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  1. Krikkio82

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    Ask WG to fix this M8, when it's time to help CVs they magically ear again
  2. Krikkio82

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    So why is WoWs not fun anymore, EZ answer: 90% cause of this s*it !!!
  3. Krikkio82

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    I'm in the same spot you are, I play since OPEN BETA, after CV rework I try to adapt but the game never was the same to me, not be cause RTS was better, just be cause now it's plenty of CVs. Overall I still think CVs are main problem, nickname FUNPOLICE is pretty perfect IMO. I'm the kind of guy that gets angry after a loosing streak even when matches are....."OK I guess", and the biggest problem to me is that I still get angry by loosing but I don't have any satisfaction by winning, the game is just boring to me now, I come back once in a wile mostly be cause I love ships and in the hope something is changed, but the amount of good games are still way to rare to come back hoping to have at least the same fun as frustration. I still hope WG will make major changes but honestly: I have almost no faith, there is no salt in this words, I came many times here salty but now I just don't care anymore and WoWs is slowly transfering in a place of my mind where stuff are branded "I used to enjoy that, who knows why...".
  4. I see dark times incoming to DDs players, CV count is maybe little less this days (finally) but new panEU ships are great DDs hunters and RU Radar light 1.000m/s cruisers are coming....FeelsRoughMan !!
  5. Krikkio82

    Holy s*** the Shchors is (a bit too) good!

    I played Shchors when T7 was blessed tier, so many times I was top tier. I think I got 1/4 if my confederate award in less than a week with Shchors. I often think to buy her again but now T7 is so often in T9 games...Still in love with her, a lot !!
  6. Fireproof is also "easy" to obtain in a BB close to impossible in other class. May cause I'm a DD main but I agree DDs need some love, specially in a CV game.
  7. So you want DDs to be usefull spotters but giving them XP 4 something that is no damage is bhoooohhuuu !!!! U know that if I send torps and then smoke up it's better to me but it's worst to the team so what ??? WTF should I do ? do damage and be useless and be top of the score or should I do real DD role and be usefull and, if lucky (no CV, Domination mode, not too many radars) try to spot before I die and take nothing to be usefull... I mean man.... WTF do you want from DDs players ??
  8. Yes but I LOST money, LOST PR, lost faith in the game..... by playing a very good DD game
  9. I mean I was on winning team OC, I did not die(amazing this days) I did my job, I was spotted twice and I ended with almost 2M received damage, lot of spotting damage. I did no damage at all but I played great DD game.... Last in team by far So what ???
  10. Damage, that what u did, I guess. but this is no DD role
  11. I did my job defending, spotting, I did my best even receiving 2 compliments but 'Im useless in WG's opinion: Last on team close to last in enemy (loosing) team. So WG WTF should I do as a dd ???
  12. Krikkio82

    2019, maybe the worst WoWS year ever?

    Easily worst year of WoWs, this are my feelings about BS introduced this year, just a normal WoWs player: CV REWORK, after rework there are plenty (cause you know OP). Having more than 1 per team is complete BS (entire community knows and shouting but WG was/is considering even 3 per side). Low tiers (actually where new players drops) are full of, let's call them "dedicated and passionate", CV players that sh*t on ships with no AA. Let's ad infinite planes, fast, tanky and well concealed ships that never catch fire and we have the amazing game breaking WG's wonder. There is also no safe tier where you will not find them, so no safe zone. RU BATTLESHIPS, I don't play these much anymore but in my experience you can seriously damage them with torps or HI calibre AP shells. Cruisers and DDs HE do minor damage and rare (I feel like this) fires. Play against RU BBs when in other BBs line can be tough, but in some cruisers or DD you close to just a prey. There is a OP RU BB in almost in every Tier so no safe zone. SMOLENSK, Strong ship, maybe OP but IMO the worst thing about smolensk is not how OP it is but how frustrating it could be play against them, this infinite stream of fast shells that deal good damage, set fires.....I mean this be so bad. At least you will find smolensk only playing T8/9/10... PR, Puerto Rico grind is so much ridiculous I don't even begin to explain why this was bad. I was so exited before 8.11 and then so sad the day it arrived. That construction yard is amazing.....WHY WG WHY ????!!!
  13. Hi, I gave up 3 months ago cause of CVs BS. Now I feel like it's time to come back but I need help. I'm looking to have fun with good and kind people without forgetting that Win is the goal. I'm a 59% WR solo player so I'm looking for a 55+ WR Clan if possible. Not so much into "competitive" and atm no Mic but all can change if we going to be good team mates. Just write me here or in private for any question. THX GL & HF
  14. This is only last 20 games but it's the same since 100 120 games. DDs are useless. Flanking is useless. WG seems to hate me also. No fun allowed also! My 59% almost 60% is casual lonely play! WTF is happened ??? Now i'm a 39%?????????? U serious ?? This is too much, this is not getgut this is BS!