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  1. Ast3lan

    Has WG gifted Reich's flags?

    If you don't care then don't post. Not caring about these people is what got them in places of power in both Governments and Organizations a bit around the world and especially in Europe. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away, same as denying the importance of symbols. Anyways i got my answer so thanks Pete.
  2. Ast3lan

    Has WG gifted Reich's flags?

    You fail to see what you conveniently do not want to but don't worry, many people suffer the same problem as you. Also, you do know that the Reichsbürger movement denies the current german government and uses this same flag and is considered an enemy of the German state don't you? Ah so its a matter of dubious choices and bad taste. Just another day at the WG office it seems.
  3. Just out of curiosity, has WG given away Flags with the colors of the Reich? The same that are displayed by wanabee nazis and reichsbürger everywhere they can? Here is the flag in question, https://imgur.com/cgxz39G
  4. Ast3lan

    CV: Spotting changes super test

    Well DDs dont evade Rockets like the ones we play now, BBs dont turn like we see ingame, spoting doesn't actually work like ingame...so how about you forget the RL for one instant and consider the options?
  5. Ast3lan

    CV: Spotting changes super test

    How about like in WoT? Radio Range, ships in radio range benefit from the ship spotting the enemy visually and relay the info only to the ships in range, the rest remains blind and we use the minimap to ping as usual. Same for planes, with weaker radio range, a DD for example would have to be doing his job and scouting ahead of the team to pick up the info from the planes.
  6. Ast3lan

    CV: Spotting changes super test

    Stop lying please, a fully specced AA Specced Jean Bart will shred planes to pieces before they can make the second attack run. AA is working well as tier VIII CVs do not attack tier VII and above without impunity. Now back on topic, If WG wants to remove Aircraft spotting , then at least make it so that DDs and CAs firing AA in smoke become visible since its a trait that people already use with DDs, disable AA, smoke, enable AA and just shoot planes while remaining invisible.
  7. Ast3lan

    My feelings about the game.

    So the Op doesn't like the game not because its boring but because of Carriers. How about you go play carriers then, really play them up to Tier VIII and tell me how much fun it is to try to use Attack craft on dds that just get spoted at 2Km range and you turn around trying to see where they might be because you either use your planes to help the team or help yourself. When you finally get the hang of attack craft then how about the dd doing a 180 turn or outrunning your planes. ( historical accuracy i swear boats sail faster than planes ) Oh not forgeting try going with the team and see how long you last after getting spotted, or managing your planes and seeing you have 0 dive bombers or 0 torpedo planes left, happy days. Your problem op , besides bias, is the fact that people are now playing ships like tanks, hidding behind islands, blobbing to keep safe and basicly afking. ( that is when the clans aren't abusing the MM with bots and divisions, this week was interesting in that aspect since i think that if WG where to take a closer look at how people managed to pull the rewards that they did..hmmmm.) (i play all classes, especially DDs so im not complaining just because of Bias) Then lets see all the excuses i saw here.. Minotaur can't wipe a whole squad of planes by itself.. *right*, again go play against ships 2 tiers over you and see what happens, hell even some ships of the same tier swat your planes out of the sky like flies. I cant dodge Torps in a BB. - because you are either going solo in a straight line or you are going solo in a straight line, this isn't target practice for your battleship, its a game where ships shoot at each others and torps will torp. Planes spot me the whole time - well maybe its you or its not just the planes but DDs, you know those pesky things you cant see but they see you? Planes are not omnipresent like some here would like to make believe. Planes hit DDs too hard. - well DDs hit hard too and while invisible most of the time so happy days ( and seriously WG, nerfing bomb drops? Any of your brilliant devs ever tried to spot and hit a Kamikaze playing tokyo drift in WoWs? I just came back from God knows how much time away from the game and my only complain is... the AA is really not something pretty. Some games its Okay-ish, others its like you hit wall after wall after wall of flak, its been a problem since ages and on top of that i've lost count at how many times i burn a guy only for his AA to be all at 100% while hes on the last quarter of his HP. Like i dont want God Mode CVs but a bit of consistency would be nice.
  8. How about giving CVs a bit of a buff again? The problem with your solution is that more DDs mean people will push even less. When you get more than 3 dds per side people already moan and refuse to move.. let alone giving them another buff.
  9. Ast3lan

    Is this MM normal?

    How to you check their WTR... XVM or do you go to all the trouble of checking your teammates Nicks just to search for someone to blame after a loss?
  10. Ast3lan

    How abou tIntroducing Submarines ?

    Why not? Why not put 1 Sub per game placed like ahead of the team? Torps are used only in torp depth where their sillouette is detectable and where they can be submersed a bit longer, if they go full depth they can only be submerged for 1 minute ( torp depth would be like 2 minutes ) and cooldow for replenishing the air reserves is 2.30 minutes. While submerged they have less speed are detected at closer range, lets say 4 to 6 Kms and fully submerged by DDs/CA-CL with Sonar. While up they get full speed, the ones with a gun can use it ( provided its a decent caliber ) but get full detection range and planes can bomb the hell out of them ( in fact anything ) . While in Torp depth bombers can kill them and DD with depth charges or Hedgehogs.. i mean its just 2 extra consumables... and the game engine model already allows some torps to go under some ships keel so again why not have a Sub tree for some nations ?
  11. Ast3lan

    Nerf Torpedos

    Theres arty there... its the CV / Torp crew combined ( for WoWs. )
  12. Ahaha... got owned when i charged your side of the map .. the rest of my team which i tought was supporting me were to slow to leave the islands and i got in a firefight with 3 ships at the same time.
  13. T'was a pleasure to smoke you up.. a shame that the Izumo got me with his secondaries tho... Btw saw Shaka yesterday on the opposing team , *howdy.
  14. Ast3lan

    Wonderful chat ban system, absolutely wonderful!

    quoted post removed You are acting like a kid throwing a tantrum because you think you are entitled to something just because you said so... If this is how you speak to people in game chat then you Ban is more than deserved.
  15. I dunno what is more sad in this thread... if the salty snowflakes or their alts used to bump the thread.