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    Currently I'm in the Benson.
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    Believe me, I'm grateful for the advice. My captain is not fully upgraded and since I'm sort on money, neither is my ship, still got 4 upgrades left, so maybe when those are done, it will get better. Already implemented some of the suggested tactics and it seems to pay off, I have a lot to learn. :)
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    Thank you Rahjailari and Adler, those are acctually very helpfull and understanding comments. I quess I have some homework then, since there is no real way to counter it. I just feel I'm not helping out the team as good as before and it feel like this every last few games, but I will put your lessons to the the test and hope I can find some fun again. :) Bushwacker, thats funny comming from someone with a hidden profile.
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    Hello all, I recently move up in the higher tiers with destroyers of different nations and was looking forward to the benefits of the higher tier destroyers (VII and up), better torpedo range, concealment, etc... The first few dozen battles were fun, rushing to get the CAP, popping smoke for allied ships as well as for myself so that I don't get instantly killed when I open fire, you know regular destroyer stuff and tactics. But the last few weeks I have been encountering ships with radar on every map, and not just one ship with a radar of 20 seconds, but at least 2 to 3 ships a map and sometimes even 5 or more with long radar times... Last game it was 6 ships with radar. Game setup was 1 destroyer 7 cruisers and 4 battleships. I was lit up every second, smoke was useless as well as hiding since ships were everywhere. I could not counter since there was not one ship on my team with radar? One ship hit me with radar from +10km away??? o.O I could not even see it until it was too late of course, one hit from a Battleship and down I went... :/ Why is radar so overpowered? It's not hard enough in a destroyer, cruisers have so many benefits, fast reload time, one hit will put an enemy battleship on fire again and again and again, defensive AA fire, hydro, spotting aircraft, and so on and so on. I mean, radar go's through the mountains? o.O What do I get in a higher tier destroyer... Smoke that is completely useless now and an engine boost, which is also useless since I'm compelled to stay in the back if I want to make it at least through the first few minutes of the game cause the moment I hit a cap the enemy radar lits me up like a Christmas tree. At this point I'm just sick of the game, if I had know about radar before, I would not have put everything in destroyers, well not everything since I also play with carriers, but those are even more useless in higher tiers, planes can't even make it to the target without all of them dying in the first 2 or 3 seconds of coming in AA range. Thank you for reading my rant. ^^