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  1. MrPiggi

    [ALL] ModStation

    I'm getting a chat error and a carrier UI error. My chat is just full of [object Object] and my carrier UI does not show me how many planes are loading up etc. And if I press ALT it doesn't change the screen at all to any other info - it just stays as is. I have tried reinstalling mods, I have tried reinstalling ModStation and nothing has fixed it. If I run the game in Safe Mode (with no mods) everything works completely fine. Any ideas? Or has this happened before?
  2. MrPiggi

    Do we keep Early Access XP?

    Well, there is. Words can suggest many things with and without explicitly outlining the required words, that is what language is about. But you can keep being an entitled invalid all you want. Now piss off you old cow and do something productive.
  3. MrPiggi

    Do we keep Early Access XP?

    Hence why I said semi-suggests. Because its the only sentence talking about XP.
  4. MrPiggi

    Do we keep Early Access XP?

    Thank you for answering! The reason I ask is because of the wording for this: The last bullet point semi-suggests to me that the XP gained is useful *only* for converting into free XP, as there's no mention of keeping the XP outright. But if previous times we kept them, then everything suggests we will keep them again - thanks for the reassurance :D
  5. As title asks, do we keep the early access XP we attain on the Hermes/Furious/Inplacable? Or do we lose it once early access is over/the ship tree gets fully released and we start with 0
  6. MrPiggi

    British CV's in 8.0?

    Alright, thanks for the info guys. I am not really a fan of these missions/events to unlock ships but oh well - at least now I know!
  7. MrPiggi

    British CV's in 8.0?

    I was under the impression that the reworked carrier gameplay would be accompanied by the release of the RN CV tree...but I can't seem to find any more info about it. I am almost certain part of this impression was formed from one of the streams or videos where they mentioned it but maybe I just created an announcement in my head by reading comments around the internet. But has this been scrapped? Or was it never the case? I was quite excited to try the new line hand in hand with the rework (it made sense to release the two together?) but I'm crying inside at the realisation that I may have made it all up in my head...
  8. I used to play WoWS quite a bit, took a long break, recently came back and it has a tonne of features that never existed back in my days (all these new clan features, ranked, clan wars etc) so I'm looking to get a bit more in-depth this time round. That said, I need a clan that won't hate me if I don't come on teamspeak for a week or I can only really play clan wars on the weekends etc as I am a competitive player for another game (cs) which means I usually only have time to unwind on WoWS in the late evenings/early afternoons (if im home) - or weekends. Essentially I want a fairly active, relaxed clan that does dabble in clan wars and plays together etc but won't be authoritarian about the amount of time I spend/don't spend on the game/in ts.
  9. MrPiggi

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Ok, this helps loads. I have tried to focus on DD's before because I had a feeling this was the case, but I really sucked at killing them so I kind of just gave up trying. I guess I need to work hard to figure it out ^^
  10. MrPiggi

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Alright. The help has genuinely been invaluable (you've shifted me from USN to IJN CV fan), and I thank you for all of it :D - one last request. Could you summarise USN and IJN general strategies. I think I understand the best route to take as USN due to limited squad numbers, but as IJN - what is my aim from the offset and how should I use my squads? Reactionary; sit back and wait for enemy CV to make the first move, or take the initiative due to my numbers and immediately go on the offensive? All in all, for the first time in a while I'm excited to jump back on the CV grind as I was disappointed when I first started it (and it even pushed me back to NavyField to itch that CV scratch) but with all these rumours of a CV rework, I want to grind up the CV tiers to make sure I'm ready for it ^^
  11. MrPiggi

    The CV Captains Cabin

    First of all - highly appreciate the responses :D Second of all, your explanation that the planes are (basically) as sturdy as eachother on both sides, but IJN "feels" less so because of the smaller squads, REALLY has given me a confidence boost in playing IJN more. I have AS on my USN commander but not on my IJN so that might also contribute to my discontent to playing with them at the minute. I am not the best at Alt striking (especially at slightly longer distances) but I am getting better very fast. One difference that was not around when I first started CV's on WoWS was the AP bombers for USN. This was another reason why I was leaning towards going down the USN lines since I read around here that they can do significant damage to cruisers. Even on the indi, I feel like I do decent damage with my DBs but on IJN my DBs feel kinda useless - is this reflected on the higher tiers? Or am I just sucking at picking the right targets at the moment (something I'm getting better at with experience but still lacking atm since there are like double the ships there were when I last played properly lol)
  12. MrPiggi

    The CV Captains Cabin

    Ok so I haven't been able to read through all 59 pages, but was wondering for some help/advice. I am an avid CV fan (used to whore NavyField back in the (distant) days), but I've always struggled a little (a lot) in WoWS. I recently thought I'd try my hand at it again, and I have a Ryujo and a Indi. I am in no means a great player, and I am learning a lot about the "meta" and today's useful strategies etc so whilst I am not the most confident CV player right now, eventually I'll get there (I hope). My question(s) revolves mainly around the tier 8-10 mark, since that is what I see as the "endgame" with the most content/fun. Right now, I feel more comfortable in the Indi - mainly because my planes do not feel they are made from paper. I feel a lot more successful with the indi but when I look at my numbers, I seem to be a lot more successful/damaging when I'm in my Ryujo - I'm guessing this is because of the 4 strike squads. But that said, when I am in the Ryujo, I hate that my planes die >very< quickly to AA (or at least, it feels like that) and fighters (although this i understand and is avoidable). I wanted to gauge peoples opinions on what are tier 8+ issues for IJN/USN CVs. From what I've gathered so far, IJN have paper planes you can spam much faster and for longer. They will die quickly, but you will get more chances at strikes. USN seem to be a much more calculated nation. You cannot rotate your squads as fast, so every strike matters and you have to wait for an opening/opportunity rather than charge in with your horde and release your munitions. But your planes seem to just feel higher quality and they survive for longer. Is this reflected in tier 8-10? Or am I totally off the ball here. I'm also interested in what people would consider comes out on top in a skill vs skill battle. If two greatly skilled opponents face eachother in an IJN vs USN CV battle (t8+) - is there one that will naturally have an advantage simply due to the nation they are using? The general gist I'm getting from reading this thread, is that tier 8 and 9 belongs to IJN (when it comes to skilled players), and tier 10 belongs heavily to the Midway. All in all, I want to "focus" on one CV line until I reach tier 10 - I need some guidance on which one to choose (as a first line). Obviously I'm not expecting you guys to >know< what is best for me, but hopefully just providing some intel and info based on your experiences will help give me a better idea on where I'll find the most success/enjoyment. Thanks in advance xo Piggi
  13. MrPiggi

    Tell your stats

    http://worldofwarships.eu/cbt/accounts/501592502-/ I seem to not get many wins as BB Didn't realise it was that bad.
  14. MrPiggi

    Rewards for providing air cover

    Incorrect. Point and clicking with torp bombers on anything gives your target ample ability to dodge all if not most of your torps. The skill in torp bombing is learning to manual aim and predicting movements/dodges. So it's not as easy as point and click with the fighters. Having said that, I do think there should be more reward for air kills. Whilst you're not helping in the same way as you would if you were torp bombing the enemy, you are helping by preventing your own team from being torp bombed. I don't think the rewards should be anywhere near the same level as torp bombing, but it should have some reward/meaning to it since it might encourage CVs to defend their allies rather than just their own squadrons.
  15. MrPiggi

    Dive Bombers and Torp Bombers

    Well, I'm nowhere near good enough to reliably hit DD's so I'll take your word for it! I do find hitting CA's fairly easy, but most times I can't land more than 1, 2 or 3 if I'm lucky unless they are tunnel visioning or I have multiple bombers in the air. The AA is crazy though. When I first got the Saipan, until I upgraded my TBs they were getting absolutely shredded by Fuso AA and the CA's AA. After upgrade its much better, but I still lose a few of them here and there. Which is good, I think. But pre-upgrade it was absolutely insane, was losing half a squadron on their way in (in some cases).