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  1. I start to post in norwegian first. Norwegian hunters ser etter nye spillere, vi har begynt å se en del aktivitet på på vår warships klan, og ønsker derfor å se etter nye spillere. Det vi ser etter først og fremt er: * Du bør være fra Norge, Sverige, eller Danmark * Bør ha, evt. veldig nær tier 8 ship - enklere når når vi kjører Clan battles ved å leier ship. * Bruke TS når det er kamp *Ellers kjører vi divisjon, Co-Op og operasjon In english Norwegian hunters are looking for new players, we have started to see some activity on our warships clan, and therefore want to look for new players. What we look for first and foremost are: * You should be from Norway, Sweden, or Denmark * Should have, possibly very close to tier 8 ship - easier when when we do clan battles by renting a ship. * Use TS when it's a match * Otherwise we run division, Co-Op and Operation
  2. Hello fellow captains, I wanted to reminder the scandinavian players that we have creating a Facebook site, to gather the scandinavian players. To share results and ships etc.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/135917503726942/
  3. Ventrax327

    0.4.1 full patch notes

    Well must be hidden AP nerf as well on battleships, only do round 1000 - 2000 full broadside 3 km away on cruiser same tiers ??? or even i get some hits i only do 1013 and 1810 damage??, yes i do get citadel hits now and then and yes i know how to aim, this getting to anoying, wasnt that before the patch
  4. Ventrax327

    insane lagspikes?

    Yes, i got same issue as well, was in battle and was kicked out of client twice, from 41 to several mil in ms, tryed to logged in too, and had to press connect several time to get in again got message. Error to connect to server " thing
  5. Ventrax327

    Same sorry tactics as WoT heavy tanks

    Finaly more players see what i have tryed to say for weeks now, about those BBs far back in action and try to long shot other BBs, insted of helping the team to win, nice topic OP, and finaly more players see this ) Idiots that cant follow the minimap and read the battle, need to learn this by now oh wait .... as other say here, heavy tanker from Wot hmmmmm, NWM they never learn Some BBs told me that they was afraid of torpedos, from DDs or planes, well, what happend to the team one by one got kiled, BBs only one left, .... japp allso got killed by topes, lot of em If thos players could be more active in battle, they might survive and win for a change??? that wont work behind a island
  6. Ventrax327

    Graphics glitch from smoke

  7. Ventrax327

    Graphics glitch from smoke

    i noticed that water where smoke from the ships shows, i get som flikkering in the water, graphical ones, i havent manage to get some pics yet, anoying to watch when look at those fine ships I run full graphical settings, with AMD R9 290x card 4 Gb video memory, and i allso have 32 Gb Ram on my machine, SSD disk, and Intel Core i5 4670k cpu.
  8. Ventrax327


    Norway, with some smaler Naval power, and transpots(civilian) types ah yes we have Blücher and Tirpitz - Bismarcks sister (well bottom of the sea) that is
  9. Ventrax327

    What's your favourite movie featuring a warship and why ?

    Totaly agree, on that, would love to see a movie/series about Bismack and her crew. or even more about the war at see in WWII Europe.
  10. Ventrax327

    My experience with the preorder ships (Sims, Gremyashchiy, Yubari)

    Sims i think hae to slow relode time, compear to other DDs in game, other then that i its ok ship, but in DDs i pref to use torpedos,i going US cruisers, so i can use guns there, pref the IJN DDs from now on, as i see the DDs going to be main damage is from torpedos it seems. IJN atm is pref..
  11. Ventrax327

    Any Norwegians playing this game yet?

    Hello, Im Norwegian, well answer in english as this is english language Ja jeg er norsk Ventrax327
  12. Hello Captains, I have a question, im sure its aksed before, but im havent read every topic Well my question is this, will we get our Gold and free XP from WoT over to WoWs as well? As i understand we have combine account for all 3 games, WoT,WoWp and WoWs if i have been reading right?
  13. Ventrax327

    Missing tokens when purchased Gremyashchiy

    I will, tanks
  14. Ventrax327

    Missing tokens when purchased Gremyashchiy

    yea, to use another word , hehe ..... Gold, that should follow the ship package - 2900 gold
  15. As title sayed, i havent got my token when purchased the Soviet destroyer Gremyashchiy, got the ship but not the token