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  1. koivis

    BB AP changes on DD

    Yeah, by hiding this under the BB AP vs DD change, it's easy to avoid discussion about it altogether! Clever! I oppose both changes. The BB AP vs DD issue is the more minor one, and since the current DDs are far from unplayable after certain radar nerfs, I simply don't see the problem in the current damage mechanics. However, I especially hate the exclusion of two ships from this mechanic. This is plain stupid, and would be the first time a specific ship is excluded from a universal damage mechanic. This only confuses people, and is in no way needed to nerf these two ships. It also creates a predecent to single out ships and make them fundamentally work differently. The current varying HE penetration formulas, spotting & radar ranges, and hidden (still) sigma & krupp values are an issue themselves. There is already a lot for the average player to memorize and learn, introducing separate damage formulas for different ships is not the way to go. If you consider Harugumo and Khabarovsk overpowered, why did you introduce 1/4 HE pen for the whole Akizuki line? Why did Khabarovsk already get nerfed in range and rudder shift, while the easiest solution would have simple been to nerf its ludicrous speed. The ship, with the belt armor and 4 turrets was never intended even in "sekrit dokuments" to go that fast. It sometimes seems to me that when nerfing / buffing ships, the developers rarely go for the obvious choice. Hood suffers from slow turrets and inaccurate guns? Lets make the turrets heckin' (unrealistaclly) fast, and leave the guns as is. USS West Virginia is a famously rebuilt thicc American BB? Lets make it a pre-Pearl nerfed tier 6 version instead! etc. etc. The 10% damage vs bulges issue, however... I don't even know where to start. If there was an issue with the no-damage penetrations, why not simply call them such? Make a new ribbon, called "module hit" or "bulge hit". The fact that you simply change the damage mechanics instead of fixing the UI, is mindboggling. Now every signle small pew pew gun could damage a fully armored battleship, shooting its thickest armor, is laughable. 200 damage per AP hit, that x 5 or 6 on high tiers, that is 1500 damage every 4-5 seconds. With literally no skill involved by aiming at the parts of the ship that you actually should be able to damage. Just aim at center of mass. Another can of worms you are opening are the numerous premium ships suffering from this. While you have excluded ships from purely blanket nerfs before (Gremy & Kamikaze gun damage, Kutuzov range with AFT nerf etc.), this change is NOT even a blanket nerf. The stealth firing nerf was a blanket nerf, it simply meant that no matter the class, or range, or gun caliber, stealth firing simply was not a thing anymore. It applied to premium ships too, ofc. But now you are introducing a mechanic that BUFFS ships with no bulges (looking at you Mutsu, Ashitaka, Kii) and makes their armor BETTER than the ships... bear with me... that had *gasp* an EXTRA layer of armor, in front of their main belt. In many cases (tier 8+) the bulges in the middle are thinner than the extremities of the ship, and sometimes cover the whole side of the ship (RIP Amagi). Now it suddenly becomes easier to deal damage against the previously thickes part of the ship, because now it is suddenly the weakest part of the ship. Lets take an example, a Panzer IV tank. Later models had these large sideskits covering the tracks and also extra plates surrounding the turret. Meant to deflect AT rifle rounds and to detonate HEAT rounds before they reach the main armor plate. Now, with your current mechanic, the tank would take damage from everything that goes through the plates, even if literally nothing of importance (in this case, just air) is between them and the main armor. In warships, the torpedo bulge acts the same way. It is meant to detonate the torpedo warhead, and while filled with both air and water, protect the main belt from damage by providing a buffer zone. Now you introduce a change where simply by shooting a part that has nothing in it, causes damage. I really hope that you think this change through, and at the very least separate the external bulges from it.
  2. koivis

    Fuso is OP.

    I was going to have a few days break from this game, but could not pass the delicious popcorn-ness of this thread. I kind of enjoy it tbh. Also, hey nikos ;)
  3. koivis

    Cleveland shell velocity

    So we have come to a conclusion that Omaha is a better ship. What's next? Let's ask wargaming to buff Omaha to tier 6 and make Cleveland a tier 5? Great idea But seriously, Cleveland is OP at tier 6, it will win 1vs1 against both tier 7 cruisers, and against Aoba it itsn't even funny. Its real place would be tier 8 with the full 10 rpm rate of fire.
  4. koivis

    Why are t7 BB's considered so terrible?

    Colorado desperately need the West Virginia refit, since right now it has worse armor than elite New Mexico. The VW version would also buff the AA and torpedo protection (35 meter beam!), so that you're not the carrier's favourite target anymore. Nagato, as mentioned, was very strong in CBT, and I believe is very good still in OBT.
  5. Agree with OP 100% I think the biggest problem with carriers is that they are too random and non-skill based (torpedo spread, lock down), useless (fighter loadouts vs no carriers, low tier vs hightier), or just generally underpowered (some IJN carriers). While they can still be broken in some cases (US fighters vs jap bomber loadouts, 5xTB squadrons...). It really seems that there's no midway. PS. Pun intended ;)
  6. Hello sailors! Since the patch 3.1 my gameplay experience has been a bit compromised, for several reasons. Firstly, my PC i played for the first days of the patch was arquably a bit weak, and it resulted having terrible fps. However, the previous patch was completely playable even with that confiq. The bigger issue now, since my PC is a bit better, is the horrible lag and constand disconnects we are getting. In the last match (that was still going on as I started this thread) I was DCd during the countdown. Then, after trying to reconnect, my game got stuck in this loading screen (the anchor and spinning thingy). I had to manually kill the .exe everytime, but nope, still stuck at the same screen. As i write this line, the game has probably ended, but oh boy, my game is still stuck Whatever you did with this patch, considering the performance or netcode, or servers or whatever... I want to hear the reason why the situation is like this. I really really like this game, the concept is awesome, but even in this "boohoo it's closed beta stop crying" - stage I can't stand this kind of mess. Best regards, Koivis