chose to spend 1000 euros on a "stay in front the screen" experience. I always think to myself when I'm playing this crap : 40 euros for a ship or 40 euros for 2 dinners at a nice place in an exotic country. At the end it may feel that your "entertainment" in a game might worth it but your are sooo wrong. You'll just need time to realise it Don't get me wrong , I was the same boat as you 5 years ago. But fatting up these corporate pigs with overpriced "pixels" (worth of a few weeks of work) so after a few patches they spit you in the face with powercreep or wtvr is unacceptable. This game creates frustration for a f u c ki ng reason! I'll let you know why... Anyway ...
  7. clocky

    Smolensk too OP

    Does it waste 1kb on the server space or in your private space?
  8. Without premium your in for a loooooong and frustrating grind. For nothing you say? You are actually paying with your time and with the frustration that you're not having an optimized captain built and fully researched ship. The grind in this game (without money involved) is absolutely horrendous.
  9. clocky


    Glad I'm not spending a single Euro on this game. It is a protest others should follow as well to give an indication to WG things don't go towards a fun and engaging gaming experience. They basically started following the WOT strategy a few years ago in regard to "balance" and unfortunately the future sounds really bad for this game , we'll probably see more of the "monetization > balance" scheme and mindless releases with no logic other that maximising revenues at the cost of continued frustration for those that don't keep up with the grinding and obviously spending. This retarded game has absolutely no stability in regard to classes , tier/tier balance , etc - power creep is off the charts even after half a year. They continue to ruin the experience for others just because they want you to not be static and spend spend spend / grind grind grind.
  10. clocky


    I said it in the past and will say it again now. With every he spam ship that has been released, this game is more and more pushed towards hard camping and in the end to a boring gameplay experience. I absolutely miss the days when this game started , it was so fun to play. Nowadays it's just a never-ending cyle of WG trying to release OP ships on purpose so it makes you grind / spend / wthvr toward a ship that is better that the norm and the mindless zombies just accept it .... I absolutely feel this game has no tier-wise balance as we speak . They balance it by MM anyway. Had a brawler like Gearing years ago? Yeah let me add Harugumo to make it irrelevant . Sad to see where this game is heading. Keep releasing retarded ships. You did that with WOT , now it's WOWs turn. Monetize the crap out of this social experiment. There are plenty of monkeys in the forest.
  11. clocky

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Let me guess. They are OP?!
  12. Hehe . It was terrible weekend. I am slowly departing from this game and starting to enjoy my steam games more. The quality of players is going down the drain in this game and WG is doing nothing to stop the steamrolls and terribad people getting in 8+ games. Some might think bad players are in both team but the steamrolls say otherwise. Anyway . nice seeing you! :)
  13. I must say , the idea is good but the implementation is retarded. It's a sort of experimental work. They should have worked more on this and release something that is fun to play. I only played one game in lexington , enough to never touch CV's until critical improvements are made.