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  1. If we see only the electrical part of the ship, that was a major design failure. Two total separate circuit of power(front and rear) no connection between them. And the total output of power generators was only 2.640kW while North Carolina class has 8.800kW, Bismarck with 7.910kW. Even the pocket battleship Graf Spee has 3.300kW total output of electrical power.
  2. The Prince of Wales was so badly damaged after the first torpedo hit, so the rest of the attack was a "Turkey Shot" for the Japans.
  3. fabatka

    Ibuki, the weakest link of IJN Cruisers?

    In today's games where matchmaking looks like 5DDs,2CAs,5BBs it is very difficult not to show your broadside to any BB. And yes, If any BB spot you and shot you, one citadel hit is guarantied. This ship is just a painful grind to Zao, just like the painful grind the Izumo before the Yamato.
  4. fabatka

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Bugs

    I have just died from invisible Saipan torp bombers...
  5. fabatka


    I am trying to hide behind anything I see (islands, BBs) but if am detected, immeditely the first salvo arrives, because the enemy knows that I am a floating citadel. And not to mention always in tier X game... Comparing myself with ARP Takao, I am far better with Takao.
  6. fabatka


    Good advice, but if the enemy has 5BB very difficult to not show your broadside to any of them. No matter how careful I am, 4-5 AP hit and the ship is gone...
  7. fabatka


    Worst CA.. ever... especially today's games when enemy team has 4-5BB. You are oneshot, no matter what you do...
  8. fabatka

    Questions about IJN 1/350 plastic model kits

    Mostly Hasegawa has CV's and yes, they are very expensive.
  9. fabatka

    Questions about IJN 1/350 plastic model kits

    Tamiya has only a few ships from the IJN fleet. Hasegawa, Fujimi, Aoshima has more. You can find better prices some Japan, or Hongkong online hobby stores, like www.hlj.com or www.hobbyeasy.com. Before you buy any of these ships, google it for reviews.
  10. fabatka

    Just a thought about overpen

    Yep, but I was not starting talk about torp damage, HE damage, but we have troll so they can did it...
  11. fabatka

    Just a thought about overpen

    It is good to see that some people are able to understand the thread. I just take an example with the BB class, overpen happens with CA too. It was just a thought about game mechanic, not complaining neither talking about what is OP and what is not. Too bad that some people are unable to understand what they have read...
  12. fabatka

    Just a thought about overpen

    I see you got the point...
  13. fabatka

    Just a thought about overpen

    It is just the same like fire dmg. You burn, solve it, next salvo you burn again. you can't repair it. 3rd salvo you burn again on other spot, and so on. Maybe a "flooding chance" can be implemented, like fire chance.
  14. fabatka

    Just a thought about overpen

    I don't get it. What is the point in something is OP and how many BB in one battle? And those battles where 5-6 DD/per side?
  15. fabatka

    Just a thought about overpen

    And how many hits you have in a full salvo? don't say that all your shots are hits too.