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  1. SyntheticMan

    Suggestions thread

    The AA reinforcement selection... You need to reach for one button to then find where your mouse pointer appears, then see which direction your ship is facing, then click the port or starboard side. That is SO ANNOYING! If this system is here to stay you HAVE TO make HOTKEYS for the port and starboard clicks. PLEASE! Two keys, one for port and one for starboard. There is absolutely NO NEED to bring up that enormous AA sector blob, messing with the mouse pointer and the direction of your ship, when it all just needs one keypress. PLEASE!
  2. SyntheticMan

    Halloween bug?

    OK sorry, I spend more time in the game than on the forum and I didn't bother searching for it. Kill me.
  3. SyntheticMan

    Halloween bug?

    There lived a certain man in Russia long ago. He was big and strong. In his eyes a flaming glow. I know Halloween is approaching, but...
  4. SyntheticMan


    oops double post
  5. SyntheticMan


    I've collected pretty much consistently all 3 daily containers the last few months. Occasionally I didn't play for a day or I only collected 1 or 2 SCs, but those are rare exceptions. Since patch 0.6.1 (February 9th) when they added the upgrades to the supercontainers I've gotten I think 1 or 2 Free XP containers (which is nice, as I'm saving for Missouri) and probably over 10 "Upgrades"... I started video capturing the opening of Supercontainers. Since May 31st I've gotten 8 of them and all have been "upgrades"... I reached Rank 3 in Ranked Battles season 6 so I got a few of them from there as well. Currently in my inventory I have: 1x Surveillance Radar Modification 1 (I think actually bought this as reward during the Fire vs Water event, since I failed to get enough for the Kamikaze) 2x Damage Control Party Modification 1 (1 from Ranked) 2x Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 (1 from Ranked) 3x Smoke Generator Modification 1 (1 from Ranked) 4x Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 (1 from Ranked) 6x Defensive AA Modification 1 (1 from Ranked) Mounted on ships: 2x Engine Boost Modification 1 (1 from Ranked) So that totals 20. I don't remember if I've gotten any more of them from weekly missions or other events, but at least 7 of them were from ranked/rewards. That means I've gotten around 13 of them from supercontainers. Maybe minus 1 or 2 if I got some from other missions or events (don't remember), but definitely more than 8 since I have video of those 8 and I know for sure I got some of them before I started capturing opening of SCs... The Engine Boost is actually a decent option, and I'm sure a couple others may be useful for certain builds, but the amount popping up in the supercontainers is just ridiculous. Sure, they sell for 625k, but I could also play a couple of matches in my Atago or Kutuzov if I needed 625k credits. Supercontainers are rare so they shouldn't give you what you can gather from a couple of matches (if "but you can always sell them" is the rationale for keeping them in the SCs). It's not the "special occasion" it shold be. And yes, "freebies" are nice, but when the freebies get worse it's natural to complain. I'm sure even the "freebies are nice, don't complain"-people would complain if the supercontainer gave you 1 credit, even though it's still a freebie.
  6. This is not a whine post. I'm just curious as I didn't expect this to happen. (Target player name blurred). Granted, I was playing Izumo, but I didn't expect to pen a Yamato and citadel it from the front like this. First image you see my salvo about to hit. There are 3 shells in particular. Two of them near the center of the aim (just above and below the center point). They fall just short of the bow and will miss. The 3rd shell is visible near the outer circle at about 1 o'clock. Now look at the second image as the salvo hits. Actually, only one shell hits. As it hits, I believe it strikes the deck, pens the 57mm deck armor, continues to the citadel deck armor which is 200mm and pens that as well, causing a citadel hit. That seems the most likely. Is this normal or did I find a "magical range" as I guess AP shells also lose a lot of penetration with distance but you need plunging fire. I mean is there a "sweet spot" range you need to be at to be able to pull this off?
  7. SyntheticMan

    Suggestions thread

    Might be depending on playstyle etc, but please remove the largely useless new "upgraded" modules from supercontainers. I think I've gotten around 4 supercontainers since these modules were added to the supercontainer drops, and three of them have contained one of these new modules. They're not bad per se, but they do require you to sacrifice a slot where you might have another module that you actually find more useful. Or as in my case, I never really use spotter planes, just fighters, so when I get an upgraded spotter plane module in a supercontainer, it's the WORST thing I could ever get, even for a regular container. I'm not going to use it. A single type 5 camo is more valuable to me. Seriously. So while we can debate whether the upgraded modules are crap overall or not, at least don't put them in low chance "lottery win" containers because it feels like the the opposite of winning.
  8. SyntheticMan

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionMissing torpedo warning 2. Reproduction stepsTorpedo bombers attacked me from astern. All got shot down, but apparently they managed to drop 1 torp before getting eliminated. A few seconds later I was hit by a torpedo and I had no idea what hit me as I didn't hear any warning. 3. ResultNot given a chance to avoid being hit by a single torpedo since there was no warning. 4. Expected resultAny nearby torpedo should set off the audible warning. 5. Technical details First game I played after update. Didn't try to reproduce. Went back and checked captured video and noticed the torpedo warning disappears before the torpedoes actually impact in a previous torpedo attack. Note the total lack of torpedo warnings in the screenshots. There were no audio warnings as well at this point. (In second picture a single torpedo is visible just above smoke stack)
  9. SyntheticMan

    Update 0.6.2 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionCan't see complete name of players when they have clan tags. 2. Reproduction stepsPlay a game with players using clan tags. 3. ResultAfter game, it's impossible to find out what their complete nicknames were because they're just cut off with "... " and there's TONs of empty space in the sides around the score board, but still the names HAS to be truncated. Useless. 4. Expected resultShould be able to see the names of the players in the team player lists. 5. Technical detailsN/A
  10. SyntheticMan

    Bots/idlers in Ranked should be banned until the season is over

    It's ok. I love when I should be expected to tolerate to have my gaming time ruined because someone has a bad connection. If you can't play reliably, don't play. A single idling offense might not be bannable. It's the idiots that keep doing it that need to go. There's a difference. If your connection is so bad that you consistently get 0 points in ranked, then you really shouldn't be in ranked, even if you're not doing it on purpose. You can't play and you ruin it for others. Once or twice, yeah sure, can happen to anybody. I didn't say my suggestion is exactly the rule that should be used. Trying to give the idea the rules for ranked should be MUCH stricter than regular random potato battles.
  11. SyntheticMan

    Bots/idlers in Ranked should be banned until the season is over

    If they have 0 points, the game engine has already decided they're idlers/bots, so that doesn't really give any room for troll reports. Like I said, combine the automatic 0 points system with reports and you know you have a bot/idler that has no right to play ranked. ...unless you've figured out a way to kill the enemies and get 0 points. Then your comment would be valid ;)
  12. SyntheticMan

    Bots/idlers in Ranked should be banned until the season is over

    Uh, get 0 points for idling in a ranked battle, get flagged as bot, prevent said players from selecting ranked battles. Piece of cake for any amateur programmer Edit: Or 0 points and 1-2 reports or whatever.
  13. Several times I lose battles and ranks because I have total potatos try to idle their way through the game. Please PLEASE lock them out of the ranked battles. I get it. You can't ban people from game for the occasional idling offense, because it's "ok" for whatever reason. But there is NO fun at all to have idlers/bots in ranked. They have no business there. Freeloaders. It's just sooooo ******* frustrating when you try hard and you realize it's already 6 vs 7. No fun at all. Bad bad bad bad. PLEASE!
  14. Necro, yeah. OMG 3 months, RIGOR MORTIS HLEP! Anything wrong with bringing up a 3 months "old" thread with an issue that remains? Or you prefer one thread per person that finds something annoying? Allow me to clarify. I'm not using automatic resupply. When and if I choose to buy the premium consumable manually, I want the currency to default to what I used last time. It doesn't. It's always doubloons, at least in my game.
  15. SyntheticMan

    Suggestions thread

    Remember choice of currency (i.e. silver vs doubloons) used when buying premium consumables so they don't revert back to doubloons every time. Please. I've got automatic resupply enabled, and I've disabled "use in game credits to purchase" thing. Each time I want to manually buy a premium consumable, it tries to trick me into using doubloons. This is extremely annoying.