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  1. Always enjoying articles that have a "buy now" button.
  2. clocky

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Pretty much. This game is an ongoing experiment with an extremely volatile environment , it makes no sense to spend money into. It's an amazing business model. Imagine you sped 50 EUR on a steam game you'd probably play for years and where the gameplay will remain mostly the same and you will have ~ the same joy. Now imagine spending 50 EUR in WoWS and your ship gets nerfed one year later or suffers from power creep. Stop spending money in this retarded environment until either management understand why consistency is important or they go bankrupt and remain the same [edited] as before.
  3. I must say , the idea is good but the implementation is retarded. It's a sort of experimental work. They should have worked more on this and release something that is fun to play. I only played one game in lexington , enough to never touch CV's until critical improvements are made.
  4. clocky

    Looking for solo/casual/new players

    Thanks. Also I would go with Coal port next.
  5. Smartest design? So adding lenin on the leningrad is smart? IMHO it's really mainstream and lack of imagination/creativity to say the least. I voted for Jonbloor7. I feel his design is the most interesting and out of the ordinary revolutionary mainstream theme 90% of the designs aimed for and a nice tribute to Sierra class submarine. The rest just lack imagination.
  6. clocky

    Remove "clan" ships options?

    And yet one year has passed and still no filter to remove the clan wars ships. Seems WG is desperate as 99% of the players don't give 2 shits about Clan Wars. And they want you to see it always , maybe - just maybe you will play their pathetic CW mode.
  7. clocky

    Waterline: Episode 4 - Discussion Thread

    Lol. They won't give you crap. They are covered by their TOS. They can throw away some in-game gold/credits back (which to them don't really value anything) but you will never see money from WG refunded back to you. The laws are really stupid in this regard. So WG thanks you for your contribution and NEEEXT sucker please :) I am pretty sure they wait in line to buy the next OP ship.
  8. clocky

    How QuickyBaby would fix World of Tanks

    We don't need QB videos and adverts in here. I don't want to make that guy more views and is probably the worst example to give. Also , he is /was a WG sold rat that did absolutely nothing for the players and viewers other that posting his best battles in the new premiums WG had to sell. He had a lot of chances to express the anger of the community and protest against the wrong way of going down the money grab path that WG went. But as always he went passive and suckled from 2 sources. Nah bro. Keep him away with his pathetic and sudden critics. He had his chance. His cry is probably because he realises that game has died from a new player perspective (and obvisouly his viewers as well) and he will have to move his boring play style to another game. And that voice...
  9. Players 1 post 14,637 battles No, but you can tell us how much is WG paying you for that ?
  10. clocky

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Just wanting to have a reason to play this game again (currently don't have one and didn't play in months) So yeah , joining the lottery.
  11. clocky

    quality of play and time of the day

    if the mm and rng wants you to lose, you'll lose. it has very little to do with time of day.
  12. clocky

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    I have 1600 average xp / game in des moines and 38 % WR. IT's not me. It's this stupid rigged game.
  13. clocky


    Nothing is broken comrade. everything uarks as indendid. da? (Counts money from skilled people desperate to get hands on harugumo for ranked)
  14. clocky

    Community Patches Are Here!

    Nice but the question would be : Do we really need more patches?