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  1. D_Inbound

    [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    I put manual exceptions in the script I use to generate the ships file that my program uses. Which is okay for now, but I do want to change it eventually just to make my life a little easier ;)
  2. D_Inbound

    [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Heyo, sorry for the later reply and thanks for reporting this issue. Short answer: For now its intentional. And maybe I will add an extra category like "ARP" that has all special ships. However this will take some time to figure out. Long(er) answer: Due to the way the Wargaming API works I cannot automatically differentiate between these "special" ships and "silver" ships. I use a program to create the ship list so I will have to figure out a way to automatically determine which ship is special or not. I personally thought that these ships would be listed as "premium" but appearantly they do not. EDIT: The problem has been fixed (as of 2018/09/25) and i have created an exception for: Missouri, Flint, Black, Stalingrad and Kronshtadt!
  3. D_Inbound

    [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Thanks for mentioning the problem. It was a EULA which needed to be accepted on my end, and I didnt account for it to happen. Everything should be in working order again.
  4. D_Inbound

    [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Unfortunately, WG's API only tells ships that were researched. I narrowed it down even more by filtering ships that have 0 battles. But that is all i can do. I will however be looking at making it more usefull (saving preferences etc).
  5. D_Inbound

    [TOOL] Randomized Ship Selector

    Ill try to do that once I figure out how to use the API. Edit: v2.x uses WG api to prefilter on a player's ship.
  6. Have you ever had no idea what ship to play? Do you want to depend on RNG before the match even starts? Did you want to pick a random ship by closing your eyes and clicking somewhere in the port but then you select something you dont want to play? Do you want an easy tool to select a random ship for you? Look no further! Randomized Ship Selector lets you customize the list from which you want to pick ships and randomly selects one! How to open/install: No installation required! Download the latest version here: Randomized Ship Selector Latest Unpack it (unzip) and run the executable file (.exe). Take note that there is a seperate folder in the zip file. That folder needs to accompany the executable at all times otherwise the application will not work! What are the icons that you use? The ship contour icons I use here are provided (with approval) by Panzerschiffer from his mod: Historical Ensigns Contour Icons . How does it work I hear you asking: I made a app which lets RNG decide what ship YOU need to play next. Basic Interface: On the right, fill in the screenname (accountname) of your account & server you play on, this box can be left empty to randomize through all playable ships. When you click on "search player" the program will prefilter the list of ships to all the ships that you have at least 1 battle in. Results of the "Search Player" query below: Use the checkboxes on the left to further customize your random experience (as shown below)! Have Fun! Advanced tech: I added an option to update data used by the application without having to redownload an entire executable. The changelog will therefore only be updated on new app updates and not data updates. You can look for updates manually by selecting the option "check for updates" in the menu bar in the left top corner. The application will verify local files and check for updates automatically on startup. Notice about account data usage & privacy: This application extracts information from the official Wargaming API. Any information disclosed by the API can be used by me (and anyone else). If you do not want people to access your stats, make your account private! But if your account is private, my application will not be able to extract data and some functionality will be lost. The application will notify you with a WARNING when your account is private. You can still use the app without the prefilter (just like in v1.0). But D_Inbound, it is an executable? How do I know if i can trust it or not? Like all other things off the internet, you dont. But if you download this mod off the official World of Warships forums or Github, you can be 99% sure that nobody but me has uploaded it and that it is legit software! If you dont trust me you can check the contents of the application for yourself on Github. Changelog v2.4.1.0 - Supports WoWs 0.7.7.x - Added the Pan American nation to the application. This changes some internal data so a full update is required. v2.4.0.0 - Supports WoWs 0.7.5.x - Added more filter options and created a update service that provides updates so you dont have to redownload an executable with every update :D v2.3 - Supports WoWs 0.7.2 - Updated French Tier 10 image & added T-61 v2.2 - Supports WoWs 0.7.2 - Added filter for ARP ships & added check for private status of account. v2.1 - Supports WoWs 0.7.1 - Fixed premium status of multiple ships. v2.0 - Updated for WoWs 0.7.1 - Added player account support. v1.0 - Released for WoWs 0.7.0 - Initial release.
  7. Hello, i am D_Inbound (ign is the same) I am looking for a clan which i can use as a platform for divving up with people. I have been a solo player for 3 years now but the grind through tier 8-9 has become kinda boring. I hope to be able to have fun with some new friends. My stats (dont look at recent wtr please i had a bad week T-T) I prefer to have Discord as a primary platform of communication. Greetings, D_Inbound EDIT: I no longer need recruiting!
  8. D_Inbound

    Bug Reports

    I left a battle early and in the port screen i was unable to scroll through the ship list (default list) by dragging the ships from left to right, it just moves the camera for me. Also was unable to see the tooltips when hovering over an item (ship upgrades, modifications, consumables, commander etc) the tooltip does become visible when i click on the item. Seems like the mouse input is directly transfered into the camera instead of first checking if the mouse is hovering over something. Edit: problem fixes itself when i reboot but returns after every early left match.