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  1. And they keep on nerfing Destroyers... As if 5 radars per game with 10 to 12.5 km range, planes, radio location, hydro on every high tier ship was not making life impossible enough for destroyers, now they add 1.8 km detection range for torpedos on ships... If you hate destroyers in high tiers so much just stop the line at tier 6 or something, or give destroyers a sub battletype.
  2. Cyberfounder

    Update stuck (Again)

    Every time I want to play a quick game of WOW I need to download an update, as if that is not frustrating enough, every time I do the update gets stuck at 47% or 78% or even at 99%. Can anyone tell me how to fix this please? I wanted to play a quick game not spent 3 hours waiting for an update and wasting half a day trying to fix it.