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  1. Well it was not me who played the game so I can't say but yeah one would think that 77 planes shot down would net more than 1k xp alone.
  2. Demetrik

    I just done something really stupid

    Did the same when I sold my cleveland. You're not alone
  3. I have no idea. I think I only played 2 co-op matches before going into random battles.
  4. It's a bit weird how 8 torpedo hits, 6 floods and 77 planes shot down amounts to only 1072 xp....
  5. Hmmm yeah I would think that fighters does wonders for the plane kill score vs 2 carriers
  6. I thought 42 was alot. I was wrong. Would've loved to see that game. The barrels on the AA must've been red hot.
  7. 78 ? Were the planes easier to shoot down in the alpha or what happened? MM fail 1 essex vs your des moines?
  8. Demetrik

    Improved Accuracy or Rate of Fire & Aiming

    I always go for the smaller dispersion. I might try the increased secondary batteries range on the Nagato at some point thou. I like to play the Nagato as a brawler and it has pretty decent secondary battery range already.
  9. Demetrik

    Massive lag issues

    I've had some pretty great desync the last few games. Sometimes I see my shells landing infront of the enemy ship, but I still get hits on them. Haven't noticed it before today.
  10. Demetrik

    Torpedo bomber rage

    Yes the CV planes can pretty much dump the torpedo's right on your head. The activation range is a few houndred meters, which is not alot in this game. It's possible for an experienced CV player to land the torpedos in such a way that you can't dodge a single one.
  11. Have you ever spent the majority of a game dodging torpedo bombers? Had a game where that one carrier just wanted you dead nomatter the cost? If so, how many planes did you blow out of the sky? My record is 42 planes with the Yamato. That thing has pretty decent AA. Anyone able to boast 50 plane kills in one single game?