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  1. holyman2084

    German Cruisers

    So Im seeing the armor will be a stink at higher tiers. Does anybody know how Yorck compares to Pensacola in terms of armor thickness?
  2. holyman2084

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    No, I'm just saying, that a lead indicator is useful in lightening your task of aiming, hence freeing up your mental capability on other important stuff like dodging that pesky DD that sees you pointing your guns somewhere else, or dodging land. How is that dead wrong? A pilot flying manually with a flight director has more spare capacity than a pilot flying manually with raw data. Proven facts. The downside of flight director is that in some airlines they overuse it and get rusty. This has been identified as overreliance on automation and can be a danger when the crap hits the fan. Therefore training has to emphasize on manual flying every now and then to keep off the rust. A ship sailing in a straight line with constant speed is guaranteed to the point of RNG if aimed using the the lead indicator, whereas without it can be a misjudged shot due to misjugded speed. Just watch him fire at that first Tirpitz. Fire and forget. I am sure the really good players out there land pretty nice shots without the lead indicator. And such talented people would with the aiming mod undoubtly get complacent and rusty aiming skills to a point where they just perform good but stagnate. And they would die like a b**tch the day such aiming mod was removed. Just like the case with the pilots. I agree with you to this point, but it does only apply to a relatively small amount of the playerbase while the rest, unskilled and average players will have an advantage.
  3. holyman2084

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Not the case? You state the obvious inaccuracy of every prediction. Aiming manually does not predict the future either. Aiming bot just makes it more convenient, even in a straight line. The mental aiming process takes shorter time with the mod as your reference you can concentrate on the targets possible maneuvers and adjust accordingly. Oh by the way it actually gives alot of helpful information outside the straigt line case. Target starts turning the lead indicator decreases and shows tangential vector. You can tell whether ship is circling in a perfect circle or when it has bled enough speed so it has to move in a straight line.
  4. holyman2084

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Aiming mod again a huge advantage. See this guy clicking away decent long range shots with his Cleve like its the easiest thing in the world. He does not have to spend time in the binocular view to see that the shots land correctly. He can use all his mental capacity to situational awareness and maneuver his ship better than his non-modding counterpart who may be good at aiming but put at a workload disadvantge. Hopefully WG will find a way out of this. Maybe the solution is to provide some aiming improvements to the reticle on the original game, available for all but not as uninspiring as this mod. Just good enough so that average Joe gets a feeling his aiming is based on something more than just guessing a lead for that ship and adjust thereafter.
  5. holyman2084

    Mouse-click problem (game switches to desktop)

    I've totally missed it! Great, thx
  6. holyman2084

    Mouse-click problem (game switches to desktop)

    Is there a full screen option in the graphic settings? The window mode is horrible, accidentally clicking in and out of the game and getting update prompts from windows in the middle of the battles.
  7. holyman2084


    I like her. She's a bit like the Phoenix/Omaha as a light cruiser, fast and agile but paper. What she does not have in torps is counted for with the better guns plus escort worthy AA. And the design is really nice, a sweet blend of slim and modern hull combined with a warspite-like superstructure. The downside is to be tier VII and often getting thrown in higher tier matches where being a light cruiser is not "happy days" as it was in tier IV/V. In lower tiers games it changes as it feels like she actually has armor to take some hits.
  8. holyman2084


    Does all the USN DDs past tier IV have long shell velocity times? I keep looking at reviews and for at least the Nicholas and Farragut it seems to be true, in the area of roughly 10km by 10 seconds. Pretty bad considering the guns are supposed to be USN DD strength.
  9. holyman2084

    Cleveland is soooooo OP

    Played some games with it, hated the shell velocity so much I decided to skip researching the upgraded guns and just grind to the pensacola ASAP. After some more battles I finally took the decision to spend around 50k free XP to unlock the pensacola. I just can't get the hang of playing it with my other ships, messing up the aim both ways.
  10. holyman2084

    How to play the Pensacola ?

    Is the pepsi really that weak? Cleve does not live long broadsiding either, like any USN cruiser except St Louis maybe. And bad accuracy at long ranges due to shell velocity. I look forward to pepsi due to the guns and the AA.
  11. holyman2084

    Cleveland shell velocity

    Really struggling with the hit ratio on this ship. It also puts me off the edge playing other ships as I find myself shooting well ahead of targets with normal shell velocities. Its probably too powerful if buffed on shell velocity, but as it is now I will sell it after unlocking Pensacola. Is the Cleve worth upgrading the main battery?
  12. holyman2084

    Omaha Hull B vs Hull C

    Most of the randoms I join are without CVs, so AA is pretty much there collecting rust... Hopefully we will see more CVs later as other tech trees open up.