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  1. XueLong

    Twitch Prime Loot

    Doesnt work here either. Amazon <=> Twitch <=> NA World of Warships <=> EU World of Warships, Links between them are terrible. Site wants to redirect me to NA instead of EU, they cannot differ between different e-mail adresses if you use different ones for games <=> Amazon it seems. What a hot mess
  2. XueLong

    Flambass playing RTS CVs today!

    Sadly , if the next rework of CVs ever come, the third iteration of Enterprise won't include Photon Torpedos nor Phaserbanks. But reason for this measure is not the fact that its not possible to implement it in game or gloriousbalance reasons, but because there'a letter missing - Ladies and Gents, lets welcome the mightly "wouldve been the most OP ship ever if she had been built" U.S.S.R. Enterprise
  3. Instantly remembered C&C Generals, where you could build Avengers in Zero Hour to insta negate all incoming missles, or upgrading mass Paladins with drones, so they block missles + massive self heal => GG Good old times, good strategy games, good strategic elements, good... RTS CV times...?
  4. XueLong

    If Kremlin is so OP

    No one heard of it... Papership "would've been the strongest ship evaa on earth had it been built *cough*
  5. 108. Kidd or Kii please, many thanks!
  6. XueLong

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Definitely want to participate! Thanks & Merry Christmas!
  7. XueLong

    July Combat Missions: Ride the Rogue Wave!

    Fuel Tokens? I call them with a bonus of +300% on
  8. XueLong

    RANKED and skills of peoples there...

    92 Battles till Rank 1. 63% Winrates. And yes, I admit. I used hated CVs. I used the hated ship of the CVs, the unloved one, the unpopular one, the Midway. Guess I should prepare my anti-flame-thrower-suit for every CV basher? P.S.: I know our Lord-of-the-Sky @El2aZeR IRL, he told me a lot how to play those buggers. All thanks to him for the many surface ships who had to suffer
  9. XueLong

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    Legendary Duel between USS Enterprise vs. USS Stalin Legendary Duel between USS Enterprise vs. USS Stalin
  10. XueLong

    the "carry harder!" thread

    When you got the max. EXP from the entire game as a non-highest tier Cruiser in a Lost Game.....
  11. When you got the max. EXP from the entire game as a non-highest tier Cruiser in a Lost Game.....
  12. Sure you can lower down the airplane speed while adressing the AA at the same time by nerfing them accordingly for example. But then for CV players it will be boring AF. Since WG owns the opinion that WoWS players are too dumb to control more than 1 element or 1 ship, you lost the RTS aspect, where slower plane speed was fine, cause you were managing your carrier and multiple airplanes squads simultaneously. - And now getting the 1 plane action-simulator. Lower plane speed = boring AF = ppls will leave. The whole CV rework is a mess and absolutely destroyed the fun aspect for both CV and DD players. They shouldve stayed with the overall CV = strategic control & scouting for team playstyle and finetuning it. As it was pretty well balanced over the years already, every player in their ship roles knows what to do (although manual control over AA would be a great addition, cause it provide ship captains an active element they can control to fight against plane attacks), and represent the original intention of CVs during the wars the best way.
  13. XueLong

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Yeah. Stalingrad performs like WTF-Balance-where-did-you-go => It's because of the audience only. And its NOT because of the ship itself. How about you switch for shipowners of Stalingrad for 2 weeks with, lets say SimsMK2, and then have a look at the obviously should-be-awesome stats of the SimsMK2, because audience only. Sorry, but such an obvious disbalance, which is done on purpose to glorify the mother-Russia-navy in contrast to every other nations destroys the health of the game.
  14. XueLong

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Hindenburg was too good, hence WG gotta nerf it. Seems legit to nerf ships which overperforms. Meanwhile.. Ship Nation Battles Winrate Frags Damage Exp Planes Kill/Death-Ratio Stalingrad U.S.S.R. 22 933 65.47 % 1.36 110 303 2 177 1.60 3.00 Worcester U.S.A. 353 932 52.83 % 0.89 73 914 1 729 2.81 1.77 Moskva U.S.S.R. 1 449 949 49.85 % 0.74 71 527 1 556 1.36 1.34 Des Moines U.S.A. 2 903 204 49.73 % 0.83 65 972 1 639 2.53 1.37 Zao Japan 2 969 002 49.33 % 0.84 77 258 1 578 1.24 1.74 Henri IV France 578 297 49.31 % 0.79 77 131 1 586 1.42 1.60 Minotaur U.K. 2 294 263 49.02 % 0.90 64 092 1 574 2.81 1.52 Hindenburg Germany 3 648 546 48.83 % 0.77 73 040 1 592 1.51 1.45 Salem U.S.A. 60 966 48.69 % 0.85 72 573 1 582 2.19 1.45 source: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3760109008,Stalingrad/ Conclusion: Yup. Hindenburg needs a nerf.
  15. XueLong

    Other examples of regional differences?

    @OP Some may be too old. Some just got "accidentally" deleted by WG €U. Cause u know, they dont like when ppl pointing out they are greedy and milk €U players. ===> Careful. WG know they messed up. But wont admit it. And they are DELETING threads concerning the missing christmas event topic. proof: -multiple threads opened -over ten thousands views added together -over 100 replys -tons of likes => 2 warnings, in both German and English, and threads removed without telling others a s*** out of 3 forum threads: 1 is still there. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/69481-ru-na-asia-give-free-1680000000-credits-to-everyone-eu-player-0cr-zero/page__fromsearch__1 1 is locked and archived to somewhere where nobody can finds it. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/69313-christmas-event-is-it-really-too-much-to-ask-for-a-fair-treatment-for-all-regions/page__fromsearch__1 1 is removed and u cant even search for it. ***: lol. and WG even secretly edited my signature which contained this picture: ***: and added again. Removed Threads, reasons from WG: XueLong,You have been given a warning by moderator.Reason: EDUCATIONAL WARNING---------------------------------- Dear XueLongThis message has been sent to you to inform you of a warning received regarding the post presented below :SpoilerXueLong, on 22 December 2016 - 12:59 AM, said: XueLong,IceyJones has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "LOL".IceyJones said:----------------------------------did WG closed your topic!?!seriously......[edited]WG---------------------------------- XueLong,You have been given a warning by moderator.Reason: Ermahnung----------------------------------Hallo XueLong,wir möchten dich mit dieser Nachricht über einen Regelverstoß informieren welchen du hier begangen hast:Spoiler------------ QUOTE ------------XueLong, on 22 December 2016 - 08:32 PM, said:Original ausm Englischen:http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/69313-christmas-event-is-it-really-too-much-to-ask-for-a-fair-treatment-for-all-regions/