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  1. DanottiTR

    0.7.8 Balance changes: Black Swan. Dear WG, please no.

    Gave the game a break like 4 months then come back and good to see the community is as is as I left :D T1 QQ roflmao :D
  2. DanottiTR

    Even the Community Contributors know you're *edit, WG.

    Completely true and only for one reason ..no compettion for WG in ships . Was playing tanks and not anymore for more then 2 yeras why I play warthunder ... tried to play warplanes and immeadetly jumped to warthundr also for planes ... No proper ship games yet so still here from time to time till my nerves breakdown and I give a break ... Waiting for warthunder to make proper ship game :D or any other company ... couse this game is getting seriously not fun anymore ...
  3. DanottiTR

    Asashio - Just want to address the elephant in the room.

    Well there are T10 panasians trying to torp other DDs ... so ...
  4. DanottiTR

    Report is not working

    ı am not shaming anyone and yes all the match lenght he did spam the F buttons ..what do you mean he didnt say anything ??? and he didnt even contributed to the team but went to up border. So ı am the bad guy here reporting this .... well...
  5. DanottiTR

    Report is not working

    This is the second time I see this guy in this week and he is still doing the same sitting at back and spamming F buttons ruining your game WG . Even with people are reporting this guy it is cyrstal clear that your system is not working ... Can you pls kindly do something about this . *edited*
  6. DanottiTR

    Call that FAIR Match making?

    Well ,first of all I am not flaming I am just pointing a fact. Game has some mechanics and difficulties when played at certain types and certain tiers. And there is a huge section of our community that are not accepting these mechanics or gameplay or whatever you call it . Unfair MM in that picture !!!! NO sir there is a challange there and an unfavaroble MM there for one side yet all is not lost before you play it or at least try to .... Yet calling Shima dies to a yugumo every time is MM issue ?? well sir this game is full of people complaining about diffrent things (I exclude CV play complaints ) without trying to understand game mechanics or trying to fin out counter play the difficulties they see. No instead I see T10 panasian DDs tyring to torp other DDs ,I see BBs camping at 24km and complaining no one is capping ,I see radar ships staying far far far away from any cap to be useful with thier radar ,I see DDs torping from second line ..so do not bring another fruitless topic .Try to learn ... try diffrent classes .Instead of getting frustrated with your shima you can try other DDs ..easy is nt it instead of ranting here .... Or try to use a radar ship and see how hard thier life is when not supoorted trying to radar enemy DDs . The MM picture you show us there tells nothing .... just the frustration of yours couse you cant cope with game elements and reality .... Tyr and learn ,,practice makes things better and if not happy with a ship change it ..this is a game ..you should have some fun not frustration . If not happy want to change something then do not just complain offer some sense making ideas just dont cry me a river ...
  7. DanottiTR

    The Reason why people dont play CV

    That is why You play low tier CVs for fun and do not touch anything higher then T6 unless you enjoy getting frustrated :D
  8. DanottiTR

    Call that FAIR Match making?

    Good example of the current situtaion of the game seriously couse of the player pool . seriously A T10 complaining about MM ... But it is a lot easier to complain at the forum then to learn how to deal with those ships and radar ...As I said current player pool is kinda like this and no MM how marvelous it is can fix this ... ...
  9. DanottiTR

    Yamato worst tier 10 B.B.

    Do not have an opinion without having any knowledge.
  10. DanottiTR

    Feedback FOR WG about quality of gameplay...

    This is a complicated game in some expects with a lot of diffrent type of ships and branches and with some game mechanics unlike world of tanks which makes the game having a huge level or skill or whatever you call gap between people understands these and people do not understand these and some people do not give a F..k about these.THis huge gap makes people toxic against each other . My humble opinion is there is not much can be done in the current state of the game .As game is free it is open to everyone and anyone with a wallet or kind parents can buy any ship with or without knowing what they are doing ending finding themselves most of the time they can not play the very same ship that they saw makes wonders in a CC video which ends in frustration for the person who spend a lot of money on that ship. You can not stop this .This will happen so the %10-15 of the community will continue to play punishing these people and playing thier own game having fun while the majority getting frustrated and getting toxic which is mostly becouse of their refusal to learn the game from their mistakes. Any player above 5000 matches knows and can write examples of unbeliavable things happening in the lenght of the great wall of china here. So I play the game trying to have fun and leaving when it is getting toxicated especially at weekends spending no money at all .... As WG will not change their business model which is highly efficent in their profit wise is killing the FUN in the game in long term as did happened in world of tanks . Edit : the MM as +-2 is not also helping the current state of the game ,may be making it +-1 can make people care more about the game and make them to have fun (couse most of the time I see people writing horrble things or giving up tu play the match couse they are in a T7 in T9 game or T8 in a T10 game which makes the rest of the team getting frustrated or loosing focus while trying to write each other some nice things in chat. I personally find it chalanging but I never saw anyone writing that it is good to have challange but always negative things are happening as I meantioned .So just a penny for your toughts.
  11. DanottiTR

    New american CV...another indecent gift for Premium CV

    Saipan is another leauge but yet 10 of 9 saipan players are not experienced . I liked the current ranger . Now I am not captive to 2 bombers only but can give a punch with torps also :D Not a super experienced CV player I am but after playing like 4-5 matches today ,even at T9 MM I was able to give damage and kill planes and have fun .I feel my ranger like more useful now :D With proper captain and modules and strafe knowledge you can still do good . Also hoping there will be a change in Japanes CVs in a same way . Well a hiryu with 3 fighters lacks damage alot btw .
  12. DanottiTR

    Nerf Royal Navy High Explosive

    Do not have any ideas before you have any knowledge ...
  13. DanottiTR

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    oh so who plays conqueror are bad players who has no understanding of fun ?? well it is fun and I do quite enjoy it as you can see whom I burn runs to the forum :D
  14. DanottiTR

    Captains with Skills

    First of all you will have no idea where to put your all skill as you are not experienced with the type of the ship.But of course you can copy paste from you tubers but then one may ask how you do not have time to play and earn your skills but you can watch you tubers for copy purposes.Better use your limited time to sharpen your skills in the game :D Terribad idea my friend.
  15. Yeah OMNI players have a tendency to make players like you look good m8 :D