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  1. DanottiTR

    Report system needs rework

    @MrConway thank you for calling your paying customers post SILLY while tons of crap going on in this forums .That is the right way to manage the community and loose a paying customer.
  2. DanottiTR

    Report system needs rework

    I do disabled my Chat box with the help of a mod and still I get chat banned and the reason is I do play CV and constantly get reported after each game as I can see at the notification tab . So according to these people you messed up with your CV rework and we are getting punished for reason . Seriously .... WG your report system is not working as intended . I normally do not care if chat banned or not as I do bloody NOT USE the chat box in game BUT I do use clan chat and when chat banned you cnat use it either and that is not fair . Well I can use clan chat and from the look of it it is fixed couse last week it didnt (as I am constantly chat banned) At least that is good for the important part of the issue . That needs a fix ASAP .
  3. DanottiTR

    Just fyi: Do not use CV if u care about karma

    it is not about CV ,it is about hurting them couse of their stupidity .Do it in a DD or CA or BB or CV does not matter ... The more you hurt them the faster you loose karma ... BTW who bloody really cares about karma anyways ...
  4. DanottiTR

    Don't post an announcement if it is not true wargames!

    I am afraid if you did post anything about the CV rework ? You know I am not sure if you read or even if you read not sure if you understand ?
  5. DanottiTR

    CV nerfing went too far !

    well if it is a T10 (you are ) in a T8 mostly match yes it can happen vice versa will never happen ....
  6. DanottiTR

    CV nerfing went too far !

    For HAKA it was OP and what they did is just to nerfed it to ground and upped AA till they figure out how they will balance it .So now only CV players complain ,before all other 3 types were complaining.That is the hotfix WG came up with. Couse of HAKA all CV rework balance (if you can say there is any ) shifted to all other 3 types.Before the 8.1 patch the AA was working poperly already now in case of a T6 CV enters a T8 match ot T8 one enters a T10 match well planes just melt even if you belly dance in between puff puffs or not so any uptiered MM is unbalanced damage wise but still can perma spot anything and team can win the game if CV player is good. I do not mention T4 CV game couse it is for people 55 years old and up I assume you can launch the planes and go pee and come back and drop a single torp which does funny dmg then go back and put some tea and come back and repeat the painful process again and again and again ... Till you are killed by the DD you saw coming for you and your team does nothing about it and yet you can not even defend yourself .well on the brightside this kinda ends your pain ... So I do not believe the answer to this problem can be found easy and fast so WG will decide to keep it this way as CVs are the scapegoat of the game .Nerf them most ppl wont play them and only dedicated CV players will try to ,if they are balanced then all other 3 types will just flood the forums ...
  7. DanottiTR

    Tiny Tim vs HVAR

    you can snipe hard with tiny tim but situational ,you can completely miss in the heat of fire ,with HVAR you will do some damage anyways .I think overall DPS is more with HVAR .
  8. DanottiTR

    Fix Atlanta AA please

  9. DanottiTR

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    which part of my full post is making things up ? play the CVs and you will see what errors DDs are making ... or play the cruiser you will see too ,anyways ı will not piss race with you here .I wrote my point like it or not ...what is yours? have any apart from picking up words from peoples posts by tweezers? EDIT : indeed why I am spending my time trying to tell something to people at forums seriously ... I liked the patch and trying to adept ,I advice you the same .
  10. DanottiTR

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Firstly '',I said I may have '' secondly I didnt said I found it by playing the DDs and thirdly you observe it better playing the CV ... so why dont you put something positive on the table instead of pulling ppl's leg with not understanding what you are reading at all ? contribute m8 ..not only create malarkey....
  11. DanottiTR

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    with OLD CV play as majority of CV players were patatos DDs were not effected that much.Most of the time majority of CV players do not even bothered spotting DDs with fighters ,I do not even mention that they do not even tried to attack a DD as it is hard to hit anything.So DD players enjoyed those happy times. They did cursed their luck if they meet a good hakaryu or a midway which cross torp them to that which was soooooo rare.Now with rockets they do get harrased and perma spotted and instead of trying to adept the new changes or trying new things they still do their old habits rushing to cap geting spotted and being harrased and then running to forums . The game has changed and old tactics also have to change ..simple as it is ... so DDs are not unplayable now ,you just couldnt figured out how to make best of them in this new situation ...you will in time ... (I may have on the other hand :D )
  12. DanottiTR

    Thank you for your Hard work wg!!

    I liked the new CV play ,.ıt forces people to try new things in game and that is named as evolvement . yes there are problems now as we get used to do the same thing over and over and over again but now have to adept and try new strategies like not rushing to a cap as a DD .I think this may force people to play as a team more . We will see . I do respect WG effort trying to evolve the game . Tough some fine tuning is needed and will be done after enough data is gathered I strongly believe .
  13. DanottiTR

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    well you get used to play without CVs alot .Now there are CVs around so have to get or adapt or invent a diffrent way to use the DDs in the upcoming days instead of yelling and whinnig in the forums at day 2 . DDs and cruisers have to paly together now that I can see easily . No more jumping your Khaba at lighting speed and pew pew people which %87 even unable to shoot you back ,tose days are over . Look from the bright side tough your torps are no more spotted by air ... be constructive instead of saying this is broke ....
  14. DanottiTR

    Yubari, the plane swatter is nerfed again?

    use the ''O'' button properly and you will see how you shred their planes ...yubari is weak ok but atlanta ,kutuzov AA specced deadly .That game may be lucky tough but it is easy to kill 20 anyways ... I was quoting the other guy just rumoring upon others peoples experiences ...
  15. DanottiTR

    Yubari, the plane swatter is nerfed again?

    seriously just killed 52 planes in my Atlanta ... just share the experience you have not what you have heard from the rumors .... https://replayswows.com/replay/41145#stats