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  1. Application sent
  2. Hi all, I am part of a clan and we have own TeamSpeak server, im not looking for people to join the clan but offering a place for players to come and use the TS server and platoon with like minded players. So if you are member of a small group of players or a solo player looking for some platoon friends come and have a look at us. We already have a few players of various skill level but we personally dont care about stats but rather enjoying the game. Requirements: No in game requirements at all, unicums or noobs ( all welcome) Be polite to other users, no exceptions AT ALL. We arent restricted to WoT, we also offer rooms for WoWP, WoWs and War Thunder. Server admins wont be on till tonight at 6pm. I will post the address later, just wanting to know if there are any interest in this. TeamSpeak Server Address : Password: platoon
  3. _Typhon__

    HMS Hood Teaser

    Well as a stiif up lipped Brit I wouldnt buy the ship in its current configuration so hope that the ship is adjusted to make it worth the 'real' money folks will have to part with shoudl they feel the need to sail her! For me i'll stick to all the other premiums that I have like the German BB's and Belfast until it changes Sorry WG no coins from me
  4. _Typhon__

    [UKE] United Kingdom Elite

    Hi, Would I be ok to join? Cheers Hector of Troy
  5. Looking for a mature set of people to play divisions and missions Online 3 to 5 times a week Thx Hector_of_Troy
  6. _Typhon__

    Public Test Patch 11/06

    Test server down...Boo!!
  7. _Typhon__

    Troll platoons needs to stop!

    A problem with matchmaking? really!!
  8. Epic just epic! Game has more bugs in it than a tramps vest bet you can still buy gold and bundles though!!
  9. _Typhon__

    The Germans ...........

    Yep agree with the above comments on the German crusiers Module damage always knocked out very quickly and easy to hit targets but damaging........difficult at best! Glass cannons at best Come on WOW please sort these Germans out and give us something reasonable to play with
  10. After coming from WOT and playing 10k games I find WOW a refreshing chance of pace, I have to say that after playing random battles and the same silly +2 tier making as found on WOT the CO OP battles is nice to play as you are facing a mirror match and also the bots seem to be half intelligent and don't get aim bots Disappointed to see the that 2 of the largest and most iconic fleets have not been touched yet (Royal Navy + German battleships)
  11. Hi, Could I ask if anyone knows when the Tirpitz will be available again in the EU?? many thanks