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  1. Sailor_Bear

    My personal premium ship wish list

    Would love to see the Russian project 56 destroyer (Kotlin clas) or the Yugoslavian destroyer R-11 Split.
  2. Sailor_Bear

    Recommend best tier 10 DD to contest caps

    For me Z-52 hands down. Have both destroyers and i can bully a cap better with it. The AP is also pure carnage if the Gearing makes a mistake and shows you his broadside... wider hull and thicker side mid-ship armor than standard tier 10 DDs.... Khaba doesnt count thats a CL without a citadel
  3. Sailor_Bear

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Awesome & very generous! Thank you very much sir. Prize #1 Roma if possible or Tirpitz Prize #2 De Grasse Prize #3 Doubloons Happy holidays to all!
  4. Prinz Eugen for me. Cant justify the price tag for a clone type ship. Looks nice thou
  5. Sailor_Bear

    2017 - Taking stock at half-time

    After re-watching the video i cant help but wonder what happened that those 3 Russian DDs got delayed. Their 3D models looked almost ready...
  6. Sailor_Bear

    World of Warships Q&A questions

    Hey Sub_Octavian, glad to have you here and thank you for doing this. How happy are you with the Russian destroyer split. Are the ships being used/played in a way that you hoped and envisioned? Glory to the Google translator but a couple off weeks ago, i have read on the Russian forums that you were planing to tweak a few of them, maybe even in the upcoming patch. Is this still being considered? Thanks again sir
  7. Sailor_Bear

    How to get rid of the socialist flag?

    Comrade, why you mad? It is simple holiday...
  8. Sailor_Bear

    Developer Q&A 09/02 - Results

    So we can now say... Russian DD split for 0.6.2?
  9. Sailor_Bear

    Balkan language subforum

    Dont forget about us Slovenians thou
  10. Sailor_Bear

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    Blyskawica: 27+1=28 Beast Belfast: 25 Scharnhorst: 23-3=20
  11. Got a Warspite myself. So yeah, it was a nice good morning from WG
  12. Sailor_Bear

    Please fix the chatban system

    Is this your ship sir? The screenshots of the exchange of words has been sent to you via PM. How to react I will leave to your judgment...
  13. Sailor_Bear

    Please fix the chatban system

    For him? I made an exception an he got the full treatment... "-7"
  14. Sailor_Bear

    Please fix the chatban system

    Had the "pleasure" of playing against you multiple times... i can guarantee every chat ban you got was probably deserved. Heck... one of those sigs of yours was probably me after you went on a 5min rant of wishing me cancer and how will karma get me in the end. For the crime of nuking your North Cal when i was in my Gearing. Please... sometimes just count to 10 before you type.
  15. Sailor_Bear

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Been looking forward to the Deutchland class since Closed Beta, so hearing that we are getting it for free was a nice surprise. But... i must say that the good will is destroyed once its obvious to you how much effort and energy has been put into manipulating the videos and comments on the main site just to enlarge profits. No-one likes the feeling that he is being exploited and cheated, many of us here love the game and spend most of our free time on it. I dont know, my english isnt really that excellent and i cant find the words to describe how i feel now. Its just... disheartening... But i must give you thanks for the Graf Spee, will try to grind it... but after that i will probably take a very, very long brake.