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  1. Claudius_Caesar

    Tiger '59 in the Armory and Premium Shop

    So is this a minotaur with only 2 turrets at tier 8? As someone said it , it's a hard sell.
  2. Claudius_Caesar

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Thank god they are buffing Flint, the ship was nearly unplayable on most maps with that shitty 11.1 km range. 11.9 is welcomed and that main battery reload nerf is not really a problem. Main battery firing range increased from 11.1 to 11.9 km. Main battery reload time increased from 4.9 to 5.1s.
  3. Claudius_Caesar

    Time to buff Sims?

    Dude you seems to be a professional naysayer in every thread I see you. Do you agree with someone ever? Like ever? Is you life hard? Doesn't matter , moving on. Sims was never a good brawler? LOL. You probably didn't even know the game when I contested caps with this ship. Also You took 2 month player average data (barely 3k players playing the ship in this period with an average of 3-4 battles )and compared ~ 10k battles with my more than 1 milion Sims games data where I took the data from. How is your data relevant to the discussion at hand? Even so , in your stats it still has one the lowest avg damage DD despite having a much higher XP done than any of the other lowest damage done tier 7 dds. Same goes with frags. You're basically proving my point that this ship is underperforming but you were so desperate to give me a nay that you forgot to look at the stats in detail.
  4. Claudius_Caesar

    Time to buff Sims?

    This ship started to be one of the best brawling DDs in the game only to end as one of the worst at tier 7. It has been severely powercreeped over the last years with the introduction of OP premiums like Haida , Z39s , Gadjahs etc and looking at some stats it came as no surprise to me that it currently has the lowest average damage of all tier 7 DDs despite having an avg experience of 1360 XP. Also it has the second worst avg frags index and second worst WR. This rings some bells to me that this ship is under-performing right now and it need a buff. Just an example why you should never ever pay money for premiums in this game. At some point your investment will "lose value" and will be eventually power-creeped due to WG's greed.
  5. Claudius_Caesar

    Godzilla vs. Kong Comes to World of Warships

    Looks to me that is just another attempt to make the game more popular in ASIA.
  6. Claudius_Caesar

    New graphical changes are dumb and make no sense

    Yeah this too.
  7. Claudius_Caesar

    New graphical changes are dumb and make no sense

    ...and the AA graphics representation jesus ... like it was made by a bunch of amateurs. The ship looks like a Christmas tree when all AA fire. Like small leds ...terrible.
  8. Claudius_Caesar

    New graphical changes are dumb and make no sense

    I have no problems with performance. My only problem is that it feels so shallow with visual and sound representation not matching the reality in game. These changes probably were done by people that don't play this game.
  9. Am I the only one that finds the new graphical changes for explosions , shell hits etc worse than before? Also the visuals for repairing ship. WTF man , who the hell repairs a ship in the middle of battle. That is so dumb. Also fires have been dumbed down, also hits received are minimized in aspect. Previously when shells hit your ship there was much more visual impact than now. It is just stupid , all effects seem to illustrate that the others throw sticks at you rather than heavy shells. This severely impacted my enjoyment in this game. These WG people are a joke ,every change they make are aimed at dumbing down everything. You get a 10k hit , it feels like you got hit by something insignifiant. How stupid can you be to add these changes?
  10. Claudius_Caesar

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    Dude , no offence - I could run this on my integrated intel iris plus chip at medium settings with 30 fps. this is a game that it easily playable on the entry level cards out there with more than decent fps. Also they said it will not affect performance. What are you talking about?
  11. Claudius_Caesar

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    CVs are not the only problem here. Don't you understand? If I would play in my DD against a BB it would be not fun for the BB . I can either get in close and torp the crap out of you (and you can't kill me in one salvo unless very lucky) or torp your from distance ) Again , playing a dd against a cruiser... not fun. it needs to be same type of ship.
  12. Claudius_Caesar

    Brawls in 0.10.1: The Next Step

    For this mode to work they should only match same type of ship. CV vs CV , BB vs BB and so on... I only had a game in my CV against a poor guy in a Bismark. I nuked him before he even managed to get close. I apologized as it really felt like cheating. I also had one game in my Tirpitz against a Mogami that I won because he went yolo trying to torp me but If he would have played smart he could have won. Another game in my Tirpitz against a Bismark that basically ran from me the entire game. honestly I stopped playing this mode. This is not fun.
  13. Claudius_Caesar

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Just to add some 2 cents in here. Part of the reason for you doing damage is actually your weak team doing nothing and not "taking" the damage from you. In a balanced game where everyone is doing their part , you most likely wouldn't pull those numbers while of course winning the game.
  14. Claudius_Caesar

    Proximity sensor behind objects is dumb

    It's kind of funny that you are not a Beta tester and have no idea what I did report and did not 5 years ago in the CBT but you assume that it only bothers me NOW because I made a post about it. Did you also find the post about the map edge exploiting years after feature came to game? Should I make it from day one to make you happy? But you do seem to have a strong logic in such that if it existed for 5 years ...then let's not challenge anything that might improve the gameplay experience. You should be working at WG , you'll fit well lol.
  15. The automatic spotting when you are behind an island in close proximity to an enemy ship was probably thought/ designed by someone who doesn't play this game too much. It's just stupid and makes no sense from a gameplay perspective , actually from any perspective. I really want this to go as it's killing any element of surprise making to a stalled out game where the one doing the first move is the one being punished.