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  1. I hate it! Not only as a Destroyer player, but also as a Battleship player, you always know where the closest one is and thats just boring and way to easy.
  2. Dountoun


    1. Description After switching to a different sound output in the Creative Sound Blaster Z-series Control Panel with the game on, the sounds disappears in game, that is not the problem, but when i want to close the game, it just won't do that, the only way to close the game is to log out or reboot the computer. (you can also do it with stopping the process in task manager) 2. Reproduction steps Switch sound output to a different device in Creative Sound Blaster Z-series Control Panel with the game started. Close the game the normal way. 3. Result The game won't shut down, it just gets stuck 4. Expected result Be able to shut down the game when the sound output has been changed to a different device.
  3. Dountoun

    Lonely player searching for a clan

    This lonely player has found a clan. Thanks for the responses
  4. Greetings captains o7 As the title says, i'm a lonely player searching for a clan. I'm not searching for a clan that is purely focusing on stats, that's not why I play games. I play games for fun, so, i'm searching for a clan that doesn't only play like their lives are at stake, but also for fun. I like playing together in division but also doing teambattles with a team that knows what is does So please let me know if you think I will fit in your clan Mass clans are a no go.
  5. Dountoun

    Something is still missing

    I know that, but they still didn't implement it. And the game has been out of Beta for more then a year now and still nothing, kinda lame for a game that has a focus on teamplay don't you think Maybe update 6.0 will bring it
  6. Dountoun

    Something is still missing

    Hello Captains o7 First of all, I would like to say that I love this game and love playing it. But, i'm missing something that is in World of Tanks. Something that's called Clans in WoT. I know there is this game mode called Teambattles, but it does not have the same team feeling like clans in WoT has. I do hope WG will implement a system like that in WoWS soon. I like playing with teammates and making new friends trough that. Sooo, who's with me Have a nice day
  7. Dountoun

    Server off line ?

    I just logged in again, happy shooting people
  8. Dountoun

    what's hapening?

    Well, thats clear then. Now its time to wait before their servers have reloaded their guns
  9. Dountoun


    Do you people even know what Bot means?
  10. Dountoun


    Wow XD I think IrishBanshee doesn't get enough attention XD If you think you can do it better, then prove it ;) Don't start a topic like this for this reason, its not fair for anyone, especially not Jingles. I don't say he's a good captain, but so what? You don't just play games for winning, how can winning be good if you don't have any fun in it? Just play as good as you can and want and try to learn from mistakes (also works in real life) and most importantly, have fun