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    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    Again a company the size of Wargaming has to say sorry AGAIN, all you think about is money, not the players this is just damage limitation, you going to bring Ichasegaming back as a CC ?? What did he do that was so bad, he did not name and shame anyone and what he said was right and not in a rude manner, you did not want him to make more work for the support team and now you have just done the same thing. SHAME ON YOU WARGAMING, YET AGAIN YOU DO A DUMB THINK BEFORE THINKING, HOW CAN YOU EXPECT YOUR PLAYERS WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS TO HAVE FAITH IN A GAME/SERVICE WHERE YOU BRING OUT A POOR PRODUCT. You need to again be told to sort your self out but you just keep giving us these empty apologize think that will keep the players happy, you are so wrong. I have never known a company does so much damage to its own player base as you, either bring out tanks or ships that are OP or so bad they should not be in the game. Try and shut up your own community contributors with copyright strikes or ban them when they tell players the truth. I no longer listen to what you say as I think it's all BS, you say you want the game to go on but it don't look like that to me it's all about the money, well the day will come when you have no players, I would love to see a day we could get a lot of players to boycott the game for a day to make you listen to the players more.
  2. Scarletsboy

    0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    This is so bad, I can not understand how WG can say " This decision is based on a thorough review of feedback from players and combat tactics used in the game. We have carefully studied your feedback, and we made a conclusion that stealth firing, i.e. shooting from invisibility on open water, causes more pain than profit making gameplay dull;( HOW YOU WORK THAT OUT ????) its exclusion will make the game more comfortable to play and fair for all.( NO EVEN MORE FAIR FOR BB, NOT DD'S) So now Wargaming are making the game even more, world of Battleships only !!!!!! Superiority in concealment will still provide advantages for low-observable ships but to inflict damage with impunity, you will need to use smoke, terrain, and maneuver like a pro" What planet are you guy's on ???? So now you are saying that I should sit in my smoke and shoot BB's ....Mhh .....Any player with half a brain know's that as soon as you pop your smoke the torps all come out to play. Radar gets turned on so you can be spotted and if more than 1 ship has it they chain them. Ships still have a good chance of hitting you in the smoke, this means a lot of dd's players don't use can use smoke for that these days. If players have RDL you know where a dd is and if the smoke is up you got that again you know where the dd is. Yet again this is another nail in the box for dd's, you taken yet another dd perk, What we have left torps and ... oh that is it WELL DONE WG Low-observable ships (hang on if I can fire 14k min my Benson that means any ship within 14km WILL SEE ME FIRE !!!!!! So that BB will now be able to use the gods of RNG to hit me even if moving and changing which way I go. I must admit I do see a lot of DD 1 shooting BB while in stealth mode. So you are saying a DD's should never really fire on BB unless in smoke, so this is another perk gone for for dd's. Mhh can DD's now have a repair ability instead now please ?? I see this is a big nerf to USA DD, USSR are screwed as they can really use torps untill higher tiers as they go a great distance of 4.5km. So instead of me using my smoke to help BB's and then sitting at the right distance and firing unspotted. I must now use the smoke for me myself and I instead. please see above for sitting in smoke. I agree with the comments above that this is another bad move by Wargaming on a community that is not that big to start off with what 20-25K players on the EU server. Does Wargaming not want DD players in the game? You just carry on listening to the BB's players who are not able use a brain and complain all this time, you helped them with not having DD's fire at them, you stop T4 & T5 CV being able to do manual drops on them, you give cruisers radar to hunt DD in smoke, please tell me what is the perk in playing a DD now ? just so bad so bad.
  3. Scarletsboy

    UK player looking for a clan for team battles

    Thanks for the post I found a clan,
  4. Hi, I been playing WOWs since closed beta and love the game, I am mainly a WOT player but player ships at least 3- 4 times a week. Looking for an English speaking clan I am wanting a mature player who wants to join a clan so I can division do player team battles and clan wars when they are around. The ships I mainly play are dd and Cruisers and the odd battleship. I have around 60 ships up to tier 9, My stats are very good but not unicum level but want to play wows seriously and fun. on the side Let me know if you think I fit your clan
  5. Scarletsboy

    Remove. Radar.

    ​LOL wow you can speak to dead people you are in the wrong job
  6. Scarletsboy

    Remove. Radar.

    I know them but as when you have more than 1 ship in a group using them you wont know which ship has used it or when they last used it. So that does not always work
  7. Scarletsboy

    Remove. Radar.

    wow that is really good constructive talk there, did you have to ask an adult to type that for you ?
  8. Scarletsboy

    Remove. Radar.

    WOW pro player here, it not right that you can have ships doing this for 30sec which are able to do this for a range of 9km !!! No DD can outrun it if you are both sailing the same way.You cant use any skill as you spotted, the best you can hope for is to wiggle left and right as well as slowing down, but that is just so OP. Even sitting behind an island don't work you still get spotted which is just dumb, in RL it would just bounce back as the mass is there not to say a ship is behind it. Its ok though dd have the hitpoints to take ap hits from ships and live or even repair oh wait they dont GG
  9. Scarletsboy

    British Cruiser pain

    Wow these ships are bad i have been citadel by other BB and cruisers i play about 19 games so far and 6 out of them I have been either 1 shot or 2 shot from full HP not even time to use the heal perk,
  10. Scarletsboy

    Update on Project R in Europe

    yes as said no box just a notification that I have the credits
  11. Scarletsboy

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Sure I not disagreeing with you but we all know how good Wargaming are with words so lets wait and see
  12. Scarletsboy

    Update on Project R in Europe

    The 10 million pearls was for the 2000 Kamikaze lottery for people who had 150 pearls not for the people who have the 260 pearls. I just seen the part add at the bottom COLLECT 260 PEARLS AND GET KAMIKAZE R GUARANTEED! By going above and beyond the original goal of collecting 260 Pearls, you will receive your free Kamikaze R Premium destroyer, once Project R is successfully over - and all without having to rely on pure chance!
  13. Scarletsboy

    Update on Project R in Europe

    I have 280 pearls when are we getting the ship anyone know?
  14. Scarletsboy


    What do you mean by this statement I am not polish????
  15. Scarletsboy


    LOL the last message said I still needed to download file I closed the updater and then loaded it up again and it said play !!! no update, this patch is a mess