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  1. CCXanthos

    Really? Is n't this even a little harsh?

    /me checks calendar, strange not 1st of April yet
  2. CCXanthos

    Really? Is n't this even a little harsh?

    I will quote you when people click on my ship in game. :P
  3. CCXanthos

    Really? Is n't this even a little harsh?

    Not bumping into friendlies means sitting in the back. Usually i'm behind the destroyers between the cruiser. Trying to play piniata and draw fire away from both of them. Noticed that it was pink for 2 battles, 1 more to go :( It feels so ... humiliating ... Update: I rarely do team damage, more than 10 battles ago a shell hit an ally for 1130HP for other i have to go back more than a year. It is always ramming damage but that is difficult to avoid in the heat of the fight. Besides it also counts as ramming when some one steers into me. The game does not differentiate between ships who actually does the ramming.
  4. Ok I ram a friendly cruiser the moment he is taking damage; the result? See the picture According to the site: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allied damage is tracked on: The amount of damage caused. The frequency of allied damage, over a number of battle I damaged or destroyed an ally by accident We strongly encourage all players to be aware of their surroundings. Although sporadic incidents may not incur with a penalty, pushing the boundaries will have consequences. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 65 damage on tier X seems to be over the limit? 2 times damage (a tier X battleship does not stop that quickly) is over the limit? Best thing of all: Customer Service will NOT assist with Penalty Appeals on Allied damage (TeamKill). How on earth could i avoid this? He turned 90 degrees bringing him in front of me trying to minimize damage. I don't blame him. But wargaming should really take their own rules into account before handing out penalties.
  5. CCXanthos

    Frequent game crashes in port

    Apparently the crash report did not make it in the previous post. Each crash has the same addresses in the bug report, only the utilization of the memory changes.
  6. CCXanthos

    Frequent game crashes in port

    While in port the game usually crashes. In most cases a crash report follows. In some cases i need to reboot the computer. Although this happened in past (but rarely) now it happens every few minutes if i wait in the port screen. Typical log: Computer info: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor Intel i7-4710 Memory: 16 GB Graphics card: Geforce GTX 870M Driver version: 382.05
  7. CCXanthos

    HE shell bug?

    In the first instance the sections could not be depleted as the destroyer had 100% health. In the second case the destroyer was around 25% health. And in the first case i saw the shells hitting the ship so splash incapacitation would mean the visuals do not match with what happens on the server. @ indicar: in all cases no HP damage.
  8. CCXanthos

    HE shell bug?

    Sailing a Colorado i landed 4 hits with HE on a destroyer I got 4 incapacitations (Steering, propulsion, AA and an other) however i didn't do any damage to the ship. (this was point blank, i could see the explosions on the ship) In an other game, again with the Colorado i first hit a cruiser with HE got and incapacitation and some damage. A minute after that i hit a destroyer with HE, got an incapacitation (flag bottom right) but no damage. Game ended about 10s after that. Looking at the stats after the battle it reported only 1 HE shell hit with damage, that was the one the cruiser apparently i never hit the destroyer but i did get an incapacitation? Is this a bug or are destroyers also vulnerable to hits nearby in the water? In which case the visuals don't match with what is actually happening.
  9. CCXanthos

    Ramming model issues

    For border surfing i agree, that is not a difficult one as it occurs a lot more. But if it is not mentioned it will not be tracked. Let the developers decide what is best. Could well be that it is easily fixed. Adding a new feature is definitely a lot more work.
  10. CCXanthos

    Ramming model issues

    Now that i'm reading up on it, it would be nice gimmick if older and thus lower tier ships had a slight damage dealing advantage at ramming. I don't think it would upset the game balance.
  11. CCXanthos

    Battleship gameplay

    Actually I did some calculations and compared the dps of the cruiser to the battleship: St. Louis vs South Carolina AP: 154% HE: 212% Cleveland vs New Mexico AP: 105% HE: 140% I took those on purpose since they don't have torpedoes. And I don't want to compare torpedoes with shells, 2 totally different things with different tactics. So in all cases the dps of the cruiser is higher to significant higher than that of a BS. This is balanced by the BS for having a better survive-ability (armor and hitpoints) and the occasional citadel hit. I think that most cruiser can't penetrate the armor of equal tier battleships using AP. For citadel hits there are a lot of factors coming into play, randomization is an important one of them. This effect can be made a bit smaller by shooting in salvos. Also some ships are more vulnerable than others. I found that the Kuma is a very willing recipient for citadel hits.
  12. CCXanthos

    Ramming model issues

    The ramming model really needs to be updated. At the moment it seems that if you touch an enemy ship it is automatically considers ramming at the speed you are traveling. I would suggest a model that takes the angle of approach into account as well as the relative speed. For example full damage at a 90 degree, dropping off a bit to 45 and after that dropping quickly to zero or some minimum damage. The reason i am saying this is the following. With a New Mexico I was in combat with a Fuso. We were a bit close and i thought the Fuso would be able to ram me so I changed course parallel to him. This maneuver ended with his bow a few meters next to my stern on the left side. I decided to make a right turn, this pushed my stern into his bow and i touched him very gently. The result was devastating. His ship was destroyed the moment i touched it (he had 40% health) I was around 15% (had 60% health). This really looked stupid as if a battleship is a balloon and i just touched it with a nail. No need to say that my opponent was less amused judging by the map chat something i can understand in this case. I did get an award out of this for sinking an enemy by ramming, and i flooded him.
  13. CCXanthos

    Suggestion for dealing with players abusing borders.

    I agree with the topic starter. The main problem is not where they are but how fast they are. I have seen a destroyer changing its speed very rapidly using the border to avoid incoming shells. It is the combination of steering and changing speed setting that does this. In my opinion the border is technical limitation and should not be part of game tactics. The game has already made enough sacrifices to reality in favour of playability. Seeing people use this is actually a pain to my eyes, even without missing.
  14. CCXanthos

    Torpedos too op

    Ask yourself the question do you have more chance of winning a game with a few battleships on your side? Or if they are replaced with cruisers that have torpedoes? If the the answer is the latter one then there is an issue. But if people argue that battleships need to be escorted as they are to vulnerable on their own then to me that is an indication. Personally i don't really know, i follow a few simple guide lines and that seems to work fairly well: Don't turn to close around islands if you don't know what is behind them. Don't sail in front of the fleet, every one sees you but you can't see them. Change course every now and then Battleships are artillery and currently (i have up to tier V) 10 to 14km is nice distance for attacking targets. Destroyers, with 20knts I can't outrun them. By attacking them and steering into them or away it will be much harder for them to hit with torpedoes and most do not anticipate that I actually steer into them but I try to keep them at more than 5 km. And keep manuvering! Know how your ship steers. The stern can swayed to the side. If it hits land it will stop you inmediately can be usefull on occasions. Using this on a few occasions I managed to drive away destroyers from carriers using a battleship by very agresivly attacking and persuing them. The first hit with a shell is for most of them a que to run away. Until so far i do not find torpedoes very overpowerd in their initial hit. They have quite some traveling time and usually i get hit when i'm not paying attention (feel safe without being safe that is), or made a mistake in evading (steering myself at a 90 degree angle with the torpedoes). With regards to torpedo defences and history, initially this got better to the point that people thought torpedoes would become ineffictive. This was solved by having torpedoes detonate under the ship and bypassing all torpedo defences. So if you want an accurate represenatation then there should be a significant effect of the tier of torpedoes. Higher tier torpedoes sinking ships with two to three hits (batlleships, carriers) as the torpedo defences are useless. And of course causing massive damage and flooding. (a single hit could actually break the keel of a ship and damage it beyond repair). And then there are the accoustic homing torpedoes later during WWII. But this is a game and balance and playability are the main thing, every type of ship should be a joy to play. And until so far i really enjoy playing with battleships.
  15. CCXanthos


    I have a ping of around 100-110ms but i do get some lag warnings.