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  1. Krikkio82

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    Who is able from T8 to reach T9 in 8 games ? And from 6 to 10 in 56 ???? If you able to do that you deserve a TX !! IMO Low tiers are maybe too easy and fast but T8 T9 is no joke at all.
  2. Krikkio82


    This is not planned, this is just....I don't know I have no words anymore....This is an healty game whit a lot of players and a lot of money going around and this russians guys....just giving a crap about EU as always !!
  3. Krikkio82


    I M B A R A C I N G !!!!
  4. Krikkio82


    aaand again 4th time !!!! WG! what u give in excange to this shame ?? *edit*
  5. Krikkio82


    I crashed once before big issue and was losing in my team and find a "LOST" when reconnected. I was half HP in a BB but found lost and killed and same DMG as I was kicked! Then I was in a sure win in my T9 BB lot of DMG 2 Kill and found a.............DRAWN whit no data...... !!!!!! IMBARACING !!!
  6. Krikkio82


    Is it something we have to get habit to??? cause it happens often WG....
  7. Krikkio82


    this is BS WG !!!
  8. Krikkio82

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

  9. Krikkio82

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    I'll consider only Premium I bough,. not the one I won (Varyag - Campbeltown - Shinonome - Texas - Graf spee) I bought : - Atago - Kamikaze R - Leningrad - Blizkavyska - Scharnhorst - Belfast - Murmansk - Harekaze I consider frustrating none of this ships but one of those is worst than frustrating, I consider (like every other T5 cruisers) the Murmansk USELESS. In a T5 only scenario (recent ranked) cruisers are already in a bad spot, add MM that do not favor T5 and you have your NONO Premium ship. Honestly I would be happy to receive an offer from WG to sell Blyska in change of Doublons since I bought her in SF Era and I was in love with this dual purpouse ship. Now I would never buy Blyska. SO I would consider Blyska my "frustrating" ship, not cause of bad but be cause WG never gave this option to Blyska owners after this change. I'm really unlucky with Atago, that is also little frustrating but I do not feel at all she deserve the "frustrating ship" badge.
  10. Krikkio82

    CV Player - How to get on to test server ?

    Same here. I downloaded new full game (cause of game center) + full PTS game center and not working. Some points in the WG's "How to" are not so clear IMO
  11. I did a lot of Co-op thinking: "lets do it easy way and btw learn how to RN DD" I was wrong. Co-op is: bots charging without any logic. DDs smoke as soon they get spotted but they continue full speed into you. Cruisers usually follow a path even if it means showing broadside to only enemy willing to shoot them, never use consumables and are in a strange way magnetically attracted by torps. It all finish in you and your team doing same thing Bot team is doing: running into enemy like mad mans hoping to do more damage as possible. At the end you don't learn how to play.... ...but u get missions done so...
  12. Krikkio82

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    T5 Cruisers are IMO really weak, we won't see many. Kami and Giulio will be best pick easy. IMO Kongo is also pretty good ship. Kami is not sold anymore but they sold so many of those, it will be plenty. 11th season AKA "KamiWars" P.S. I do have a Kami LUL
  13. Krikkio82

    WoWs on PS4 and XBox ?

    THX! This was the page I found some days ago but found it really lacking of any usefull info. I will wait until some more info will be avaiable. If someone knows something more pls let me/us know.
  14. Krikkio82

    Level of play - Perception?

    Level of skill of players is secondary. When you see half of your team do stupid suicide things is bad, but OK(ish) if on other team half of them do the same. What's sad is when games last 10 minutes be cause one of the team crushed the other. That happens way too often lately but I cannot find any easy solution to this.
  15. Krikkio82

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    I have no proof I got them just from regular containers earned just by playing so you have to trust me off course if it's possible to you....