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  1. Bigeddie

    Summer Sale: New Offers Every Day!

    Surely if he hops over to country where its legal, logs in, buys and takes delivery ( logs into game) , then goes home that would both work and be legal, since the transaction did not take place
  2. Well i think 1:35 is very generous, perhaps we should nly have expected 1:26? Or perhaps WG is too genrerous with its normal 1:25 , if they made it 1:15 then the "offers" could be twice as good at 1:30? On a serious note I seem to recall in the early days the bonus "offers" were 1:50 which seemed somewhat more reasonable, I'd love to see the wg stats on their long term benefits of the "offers" system. I would have expected players to be more enticed by a "double" value bonus, and that might encourage more spending. With WG's skill and vast experience at extracting cash from players I must be wrong and just not understand what makes most people part with cash?
  3. Well glad to see it looks like At least the NTC direct performance buffs aren't coming, yet. Still a bit concerned that whoever in WG is pushing the idea hasn't quite given up. I have many but not all t10's, I love playing my t5 dds and if wg dropped some of the tier limits excluding 3/4 from missions i'd play those. Some of my favourite t10's had truly horrible mid tier ships i hated playing, so regrinding will not be happening. If WG ever introduce something that means i am significantly disadvantaged in ranked or clan wars because of that, i'll play this as little as i now play warplanes..... and i really hope wg dont try to send wows down that route!
  4. Hey MrC please take a look at my question in the aircraft carrier thread. basically I have Essex buy Midway now or after the update? I suspect I'm not the only one who'd like to know. thx