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  1. Gabzool

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    I write it once again. Moskva AP is a giant stinking turd. From 20 salvos maybe one works properly. Just stick to HE , u make more dmg with it, fires and force dmg-con. BB-s have now also AP dmg saturation, when hindenburg came out, u could broadside BB-s for 10-15k until they sunk. Now u make shity AP dmg even against happy broadside bb-s.
  2. Gabzool

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    Just change to HE if u see bow tanking Moskva BB cry babies. The moskva AP is still the worst from t10 cruisers. Other t10 cruisers delete broadside cruisers with AP, not with moskva. Full salvo on broadside cruisers and from 9 shells u get one citadel the rest of the shells are ghost shells even trough they clearly hit the ship. They nerfed it to the ground with the AP model calculation change. There is no point shooting broadside BB-s with AP, the dmg is pathetic like 2-4k dmg. Just change to HE.
  3. Gabzool

    Moskva (X) - fore + aft armor 50mm (!)

    At least some useful buff. The AP is already nerfed to the ground with terrible dispersion and zero dmg overpens and missing shells. And than the giant citadel and free kill if u outflanked.
  4. Even without IFHE u should get a lot of dmg. The 128mm guns already penetrates 32mm. The only advantage is against american BB decks. I would either take fire prevention or demolition expert for more secondary dmg. That way the 128mm get 7% fire chance instead of IFHE-s 4%. Thats almost 2 times more fires in exchange to make dmg to USA BB-s deck. With my yamato secondary build and 21mm penetration a can still make 20-30k pure HE dmg to camping long range BB-s just because the shells hit the 19mm superstructure and plus make lots of fires.
  5. Gabzool

    Republique turtleback - a fail or something planned?

    With yamato and its slow 780 m/s plunging shells u can consistently citadel germans as i found out in training room. The sweet spot is 16-17 Km and aim the gap between the two superstructures. The highest chance u hit the thinnest deck without superstructure. Same reason why AP bombers are so devastating on germans. I also citadeled few long range camping germans in game with this new tactic . Clear message : dont camp at long range with german bb-s.
  6. Gabzool

    Republique turtleback - a fail or something planned?

    Against broadside yamato u do 10-k cruiser AP salvos without a citadel with first hits. And even 410mm guns have already 68mm thick armor to arm fuse so if u dont hit thin armor at angles the shells just overpen. And if your shells are fast and have flat trajectory thats even worse combination (thats Izumos fail with those laser guns). And after the shells are fused u need 20-30m depending on shell speeds to detonate the fuze. And i think french should be more worried about AP bombers with those deck armors. People just didnt catch it with insane AA defense.
  7. Gabzool

    Republique turtleback - a fail or something planned?

    If des moines can hit u that often from 16Km with slow AP than u doing something wrong. U can delete him and all other cruisers with a single salvo, u can overmatch 30mm. The clear message is learn to bow tank . And from close range u are immune to citadels. These days the only BB that cant show broadside is yamato. I would say its even more fragile than the french. Eats the same amount of HE dmg. Its nice that u have 50mm middle deck but it helps a crap if your whole side is 32mm and its way over the water and easy to hit. Your bow and aft deck is 32mm , sides 32mm and way over the water line and superstructure 19mm. On top of that its a giant citadel magnet with a broken nose design that doesnt bounce shells if angled to much and get free citadels even from 16 inch guns. It takes insane cruiser AP dmg even from 16km ranges to broadside because u can hit both the 19mm superstructure and the giant 32mm side armor.( the 400mm+ plate is barely over the water line only).
  8. Gabzool

    bugged aiming

    The aiming is nuts in the last patches ? The crosshair is not showing the right distance thats for sure. If u aim at the waterline than the shells fall short. Incredible frustrating. Hiting citadels from close range is very hard. Its not even worth it just aim at the deck and u get more dmg these days.
  9. Gabzool

    Suggestions thread

    The 20s bloom for BB-s needs to be nerfed. The game turns slowly into WOT invisible retard gameplay. BB-s with under 12km detection all around and they just add more. When concealment is the biggest defense for BB-s than something is wrong. How can a BB with 12 guns with a potential 150k-160k burst salvo disappear after 20s even before reload for nothing from 12km, and a poor cruiser and dd with high ROF making a single shot from potato guns take the same 20s bloom and adding up if u want to actualy shoot. BB-s can do the same full DPS they just vanish. Retarded. Bloom Calibers from 280mm and over should have at least 40s bloom. Or it should be related to base reload. PS: In my opinion BB-s shouldnt even be able to mount the concealment module.
  10. Gabzool

    Tier 10 BB's. What the bloody F????

    I play yamato with full secondary build and zero concealment. Its still one of the best secondary ships against dd-s, one 127mm HE has 2100dmg. The germans have penetration but lack dmg against dd-s. I played Izumo with full secondary build and than yamato more than 400 games. Even with secondary talents your guns pack the same punch with deadly accuracy. Also people dislike the target acquisition module, i find it good on yamy. Free 20 percent torpedo spot and u see every [edited]ship on screen with yamys spoting range. With carriers in game u see often ships 30+km away. For me its much better to see every ship on screen 30+km away than looking for the minimap icons and guess what ship is it.
  11. I have Prinz Eugen and its quite strong. Super tanky , great torp angles for close range yolo. Hindenburg needs to be a monster with 12 guns and 8.8s reload. AP is super punchy with 5900dmg , has high velocity, low arc and super accurate. Use the expert loader to change ammo type fast. I run full AA build with prinz with 3 AA talents,max range modul and it shreds designated t10 planes with defensive fire like des moines. Easy premium credits. I use both rudder shift moduls, Also the one on t8 slot and not the concealment. Concealment is 12.3 Km (with talent) which is still fine with 17+Km firing range detection anyway. The upside is something over 5s rudder shift. The best way to avoid and tank those pesky BB salvos and cruiser AP-s. It has also a decent turning radius, hipper has even better than prinz. The ship control feels like new orleans or pepsicola and its actualy much more fun, u wont go back to concealment module after u used to it. Rudder shift is time to max rudder but u have also the rudder back to neutral which is in fact double time and u still turn till u reach neutral.
  12. Gabzool

    DM donskoi 180mm guns. t5 guns on t9 ship

    With the potato fire dmg i was meaning burning slow dmg not direct dmg. Des moines with rof or zao with brutal explosion dmg can jsut straight kill ships with the direct HE dmg and fires are just bonus, This ship just doesnt have the dmg on top of the fires burning.
  13. Gabzool

    DM donskoi 180mm guns. t5 guns on t9 ship

    Still 50k exp till moskva i dont play to much the ship . I can reach now 130-140k even more dmg and witherer and arsonist 18+ fires with bombarding BB-s and set them on fire. The thing is almost every time it doesnt make impact on the game. Burning 90-100k HP T10 BB-s for 50000 fire dmg looks like lot yet they just heal it up many times and can shoot freely on anyone with slow and light fire dmg. In potato teams u end up as a last ship standing and thats 90 percent of all games these days. Fire dmg is for potatoes these days against potatoes who cant buy premium 80s repair and premium heal. This ship is best hunting dd-s agresivly , even if u die with 30-40k dmg u end up better than in 100k+ dmg games and many times win the game.
  14. Gabzool

    DM donskoi 180mm guns. t5 guns on t9 ship

    Only 100k exp to moskva. All this bb kitting that people claim works only against potato BB-s, Anyone who can shoot will hit sooner or later u and the ship takes massive dmg and citadels from behind. In budyony, schors, chapayev that tactic worked fine the whole game. Not in this giant ship. At least not for long. From front the ship is actualy very tanky and much esyer to avoid incoming shells on move. The ship is actualy much stronger against destroyers than battleships. Khaba has no chance avoiding yours shells near 10km range. The best games i had in it was actualy chasing dd-s and cruisers , the BB pew pew is so booringand has the less inpact on the games outcome. The premium almost free 22k credit 80s consumable makes fire dmg so weak these days. The time u put 2 fires on a BB he already has the consumable up + imunity duration. 20k AP dmg is more these days than 50k repaired slow fire dmg. And 80 percent BB-s are german on top of that for potato HE dmg.
  15. Gabzool

    DM donskoi 180mm guns. t5 guns on t9 ship

    The ship is not bad but the guns are [edited]joke. U can write what u want.