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  1. big_jim


    Correct me if I am wrong but don't over penetrations to the citadel areas do more damage? (yes I know DD's can't be citadelled) Being as you've damaged the engines this could be where the extra damage came from.
  2. big_jim

    MatchMaker 2.0

    As there are premium ships present, I'm guessing this is the live server not the PTS. MM updates are being tested on the 0.5.8 public test and aren't implemented on the live servers yet.
  3. big_jim

    General Feedback

    http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/public-test/public-test-058/ This what you're looking for?
  4. big_jim

    MatchMaker 2.0

    Yes we won, the Colorado rammed the Roon and the Yorck tried running even though we had 2 caps. I used my glorious Nippon HE to burn them down as the Yorck was angled well.
  5. big_jim

    MatchMaker 2.0

    Had this on day one. No more than 5 minutes for a que eh? I think this was due to low server pop at higher tiers.
  6. big_jim

    New Ribbons

    I think this could do with some tidying up. Edit: Other than the above, really liking the ribbon changes, especially seeing your shells did e.g the penetrations/blocked/overpen/ricochets.
  7. big_jim


    Somehow I managed to get the dreadnought achievement in the Furutaka in my very first battle, not sure if bug or intended but made me laugh. Edit: Not using the extra HP captain skill.
  8. big_jim

    [GNBDeleRT_] Week2: Best FanArt

    Firstly I'd like to say congratulations to the winners, some great entries. Glad you liked my entry that much DeleRT happy It brought you a good laugh.
  9. big_jim

    [GNBDeleRT_] Week2: Best FanArt

    I call it Dance of the torpedoes. Yes I know I'm terrible at paint. Entered for the out of the box category.
  10. big_jim

    Complete loss of control bug

    Happened to me too a few days ago camera got stuck when I locked a target with x, could still control the ship just the camera wouldn't follow. Edit: Had to completely exit game to fix this issue even messed up my camera in port.
  11. big_jim

    So this happened to me today....

    The ship visible in the picture was me in my destroyer, my camera got stuck just looking at that direction and my ship sailed off without my camera. Anyone else had this happen to them? Edit: This happened when I targeted a battleship.
  12. big_jim

    Option to skip missions?

    Think the mission means torpedo's that are launched from a ship so its impossible to do in a cv.
  13. big_jim

    Option to skip missions?

    what I was suggesting though was a way to change a single mission once per 24 hours, there is no obligation to do such but its there as an option.
  14. big_jim

    Option to skip missions?

    Would anyone else like the ability to change a mission they have? For example say you have a mission to get torpedo hits on ships that you don't want to do, would you like the option to change it to another mission at random and the ability to do this once per 24 hrs? Edit: Please leave thoughts on this if you picked the last option. Also first time doing a poll so if it doesn't work properly apologies.
  15. big_jim

    Lucky Asian Server..... they are teasing us!

    550m turning circle? that's better than most dd's.