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  1. Premium shells in WOWS

    What about Fu*k no...
  2. A Proposed Change to Radar

    Radar will be a huge problem in the months after USN light cruisers release. After it will become not huge but IMO still a big problem. Too many ships have it. It last way too much time. Sad thing is that radar (and CVs) punish brave captain that try to win games also when surrounded by potatoes and most of the times DDs receive most damage from BB's AP not from brave cruiser that have to risk while pushing into DD with radar on. Dunno how but radar needs a change. Never more a BB or DD radar pls WG to begin with.
  3. Soldoni

    I hope to find you as an adversary even if you are in a Missouri and my team has a Izumo... having premiums helps with money but you have to improve your gameplay not blame WG's balance. If you want to farm money find a T4-5-6 you like and play many games with this ship. Usually it's easy do money on this tiers.
  4. Błyskawica Needs Some Love?

    Torps speed could have a little love but nothing else IMO. In change of doblons I would sell my Blyska immediately after SF removal but WG gave us not this possibility.
  5. Where are all the cruisers at?

    Since WG turned BBs in better CAs people willing to play weak version is lacking.
  6. No fun, no money

    Why are you even posting this? Your stats say you were also quite lucky with teams: 47.1% WR with your PR....
  7. Play-to-Win miracle on the PTS

    M8....m8.... It's just YOLO, no teamplay! I kind of like it sometimes but it's full retard gameplay. It's completly another game without economy or stats. 4 once you can just have fun.
  8. Can you not make it: "choose 3 you like the most"
  9. Bug Reports

    Just stuk in loading screen every time I try to play Random battle. 4-5 ships every game don't load in. May ships with space camo suffers the most of this
  10. Space Battles

    I did'nt give up and gave another try. The artwork is great and I get the abit to understand where waterline and islands are. Play as a DD VS only radar cruisers and hydro BBs is awfull, don't know why u made this choice. Des Moines is easy pick here IMO. Sounds and music are still little over the top to me, and course and speed is also still difficult to understand. AA seems broken sometimes (full AA build in DM-Galaxy, AA protection on and planes CTRL+LMB selected and AA was not shooting at planes at 4 KM away.....). Overall it starts to be an easy, not too much competitive-perfection-seaching experience.
  11. Space Battles

    Sounds are great but way to much noise. Music is bad 1st 10 minutes, then ears start to bleed. Course and speed of target is really difficult to figure out, at least to me. Islands are difficult to see and in general too much chaos. Maybe some slow play ships could help.... Overall, I'm sad to say, not an enjoyable experience, maybe young players will enjoy this MDMA/LSD-TechnoProgressive gameplay, I'm too old for this.
  12. Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    My internet provider let me down for too many days and I lost the Aigle train....
  13. WG gone crazy

    I hope they are doing something special this year. 2 years ago bathtub was great, last year no 1st of april special made me really sad...
  14. Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    CRUISERS !!! I think Cruisers suffers the most in T8 MM. Not only Cruisers are probably worst class when bottom tier but also suffers from a worst T8 MM probably due to the lack of T8 Cruiser players willing to be: "just meat" 4 Montanas. During my experience: when I am in BB at T8 the MM is fair, with DDs I would say not so bad, but when in cruiser oh boy is it rough! TX over and over and over again if you ask me I would say 75% of matches are TX So to me T8 MM is unfair/unbalaced only 4 Cruisers.
  15. Cheats!!!

    After 6k battles only once I was really suspicious about a player, but he could just be a really lucky guy.... The problem are "light" cheats, there are difficult to see, in WoWs could be visible enemy team on map or screen, aim assist, knowlenge of enemy loading time and shell type etc. "Bright" ones like invisible ships or magic torpedo, fast travel would be not the problem. Easy to see easy to ban. OC I never saw one of those but in a multiplayer competitive game I would wonder to know there are no "light" cheaters....