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  1. Tomerell

    Karlsruhe, can I have my paddle back? - Rant

    I was hoping the new KM line would revive the WOWs appeal for me, but it seem's I wont even bother trying to torture my self.... Well maybe later when KM BB's arrive... oh wait they will be even worse is old signs are accurate....
  2. Tomerell

    Blue line surfing.

    That is not enough, I think instead of slowing the vessel you should either loose HP or be unable to fire while hugging the border...
  3. Tomerell

    Show your rank in nickname?

    WOT style "stat [edited] is so boring and only creates negativity around in the end... so please not here, if you ask me...
  4. Tomerell

    Any WOWP pilots who turned into captains?

    I have played WOWp since Closed Beta. I loved the HF Zoom and Boom Sadly it did not become the game I would have liked it to be. So it's been a looooong time since I have flied there...
  5. Tomerell

    Submarine Gameplay in "Steel Ocean" - chinese WoWS copy

    I was going to point that out too. Chinese who suffered Japanese occupation and terror are OK with the rising sun.Well that shows us the quantity of Russian nihilism in ... well I better be quiet now
  6. Tomerell

    Ship Class for beginners?

    I would start with cruisers, if I was going to start playing now. Not with BB what I did when I came here...
  7. Tomerell

    warspite back on sale

    Thank's for the info. I haven't played here for a while, and missed that...
  8. Tomerell

    warspite back on sale

    Have they already unified the premium with WOT ???
  9. Tomerell

    The main problems of the game

    And you came to this conclusion after only 24 beer's and 1 sleepless night...
  10. Tomerell

    Prinz Eugen premium or standard?

    ROFL...The way US Navy treated Prinz Eugen post-war will definitely justify their claim to the ship, because It is still active...Radio active...
  11. Tomerell

    Prinz Eugen premium or standard?

    +1 Nazi's were BAD no question about that, but why demonize all use of a historical symbol because of that. Especially if it is NOT a Nazi symbol like for example Finnish Air Forces and Tank Forces emblems used 1918-1945.
  12. Tomerell

    Prinz Eugen premium or standard?

    I had similar warning when I posted a picture of Finnish air force Junkers bomber on WOWp forum years back. Reason was Finnish Air Force swastika emblem shown in the picture. Funny thing here is that it is not a Nazi symbol in any way, Finnish Air Force had had the emblem since 1918 when it was founded, and FAF swastika is blue and horizontal, not black and diagonal as Nazi symbol.
  13. Tomerell

    Prinz Eugen premium or standard?

    Yep, for example the "lack" of AA is prominent... But I kind of like the old nose of Hipper...
  14. Tomerell

    Prinz Eugen premium or standard?

    What a waste of beautiful ship
  15. Tomerell

    Veteran players dropout

    +1 This is what I feel also at the moment...