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  1. Been away for a week , played today but no coupons for me :-( was gonna buy vanguard but now I feel sore about paying more than everyone else who got coupons...………..
  2. Bigeddie

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Well i like it, but just can't follow how the fighter tactics / use works, so i guess i need more practice
  3. Bigeddie

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    same log in problem here, from what I can see it (game centre) thinks I am trying to update the client as bigeddie not as the tester account and it has been setup not to allow that. However the game centre option to add an account does not have a TST option, and my tester account details are not valid for the live server. WG I think you have been a bit too clever with the test accounts and game centre this time. remove the block let anyone download, just require the account and password to launch.....
  4. Take a look at this extract from a genuine game, really I was surprised when Fujin was hidden from the opposite side whilst converted to a sub. Bet I can't get this to repeat!
  5. Bigeddie

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Well overall this have to agree, i got to essex in the existing system, and the new one takes some hetting used to but has real potential. I think some hogh quality tutorials, videos etc could make cv very much more popular. Indeed with the advent of submarines perhaps we will see both ISE ( BB CV hybrid) and HMS M class submarine / CV hybrids in WoWs) especially as unlike many ships in game, these are both real vessels that operated, albeit not in combat.
  6. Actually although its name belies the truth (the very slow) "lightning" is a great T8 DD, if daring is as good, bring it on
  7. "You will be able to access this forum section with a direct link from each portal article." No link in kitty puurfurst 2
  8. hey wg I thought this was to be linked from the website now you censored comments section? there is no link is that deliberate or a purrrfectly expected c*ck up?
  9. mm wg need to think how to avoid the acusation almost every respondent makes, after all wg are saying feedback is best on the forum.... as I write I think only one person said anything in support......
  10. Bigeddie


    Hi I see the mobile game introduces the hybrid cv ISE tomorrow, will she come to the pc version?
  11. Bigeddie

    Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    Hey didn't get the Roma, but thanx for type 6's
  12. Bigeddie

    Insignia & Emblems

  13. Bigeddie

    Known Issues

    only mildly amusing I know but as of 5 mins ago there was a bug on the bug page (an entymologists dream perhaps)
  14. Bigeddie

    Insignia & Emblems

    Hey Mr C , I like the new feature, nice one, apols if I have mis read the guidance but I think that some of the distinctive emblems are for 15+ as top 3 in a particular countries lvl 8 or above ships. is this top 3 in / each of the last 15 battles, or/ since the start of the emblems update or / ever in a vessel of that nation? and is there somewhere I can track my progress? as that would make it more fun thanks
  15. Bigeddie

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    me too , just got in, is forum slow as well?