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  1. djpaco

    rear turrets

    thats good to know!! ;)
  2. djpaco

    how loang will this closed beta last

    lets hope it will be go to open betta soon ;) does anyone know if we will ceep the ships? or we will have to start over again?
  3. djpaco

    The problem with this game is...

    in close combat yes!
  4. djpaco

    The problem with this game is...

    u forgot the enemy factor!! if he is still its logic to hit him with any speed if he isnt! its harder!! dont forget u hit a moving target! close is peace of cake to hit him but from 10km is far u got speed he is got speed! and the time till the shell go there!! ;) the biggest thing is that when u turn to see infront for anything! the turres return on the starting point and its hard to aim again! if the turret is slow.. maybe a button for lock turret it will be great
  5. djpaco

    The problem with this game is...

    accually it does!! if u going with half speed u have more accuracy and aiming speed! if u are going full after some seconts u will have to turn the ship so u can have a shot on the enemy! on the battle ships! the key is to be as far as it can! more chance of servival! coz they got too much reload time and slow turrets!