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  1. Looking for a clan that can offer some teaming up and teamplay, just going solo is boring and frustrating with all the good wg balancing mechanics like do not get spotted by sups and just dodge the airplanes. At the moment I am in a sleeping clan and id like to go somewhere with a active bunch of people, preferably English speaking. Looking forward to a fun time, Cheers
  2. After the patch i still ran into some problems conserning Battleships. yes the chance in the pen angle of ap shells is better which is nice but ap on the bb still does not deal the damage it should when not hitting a citadel. it now does about 1300 for a normal non crit shell. in my humble opinion it would be better to boost this to 3 k. This said since battleships have a 30 sec reload and i think that at the moment there non crit dps is to low for the ships. Sec i would like to point out that the BB's need a better repair module time, now the game still is lets burn the BB to death he spam. and yes i do this to with my cruiser but it just drives the BB players into a play stile that will not make this game more fun . They will be forced to keep max range and sit next to the carrier. This is in my opinion not a good thing since they have the hp and Armour to go in and help the team. Feel free to give feedback, this is just my opinion looking at it from my experience on bb and cruisers
  3. ChillNova

    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    a bit longer arm time on bomber torps would be in order i have been hit in the sides in a tight spot between islands by torps that where dropped on the beach and still armed with 50 meters. make it at least a bit longer arm time so somone at least have the chance to try dodge em . at the moment you can almost drop those torps like you would drop a bomb. btw i have np with the dd torps those are fair game they hurt but , they need skilled placement and timing to hit
  4. ChillNova

    longer arm time Bomber torps

    Please I would like you to reconsider making it so torp bombers can no longer drop torps at 25-50 meter from someone or on a island and still have armed torps hitting the target, its a bit silly, Torps need a bit of time to arm but at the moment you can almost trow them as normal bombs.
  5. I have now played the game for a fair bit and some things strike me that could be better than they are at the moment. 1. domination mode the cap and point earning go's to fast and could be a bit slower to give more time to react.* if one team lost its destroyers they must still be able to reset or cap * within a reasonable time 2. the hit points tier for tier for ships must be increased cruisers between tier 6 and 9 hardly have much more hp. and still sink in about the same amount of salvo's. Please give the ships per tier they go up more hp. since i do not feel any difference from tier 6 to tier 8 when it comes about taking hits. 3. armour, at the time it does not feel this aspect makes any real impact on how much damage you can inflict on ships. I can hit bb, with cruisers for the same as I can hit cruisers or destroyers. the only difference is there hp pool. Might want to make it play a bit bigger role. 4.Rng* the crits you can inflict on ships at the time are a bit to extreme, i have had time's where i almost sunk a bb in 1 salvo from my cruiser *the pen and get a cola * one Feel free to post other ideas and comments on how to make the game more enjoyable for all * please no buff BB , nerf Destroyer posts* They wil only make you stand out as a bad player
  6. ChillNova

    capture base at the harbours

    For low tier this would be a no go map with the American destroyers having a torp range on 5 - 5.5 km. they will be spotted before being in range to do anything themselves for top tier like tier x this all would be less of a problem since they all have the range. and capabilities to deal damage here. best scenario i can imagine would be a map without a cap but just a timer . Winner is dicided by A total destruction of the enemy team or B the team that sunk,dealt most damage to ships.
  7. ChillNova

    Destroyers above tier V

    till ya hit tier 8 usa destroyers are only good vs other destro's. 4-5 km range on torps is nothing
  8. Since you fail to understand the post we will help you out here. The reply to your post the answer is ,no use common sense!. One does not just float around in the middle of the map its a post about helping ya team. AND not like most BB players camp the red line all around the map and cry about being outcapped.
  9. ChillNova

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    BB are strong its just also the most appealing clan to the, sorry to say worst players out there. it is not easy to play a Bb , and be good/excel at it. bad players or noobs as some call em . stay far away at the back line of the map and try to hit stuff 16km + the BB do not have accuracy for this and there team will often crumble leaving them to deal with all cruisers etz that will shoot the crap out of em. A good Bb players is a group player supporting his cruisers at 12-15 km from the enemy, knows how to lead his shots and does not waist the shots on targets that do not matter or are 1 hp away from sinking. Also he does not stear his ship into a cluster of island where he is vulnerable to faster ships. It takes skill to play a BB in a usefull way , most players i have met till now seem to lack this and just get killed by me in my cruiser.
  10. ChillNova

    Shells & torpedoes

    Lets look at this than i do not think ships would run out of shells in a 15-20 min fight. and torpedo's well the japanese torpedo's where so dangerous with the liquit oxigen that the crew would toss em overboard at the sight of the enemy and the start of a real close engagement. This game needs to be playable. So destroyers have a lot of torps at low tier and the higher tier you get the longer the reload is gone be for them. all fine just on the tier 3-5 they spam torps. if they try to do it after that they might just find out they are reloading when the cruiser decides to have em for a in between snack.
  11. ChillNova

    The Time limit is not enough

    same answer ask the team to be less passive, a bb on the back line at 16+ km is useless also think about the rest of us who might not sit and camp like a monkey. we will be dead by the end of the game and now you want us to wait 10 more mins just so bb's can slug it out at max range. NO THX. Chance the player attitude/ play stile not the game time
  12. ChillNova

    Co-op battles.... My problem with it......

    No i do not like the idea you have at all, First i do not like people ruining the game by just going in die and than get rewarded for it and hop into the next game they want to ruin. If you want to get XP faster LEARN to play. Do better/ More damage try to carry the team , o god forgive me for saying this you might even want to play as a team. The idea you have is the perfect setup for bots/ bad players to grind fast xp and never improve and in the end ruin the game by there non existing skills on high tier. Please do not make this a non skilled based, please the crap players game like wot has become.
  13. ChillNova

    Weather conditions.

    Fog or rain would be nice , they could us e a more open map for this. it would make spotting more of a big deal. i salute the idea. Who knows maybe some of the BB players might even start moving closer to the enemy.
  14. ChillNova

    New game mode and wincondition?

    I like the idea but i do not see it work in the current game/ mindset of people. I think it will end up in a bb camp fest, where the team that actualy moves loses since they will not have all ships on 1 spot. without a cap how will you force the teams to move and not just camp together waiting for a singe ship to get spotted and shoot the crap out of it from over 17 km range ?
  15. ChillNova

    Battle space too small especially with BBs around

    Sice is fine Bb's just need to start being part of the battle and not run to a corner and fire-Mis at the max range when will they learn bb effective range is 12-15 Km. if you shoot from farther away than that a cruiser and destro have all the time in the world to chance direction and avoid the shells. if you enlarge the map they will just hide even further away making this game a joke. Please people if you want to play passive from max range go carrier and not BB the Bb is both heavy support as the tanking ship. it can take and deal massive damage. Please play it aggressive together with you're team.