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  1. The question is: will this 19P captain be avaiable after event ??
  2. Can we use 19P captain from T5DDs Cyclone and Andony or will they lost after Dynamo ???
  3. Really ??!!? One salvo as soon you pop radar and one after 12 sec
  4. If it's reload in 12s you have time for 2 salvos m8.... Russians T6-7-8 are great ships. I'm into T8 now and have no interest in T9-10. Does'nt look soo strong to me. T9 has nothing specian and some weak points. Tryed every T10 cruiser in PT and my last favorite was mowska
  5. Agreed, only one Cyclone is better way to Win, positioning, aim, AA builds and no potatoes mine field lover. I was lucky. 4 stars on 1st go with me and 2 other strong players.
  6. IMO limiting BB to 4 per team would be a great step in right direction
  7. RPF don't broke the game but it made the game straight worst IMO and took away some flavour also Since arrival of RPF gameplay wise there where not so deep changes, at the moment I have no fun at all playng WoWs but I think is more due to playerbase and "ImAllwaysWithBraindeadTeamVSProOne" factor that i'm totally into.
  8. Agreed, no way 203s can pompete with 155s
  9. Guys can I remember you that Mogami with 203 MM has better artillery value than 155s.... SO strange nobody likes 203s ???!!! I was thinking one day WG will get rid of this "casual" ratings but it's still the same since 2 years....
  10. Never sold a TX but I was many times close to sell a Premium cause I really dislike her, she is my most expensive one also: the Atago. I know you all think is a great ship but IMO she is not and/or I don't like her. I play allmost every DD and CA line so I do have only 3 TX in port. I'm holding on Gearing cause Fletcher seems straight better, I will do the same with Yogumo, very strong DD IMO, may better than Shima. It's long time since I have no issues with in game currency so selling a TX ship would be not so intelligent....
  11. Your post are all the same, useless.
  12. Capping win games and should be awared of more XP. DM may did 100k to mostrly DDs you may did 250K to mostly BBs. Both nice game but if it is so IMO DM deserve more XP. Capping is dangerous 4 every class. Or you never see 2-3 DDs die in 1st 3 min ?? Capping is allmost allways risky, risky stuff deserve lot of XP, we allready have many DDs (often IJN ones) that play to farm damage and ignore caps. If we want them to play the role we have to give them reward. I won a game once in a Fletcher. since my only goal in every game is win, I did'nt open fire a single time. Capping was enough. I did 4 solo caps 0 DMG. From My point of view I did much more for my team as if I get one cap and then farm damage. But I was on a really low XP income at the end so no! Capping deserve more XP not less.
  13. I opened this topic to hear points of view but also as a alarm, WG made lot of changes since open beta, yes we adapt as some say, yes it does'nt broke the game but some of theese changes were just straight BAD IMO and made the game worst. Missouri made game worst. If there is any way to let them think about twice instead of nerfing later about this gamechanging mechanic I would be happy. Since now the balance feature for many DDs and all RN CA was smoke. Take smoke away from theme and one will be comlpletly useless and the other will have see effectiness reduced a lot. I say take away cause smoke will be so unrelayable many will not even use it anymore. But some other rely on island cover to farm damage, they will also struggle. I mean you have to use so many tactics and hoping 4 the best when not in a BB why should be good taking away this. This are also not allways so easy tactics, NOOB and experienced player play completly different, it's a skill based think and it's good. Skill based game sounds good. Randomness and casual gameplay is allready enough in this game IMO And you allready took away from cruisers concealment (some BBs have better concealmet as many CAs), You took away AA focused ship (Minotaur, DM, Hindenburg are not only cruisers in the game). Manouvrability are often on par with CAs, Hydro on German BBs was really not necessary, PLS leave radar to CAs only. If you think BBs need a help buff them but PLS don't bring more randomness and chaos in the game.
  14. To be honest with you T10 is not the best place to be a BB IMO right now. But this is for sure more true for a torpedo boat....
  15. Agreed