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  1. Being a T8 Cruiser is allready a bad spot to be, maybe second only to T5 cruisers. Atago is also IMO one of the worst T8 cruisers now, only Hipper is worst 4 sure. With flags and DE I barely can get fires (may RNGesus hates me, dunno). Turrets placement is bad, reload is slow, range is a joke, AA is imbaracing AP does not penetrate. Ok concealment is great, torps are great and and HE alpha is not bat but having the rate of fire of a damaged BB is IMO a shame.
  2. My 2 cents are that once WoWs once was just fun, then fun and frustrating, then fun frustrating and unfair, now it's in the worst scenario of them all: Boring For sure this is just my point of view, including the fact I played a lot this game, I do also have no solution and cannot point my finger on some problems and say: "this is why WOWs is overall worst than 2 years ago" but honestly the "battle non battle" one sided games over and over again are probably a main issue .
  3. 4 This in an 2 years play vote. I had a lot of fun and I really put some passion in it. Now after 5k games i lost a lot of interest, dunno if it just normal getting bored or the changes WG made, let's say probably both. Game becoming more "casual" every patch is probably main reason i'm loosing interest. Vote in current state of the game is more a 3 for sure even considering nice add and improvements. Balance, fair and rough competition and fun will allways be more important than graphics to me.
  4. I don't play CVs so it's a mistery to me if interface for them is better or worst. As "FPS" and not "RTS" gamer the interface to me is so much better now and graphic adds are great. About mods I would say they have to be integrated as more as possible. Once Smoke Circle was an huge help for people with this mod. Now I would say tools that show opponents angle on display or on minimap and mod that show status of consumables of opponents are helful. Sure an experienced player receives only a small help from that but leveling tools 4 every one sounds good to me.... Again WG nice job on graphic. When the patch will be live I will come back playing for a while. Then when Hype will be gone I will again see all huge problems this game has and play just few game once in a while like I do now.
  5. Lets give some suggestion to the guys that are doing a great job and let's hope they listen to users, at least them..... BALANCING DEPARTMENT : BBs are a problem, too powerfull, lets buff them so they will play aggressive.
  6. So I logged into PTS after watching Flamu's and Notser's Vid about new graphic upgrade and oh dear is it cool !!!! Huge splash of shells into water, Huge fire blow out of main and secondaries cannons HUGE explosion on last kill or death. Nice audio add as well. I mean for once WG I have to give you credits: this is an amazing job, TY. Since open Beta this game get lot better with UI, interface, graphics and on screen utilities. I think the department that take care of this stuff is doing an outstanding work. This post comes as compliment but also as suggestion for future changes, mainly to discourage use of MODS that often stinks of "close to cheating" and you meay have to limit some of those IMO. I would suggest Bow/heading lines of focused ship on minimap, a more precise Pen OverPen Bounce and Broke shell mechanic.
  7. Fixing MM (T5-8 especially) could be so easy but WG likes TROLLOLLOLLOOL people I guess...
  8. Guys PLS stop it. If WG team doesn't see this 4 long time may they will forget upcoming development schedule and stop ruining the game.... Oh dear !!! Every time I see that I remember first time I saw that, so many incredible things really happened since that day and, what worries me the most, the other are 4 real scheduled to get changed.
  9. Murmansk is a really funny ship but can not (trust me, really cannot) do anything in T7 MM. And when fun becomes frustration it's no more so much fun... Scharnhorst is in the middle between a cruiser and a BB. Has more cruiser-ish guns than Gneisenau. I would consider her pretty funny ship Indy looks really not so competitive Belfast and sharnhorst are on paper most competitive choices but fun depends on what you like to do in game. To me Leningrad is the funniest ship in game now.
  10. Actually fires never been so weak like in current state of the game.....
  11. I think WG will no more do a T7 Ranked. T7 was a disaster with smoke+radar Belfast and with allmost all suitable ships Premiums I would be happy with T5 but Kamikaze (that I have) would be may to powerfull. Or T8 but T8 is a really bad spot for cruisers IMO
  12. rank 10 was my goal (not enough good reward after and to much pain IMO) and I reach it pretty easy with main Shinonome, to my playstyle she was the perfect ship. I enjoyed T6 Ranked, I saw CA worst play of my live but i had fun (ranked standard)
  13. I'm one of thoose who thinks 3, max 4 BB per side would bring to a better, more interesting and more balanced game so introducing a new BB line when there is allready a BB overpopulation makes ma nipple tingle. So the few games where there was only 4 per side instead of 5 (like every fuc*** game) will be gone. Better whould be make all BB lines little less powerfull. BBs have best stats (from many points of view) with IMO ez worst playerbase. This should be how WG gets rid of "the plague" but is more probable they gonna give RN BBs tools to s*it on every non BB class and being blind to every non BB player suffering.