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  1. admiralbismarck

    The odyssey of the "Perla"

    can you post some specs too
  2. nickname is a mix between my dads rank and mothers last name nothing to do with person or ship (may they rip)

  3. admiralbismarck

    World of Warships Fan Trailer

    didn't press the link but your right about that still seems weird they get permission to use such footage that's goes straight in the terms of nda
  4. admiralbismarck

    World of Warships Fan Trailer

    very nice pity its a serious breach of the NDA lol
  5. admiralbismarck

    Hellevoetsluis - Coastal Battery

    nice is this a yearly thing and around what time would love to see it in rl
  6. admiralbismarck

    Unknow light-cruiser design

    can be just a drawing for a prototype that was never build otherwise they would put a name on it imho