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  1. Ast3lan

    what playing the Yamato taught me about the high tier BB meta

    How about giving CVs a bit of a buff again? The problem with your solution is that more DDs mean people will push even less. When you get more than 3 dds per side people already moan and refuse to move.. let alone giving them another buff.
  2. Ast3lan

    Is this MM normal?

    How to you check their WTR... XVM or do you go to all the trouble of checking your teammates Nicks just to search for someone to blame after a loss?
  3. Ast3lan

    How abou tIntroducing Submarines ?

    Why not? Why not put 1 Sub per game placed like ahead of the team? Torps are used only in torp depth where their sillouette is detectable and where they can be submersed a bit longer, if they go full depth they can only be submerged for 1 minute ( torp depth would be like 2 minutes ) and cooldow for replenishing the air reserves is 2.30 minutes. While submerged they have less speed are detected at closer range, lets say 4 to 6 Kms and fully submerged by DDs/CA-CL with Sonar. While up they get full speed, the ones with a gun can use it ( provided its a decent caliber ) but get full detection range and planes can bomb the hell out of them ( in fact anything ) . While in Torp depth bombers can kill them and DD with depth charges or Hedgehogs.. i mean its just 2 extra consumables... and the game engine model already allows some torps to go under some ships keel so again why not have a Sub tree for some nations ?
  4. Ast3lan

    Nerf Torpedos

    Theres arty there... its the CV / Torp crew combined ( for WoWs. )
  5. Ahaha... got owned when i charged your side of the map .. the rest of my team which i tought was supporting me were to slow to leave the islands and i got in a firefight with 3 ships at the same time.
  6. T'was a pleasure to smoke you up.. a shame that the Izumo got me with his secondaries tho... Btw saw Shaka yesterday on the opposing team , *howdy.
  7. Ast3lan

    Wonderful chat ban system, absolutely wonderful!

    quoted post removed You are acting like a kid throwing a tantrum because you think you are entitled to something just because you said so... If this is how you speak to people in game chat then you Ban is more than deserved.
  8. I dunno what is more sad in this thread... if the salty snowflakes or their alts used to bump the thread.
  9. Dude you are so delusional.. and you really just select what you want to make it look like you were right.... Sad to see how far people fall just to make appearances. Here that was a couple of posts above. And for your record highness.. i dont play the game like you want or like, i play the game and fit my ships the way it suits me not as you wish or any other of your obsessed fanatics want. Btw, cry more, the RPF isn't near as OP as you claim it to be. ( which just shows how attached you people where to playing with invisible ships )
  10. Ah your stats and your so-called status that you think you seem to enjoy in this forum has really gone up to your head. Sad.. anyways enjoy making a fool out of yourself then, i shall not bother you in this endeavour. ( but i will bother you and other salty players that are now crying about 1 skill .. lol ). PS. Learn to read, or at least if you can read try to be more refined when you twist facts and try to manipulate discussions.
  11. Sometimes i find you funny.. first you selectively ignored the fact that i played the Fletcher and came up with.. "oh you played a BC and CV " and now you turn the discussion into something else completely... me thinks that image would be more appropriate ich it had been me posting that in reply to you...
  12. I dont use RDF in the flecther and frankly i dont need it nor do i see the need for it.
  13. Also played a DD, unless the Fletcher has been recently upgraded to Yamato proportions without me knowing it....
  14. Ast3lan

    Do you encounter more static gameplay?

    Voted no.. issue are players afraid to get their paint scratched.
  15. The following games where no problem either. It was fun to see Bismarcks sailing in straight lines and Hippers going all confident into caps only to find themselves sailing in the midst of a torp soup.. so much for RDF... Actually i have more problems with BBs showing their backsides to the enemy and cap points the whole time than with a skill that is circumstancial. I played the Scharnhorst yesterday, no issues other than being burned to death by a guy that was hugging an island ... after i looked at the replay i could understand why i let myself burn to death.. the BB giving me flank cover turned tail and ran and the 2 dds in the area overextended and ran into CAs with Radar and other DDs.. the rest of the team just turned tail and ran and eventually got picked appart one by one by a team that was island hugging. Played the Ranger, no one detected me and i usually follow the fleet at a distance that most people consider too insecure ( but i do like to have my planes refuelled and rearmed ASAP ) , again no issues with being detected ( and a RANGER has a signature the size of mount everest ) other than team members that rushed blindly into smokes or colided with each other because the flock went into pannic at the first signs of a gunfight. The problem is , and i say this after i dunno how many games, everyone likes to shoot but few actually have what it takes to be under fire and make your shots count, or use the peanut to come up with strategies to counter certain situations on the spot, the problem is no one likes to see their ship burn or get sunk but we all love to sink others and have big numbers in our stats. With that said i really think people are blowing this skill out of proportion, in Clan battles with right comms and tactics, yes i agree this could be/is a game breaker ( unless you counter it ) , in randoms and ranked ( lol ) no it is not, you still play the hide an seek game with DDs and you still ambush people with your DD just like pre-patch.