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  1. RaakaKarju

    I hope WG will keep the following...

    If in future there no Mods so i hope wg implement features of mods like transparent minimap that is probably most important mod what i use then can keep minimap larger and everybody knows how important to see what happens near you
  2. RaakaKarju


    Same here, when shoot it waits second or too before actually shoots. Yesterday no problem whit lag but today cant play hope we dont have to wait week to fix this becouse its now allmost unplayable.
  3. RaakaKarju

    Baltimore DP AA beyond broken

    Only thing what can say wait des moines she got even better aa range and have more guns or fully upgraded iowa
  4. RaakaKarju

    Cleveland AA is way Op needs a nerf ASAP

    I hate when nerffing starts becouse thats endles route, now cleve just becouse its first ship what have good aa power and next probably pensacola get nerf of aa becouse those crying babies get tier 6 cv and ragulary face it and after that new orleans nad rest of ships what have some aa so they can shoot planes down, soon there are only dd's cv's playable ships. Sorry guys learn to play and know the weakness of ships so then there are any op ships. Cleve land have good aa and rof but it still easy to sink just use ap not he and try burn it becouse she can burn you faster, it's same as atlanta and atago all those have pretty good guns but still so fragile to ap shells, even furutaka can sink all those just useing ap not he as most off ppls use.
  5. RaakaKarju

    Cleveland AA is way Op needs a nerf ASAP

    So they nerf cleve and next probaply whole usn cruiser line becouse those have aa too what can shot down planes, i hope after that they nerf cv's so they have only ONE plane not squadron ONE plane so then its gona be balanched after nerfing aa power of ships. Soon t´they lost all players becouse game comme unplayable after all nerffing. I dont understand why they listen all those cry babies who want to ruin the game crying every time when somebody or something just is better than they or them need to do something more than just point of cursor and shoot.
  6. RaakaKarju

    Cleveland AA is way Op needs a nerf ASAP

    If cleve goes to tier8 then it's need lots of buffs otherwise it just practice target for higher tiers whit present gun you are lucky if you make any bmg exepct fire and present aa doesnt match to tier 9 or 10 cv planes like pensacolas guns is pretty usless against yamato or montana and both can sink pensacola 1 salvo so how present cleve can do in tier 10 battle basicly nothing and if it's be tier 8 so it been regulary on those battles, even baltimore strugles in tier 10 battles. Thanks ap is better now than when i had it in cbt
  7. RaakaKarju

    Torpedo max ranges?

    And you can find in techtree just by looking every ships stats and upgrades so easy can't miss.
  8. RaakaKarju

    US DD

    Farragut isn't that bad in cbt i manage to sunk even kagero twice, whole usn dd line is fun if like to play aggressive. Gearing is onlyone what not have in cbt.
  9. RaakaKarju

    Cleveland AA is way Op needs a nerf ASAP

    This topic is basicly crab not post what made here but start and tittle. Whole nerffing subject is pointless becouse most who make those request doesnt know anything abaut game if cleve need nerf of aa then whole usn cruiser and bb lines need to do same and if game goes that way then need also nerf cv's so they have only 1 plane in air at time and can drob torps distance 5km so game have some balnche after nerf. Those who want cv's to get nerfed i'm not sure do it need that becouse ones we have division where was aoba, cleve and pensa opposite side was taiho and we go and sink it brobably taiho get couple torp hit for us we drop 45 planes, how we manage do it we see opportunity when enemy team was splitted and midlle was big door wide open ok we need sunk couple ships onroute but just basicly good team work and there isnt any op or up ships, players make ships op or up. Those who starts to play check atleast techtree what kind ships come against you and you not get suprised how some ship are very good of something but same time every ship has weaknes too so if you know those you play much better. I'm not good player i hope i'm close to avarage.
  10. RaakaKarju

    Next Patch?

    those new maps brobably come sometime but do anybody have any clue when clans come and gold and free exp from wot (credits too so can sell those tier 10 tanks so can buy more ships )
  11. RaakaKarju

    Give us Penetration and Armour Values

    I hope too know these numbers. My next ship new Orleans and those guns is there just that little more ap dmg and slower turning its that is only thing no point use exp for that but if same time pen increase then need to take those too but no info, so full speed to des moines.
  12. RaakaKarju

    I want the real Long Lance :D

    Just grind shimakaze then you have 20km range of torps and then start spam torps
  13. RaakaKarju

    Side Scraping in a Battleship

    if them do it but whitout smoke and whole time in spotted, every time sees when torps are loaded so there its coming open to shoot and get couple of salvos everybody hopes hes shells kill it
  14. RaakaKarju

    Side Scraping in a Battleship

    I see even some dd's do it.
  15. RaakaKarju

    US DD

    Usn dd's are fun to play becouse you can use guns not just torps and when get benson torps are great too 2*5 tubes