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  1. Ahoi Sailors! The European Stealth Legion [ESTL] is a young clan consisting of sailors from different countries. We're playing this game with respect for other players and enjoy digital seafaring. We've got both Teamspeak and Discord available. A headset and participation in audio chat is voluntarily. Its welcomed however since it helps getting to know each other. We mostly speak English because the mixture of different mother tongues. However sometimes divisions are formed that speak Danish, Dutch, or German. This happens as people meet and enjoy. Sometimes people come to the audio chat just to talk :) There's no requirement to play periodically. If somebody doesn't want to play for some time - then that's how it is. We didn't participate in clan battles so far, simply there was no group eager to do so. Once enough people want to do it, it will start. We're a clan with people that want to have fun with the game without stress. Hence respect and good manners are important to us. For people that are easily in rage and start insulting people because someone doesn't play the game like one wants them to play it.... there's sooooo many other clans out there to try :) Here you're welcome as both an experienced player or as a freshman. We're happy to help getting into the game and answer questions about it. If this sounds good to you - then please get in touch with us. Come with us on the digital seas, find out if the community is ok for you and get to know us. If you have any questions you can message undead42, Roytjee or nedTR. All the best and water under the keel! the ESTL captains
  2. Roytjee

    NL VOC

    i Am a fairly good carrier player i am with the american line at the ranger and i am grinding my way through the japanese line i am now at the ryujo. i am not the best carrier player but i know moer or less what i am doing and what fights to pick.
  3. hello! i am looking for a clan or a team to play with. i play every type of ship but i am at my best in a carrier. I play both the USA and the IJN lines with the USA line i am at the ranger and with the IJN line i am at the Ryujo. I'd also like to learn more about the other ships like destroyers or battleships. The main problem for me is that as I am a student I cannot be online every day with certenty. bit i try to be online as much as possible. I hope somebody is looking for a slightly above average carrier player.