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  1. clocky

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Just wanting to have a reason to play this game again (currently don't have one and didn't play in months) So yeah , joining the lottery.
  2. clocky

    quality of play and time of the day

    if the mm and rng wants you to lose, you'll lose. it has very little to do with time of day.
  3. clocky

    Extremely broken matchmaking

    I have 1600 average xp / game in des moines and 38 % WR. IT's not me. It's this stupid rigged game.
  4. clocky


    Nothing is broken comrade. everything uarks as indendid. da? (Counts money from skilled people desperate to get hands on harugumo for ranked)
  5. clocky

    Community Patches Are Here!

    Nice but the question would be : Do we really need more patches?
  6. clocky

    WG, this bs has to end

    have you heard of that special flag? Some call it Juliet Charlie. Legend sais it stops detonations 100%. But that's just a legend. We don't believe in legends don't we?
  7. clocky


    You didn't understood the idea ...but anyway...
  8. clocky


    You think they don't know when a ship is unbalanced? They don't have testers (good or expert players) hired that know when a ship is stronger than the other on the same tier and same type? They really need 100000000 games to decide that? Hahaha. You clearly don't know how to make money in unbalanced MMO's bro , no offence. You have much to learn of "free to play" MMO's then.
  9. clocky


    I laughed.
  10. clocky

    Asashio - the best ship to piss people off

    Harugumo is OP. Enjoy it till it lasts. Hopefully not long. As for Asashio , nah. Too dependable.
  11. clocky

    Giulio Cesare guns accuracy

    One less seal clubber from tier 5. But please do ... On a serious note : The ship is a beast , I sometimes rape tier 6 and 7 with her and IMHO a bit OP if not fully OP. You are not supposed to snipe targets from the other side of the map.
  12. clocky

    Better than tanks?

    All in all , at the core ... it's basically the same thing - the only thing different is the slower pace of the game , lack of premium ammunition (replaced by the use of flags in theory). Concepts like angling are still present but others like aiming are obviously different. 1. They constantly release OP premiums or normal ships that are OP just to make people grind towards a certain line . Nerf it in a few patches . Just like in WOT. Some just in time for Ranked (Harugumo I'm looking at you , LoYang when was launched etc) 2. CVs take the role of Arty. And yes , they can kill you in one "drop". CVs make much more difference in game than arty did in WOT. 3. Same unbalanced gameplay and worse in consistency than WOT. (meaning you played gearing all your life having a specific playstyle and then let's release harugumo to basically change everything about how you play your gearing - basically changing your brawling play style to a hide and seek playstyle ) 4. WG can't balance games . Actually no , WG does not want to balance games. Balance in MMO does not make money. 5. It's basically the same MM / RNG that frustrated you in WOT but now you CAN do damage to that +2 tier BB and no more bounce bounce bounce nonsense you saw in WOT. 5. If you are playing at a casual level (a few games a day)and don't care about performance it could be better and more fun involved than WoT - once you see the shortcomings and lack of balance .... nah you realise the bad sides and it would not be so fun anymore.
  13. clocky

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Practice showed us that 4x% WR players got to rank 1 in xxx number of battles just by being carried or having minimal impact. There was an example right here on the forums. Your argument is pretty much invalid. Want me to show my Des Moines stats of 1600 average XP / game and 38% WR? :) Come on dude , don't make it like you were born yesterday.
  14. clocky

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    If you got to 5x planes down with sims we only realise what cv player you had encountered
  15. clocky

    Low frame rate at low utilisation

    Don't think it's your hardware but more likely out of sync data in the game. I would check your network connection / firewall whatever for consistency.