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    Why are battleships so [edited] useless?

    Yeah, why I blame me when I get torp'd not the ship. Though I'm not a HE spammer or AP spammer, I do swap ammo accourdingly, like I will always use HE on DD's and I'll do afew volleys of HE on a carrier so his deck is nice and burny then comes the AP volleys :3, I try but like WoT I'm a pretty appaling player who gets some luck xD
  2. PanzyBattalion

    Why are battleships so [edited] useless?

    Eh, don't blame the class blame the player. I suck so hard at this game, I'm terrible but I still try, so when I get torp'd that's my lack of skill not a problem with BB's.
  3. PanzyBattalion

    Japanese VO anytime soon?

    I just want my Kongou to annouce "Burning........Love!" when it attacks, that is all I want :3
  4. PanzyBattalion

    Tirpitz = lote of noobs have a big battelship and they have torps.. OMG

    So the Tirpitz is the Slowe of WoWS? A decent ship in the German line ruined by monkies?
  5. PanzyBattalion

    Kawachi, why is it so hard and can I skip it?

    Though never played in CBT but in the current version, I prefer the SC over the Kawachi, while the Kawachi has some good points, the South Carolina is a much better intro to how BB's play.
  6. PanzyBattalion


    Shame only BB avaliable is that awful looking T4 Jap BB that really should be their T3 BB instead of the Kawachi. I really wanted a Warspite, mostly out of sheer minded Patriotic duty but also because it looks a good ship, she has good stats and by King George is she a beaut. I'm here in my Kongo looking so jealously at you Warspite owners, you're lucky, lucky devils
  7. PanzyBattalion

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    **Cough**WarBlunder**Cough** Honestly, BB's are ok, they have issues but really they're ok, just awkward to play. They do need a short range disperstion buff OR WG need to do the smarter option and simply make secondaries engage at like 4-5km, sure they'd still be inaccurate but it would be better than them popping into like sub 4km like now. No point in buffing mobility, they're meant to be big and hulking, no point in buffing rof, they need the slow reload, no point in buffing accuracy, would make them op. Torp counters again, just let BB's have alil more time like an extra half km on Torp detection range so they have that extra few seconds to manuver, bad BB caps would still be hit but it would help those less bad.
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  9. PanzyBattalion


    The Kawachi is odd, she has short range and is slow BUT has VERY high concealment for a BB, you can actually sneak up on things, get within 4-5k then unload a full broadside in their face (as long as the map as sufficient cover) that said, yes it is the worst of the early BB's, the South Carolina is purely a better ship. Also, the Myogi is awesome when upgraded, you launch that scout plane, spot a slow moving South Carolina at 19-20 km line up and hit him with all shots for 9k HE dmg, set him on fire and incapacitate him.....it feels good.....real good....RNGsus smiles on you in her sometimes.
  10. PanzyBattalion

    useless Kawachi

    I'm REALLY loving this ship! I'm mean sure it's guns have less range than some T2's and all other T3's, sure it's guns spread more than a Bankok lady boy, sure it's so slow it makes the TOG-II* look like a Pz 1c, Ok so it's spotted easily due to it's immense sive, it burns like a German transmission, has woeful AP damage and turns so slowly torpedo's feel like guided missles but guys, 2 turrets ready aimed! You just can't buy that kind of OP advantage! All you need for a good BB is 2 sub IS 122mm range guns that have a limited arc so you have them ready! Kawachi is as OP as the St. Louis. I am not being sarcastic.