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  1. Gleb_Reawer

    Skill-related matchmaking for more balanced games

    I think others have already explained the issues with switching the players. I was referring to what players get to do in a match and the rewards from it. True, I think I was wrong about how to best play a SBMM game. I'd have to have sessions where I'd play terrible on purpose, to get streaks of better MM. Would you like to spend half of your games making sure your team loses?
  2. Gleb_Reawer

    Skill-related matchmaking for more balanced games

    No, simply no to SBMM. Because that's what this proposal is in it's core. v Reply to ^ v Reply to ^ v Reply to ^ v Reply to ^ Currently WoWS pop at peak times feels about what it was regularly in AW before SBMM(we weren't able to see how many players were online). More than 50% of players quit like I did. Your suggestion, if implemented could quite possibly be the deathblow to WoWS that the tinfoilhatters and salty noobs keep predicting every so often. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're one. Regarding the other points in your post. The best players would still be deleting the average and potato players like they are doing today, but they'd have to play 100% each and every game and that's not fun. Rewards would still mostly go to the unicums or very good players. I agree it's bad that GW is pushing players to t8+ to quickly. This happened in WoT too when they had introduced enough nations to the tech trees. They started handing out credit, xp and fxp time limited boosts, 2-4h depending on lvl of the boost token. After that came the OP T8 prems that could go 1v1 against T10 and win without much issue. And that's when I stopped playing WoT. WG listens to money, but even if we somehow managed to get a large enough group of players(from all of their servers) to address WG and tell them to "fix the game or we quit", would they even bother changing their business model or would they just let the game die or possibly pull the plug for the PC version? They are after all, IMO making the gameplay console friendly with f.ex. the carrier changes. One of my friends played WoT on console and in each of the 3 matches he showed me, there was at least 50% prem tanks, worst game was 22 prems and 8 tech tree tanks. This illustrates how console players seem to be more than happy to by prem vehicle after prem vehicle as soon as their current one becomes obsolete, even if the prices were same if not more than on the PC version. Only silver lining, if you can call it such, was that the prems on console were even more OP than the new prems in the PC version. ATM I have ~400 prem days, but if they implement a SBMM, I will be gone the same day, even if it would be tomorrow. I want to have fun while playing, not pretend every match is a CW/Ranked battle.
  3. Gleb_Reawer

    So what is this?

  4. Gleb_Reawer

    Two point tactics on EU server

    I think you underestimate the language barrier on the EU server. Within the EU, there are 24 official languages. I have no idea of how many unofficial ones there are, but I sure wouldn't understand a word of f.ex. Welsh if someone used it in chat. The same goes for 21 of the official languages. While it's true that about 50% of adults(no data on kids) understand English, it doesn't mean they can write it or that they are willing to use it even if they would know it. Even WG understands this, that's why they have made 7 additional sections to these forums with different languages. Wasted on Friday? I think it's closer to Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday. But I'm inclined to believe this is similar on both servers I think it would be quite interesting if we could somehow get random teams from different servers to fight one another. Competitive teams don't really bring out the differences as much due to voice comms, min-maxing and having a team leader calling the shots. People have been complaining about bad gameplay and noobs in high tiers right from the start. The thread you linked is 3 months old, I bet the first thread complaining about this was written no more than 3 months after the game was opened to the public.
  5. Gleb_Reawer

    Spotting and XP

    That must have been a bug, only players who are AFK the entire battle should get 0 xp.
  6. Gleb_Reawer

    Spotting and XP

    Here is a link to a quite nice, but heavy to read, guide to spotting XP http://shipcomrade.com/?p=875 The 2DD's in the example would get shared XP, but the whole system is quite a mess starting from what ship you are in, factoring in on how much spotting XP you get. And the fact I couldn't get this info from WoWS wiki is just a giant facepalm in WG direction
  7. Gleb_Reawer

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    I give up, where is @SkybuckFlying when you need him? Oh, on vacation? Fine here have this.
  8. Gleb_Reawer

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    You have to excuse me on this one as it has been several years since Silent Stalker started his threads on WoT EU forum. You'll have to ask him(you do know how he is, right?) and why he insinuated such tings and WG for why they kept deleting the posts even tho the patent was freely available to anyone interested. OFC someone did a patent on a MM, otherwise there would be no patent to read. Implementing? I see no reason to believe that any other part than Random MM has been implemented from the patent. You are free to prove otherwise, but this thread wasn't about conspiracy theories or patents and patent law, so please do it in another thread. OT: I think @Uglesett put it very well. Pick 1, 2 or 3. One of those has to be the truth, tho I'll give you a hint. If I was able to hack WG servers, it wouldn't be enemy view angles I'd be hacking, oh, no. I can easily think of half a dozen more cruel/profitable things to do
  9. Gleb_Reawer

    A bit odd total lose of game control hack

    Did you even read your own links? This is from the first: "That stupid patent was filed by somebody on PC a long time ago and never implemented (Referring to a WG patent that influenced the matchmaker to keep players at around a 50% win rate)." On WoT forums this was discussed ad infinitum (after they vised up and stopped deleting the post) and ppl found at least 3 mutually exclusive ways for MM to work in the patent. Subsequent testing all pointed to the "Random MM" being used, I.E. no buffs to your vehicle for poor play, nor any guaranteed top tier game after x number of down-tiered games. (IIRC these were the 3 major conflicting proposals in the MM patent) Do you know why companies do this, especially in the US? They do it because there is a business practice of making patents on parts of existing technology/IP and then using that patent to extort money from the company that originally made the product. These kind of firms are known as patent trolls or patent hoarders. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patent_troll And no, a banned mod is not the same as hacking the server. Try as you might you can't mod your tank/ship to have 100% accuracy or x10 more armour than what the game tells. Sure you can make your game UI show you this, but when you try to actually use any said features the server will just go "lol, nope and use the server-side data" and most likely tag you for the next ban wave. Hell you could write a mod that shows that you have 10 mil on your bank acc, you really think the servers in the bank are going to believe what your PC is trying to tell them or check their own data and deny that money transfer to Panama? Know all those fancy hack vids? Most are post production I.E. the game was played first, then the hack superimposed on top of the footage, sometimes it's straight out BS like "add gold, unlock all ships" and sometimes game mechanics shown off as hacks, like DD getting hit with 6+ torps in the aft, and yet not dying <- tho this has now been fixed by having the torpedo do 10% of max damage to a depleted section. If someone were to actually hack WG servers all this would do is leave a huge red flag pointing to the hackers client. Also, because all tanks/ships specs are saved server-side(this is why you can't have that sweet 100% acc) any modification to those files would make all selected tanks/ships have the same hack applied to them. This means that if what you experienced was a hack, then at least all Baltimores in any and all active games would have had that camera twitch at the exact same moment. So if hacking was that easy, download a script, press a button and enemy is unable to fight, why limit it to only one ship type, why not have the entire enemy team(and some allies) get seasick behind their computer screens?
  10. Gleb_Reawer

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    They added a replay folder in the game folders, and checking the patch notes it's 30 last games not 10 as I earlier said. Tech Issues Creating Replays With the release of Update 0.7.11, you will be able to record replays of your battles in World of Warships. Every player will have their 30 most recent battles recorded and stored in the /replays folder. Any previous, "older" replays will be overwritten. This feature will allow players to provide more details of any occurring issue when contacting Player Support. You can adjust the number of recorded replays using the maxReplaysToSave setting in the configuration file.
  11. Gleb_Reawer

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    You removed the automatic save last 10 replays they added in the latest patch?
  12. Gleb_Reawer

    Should Radio Location be removed?

    Thanks, and I guess my clan mates would thank you too for not having me waste their time.
  13. Gleb_Reawer

    Tier 10 Domination Games and Death Wish Destroyers

    If the map was tears of the cruisers we might have a match
  14. Gleb_Reawer

    How fun are 7-8 min matches?

    SBMM was tested in AW, result 60%+ of players quit because everyone above 50%WR had to play in 3 man divs/toons or play alone against a triple div/toon with team mates that were marginally better than the enemy teams potatoes. Thus making the team with the solo good/unicum player lose with his team of average(~50WR) players. While the triple unicum div/toon carried the potatoes(sub 50WR ppl) to a victory. During the SBMM test ppl with a WR of ~55% or more, lost 55%-60% of their matches, even in triple divs/toons. The player base of AW has not recovered, not even after they removed arty from the game. Anyone who has played AW or WoT know how much ppl hate arty and want it removed. Since the launch of WoT and subsequently WoWS, some ppl have been asking for SBMM and year after year WG has said: "No, If you have skill you deserve to win more" This is a dead end. How to make the games last longer, keep the game enjoyable and not have it end in a draw bc one DD managed to hide until time ended? Frankly I don't know and the aforementioned scenario is no fiction, in case you didn't play the game when it was launched. Before they added points from caps & +/- points from kills, I had about 5-6% draws due to one ship hiding until time ran out. I don't think you like to chase a lone DD in you DM only to be denied victory bc you can't go capping. If you try the DD will start the cap before you and if you turn back he'll just run away again. I'm quite confident WoWS doesn't have enough players for a LoL style ELO system either, so that's out of the window.