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  1. Depends on what you want to read. Nice stories, or more technical literature. My holy bible in terms of battleships and battlecruisers is a book of Siegfried Breyer. "Battleships and battlecruisers from 1905-1970" I own this masterpiece in german, so i don´t know if it ever was released in a different language. This book contains everything you can imagine to know about those shiptypes. The history of each ship, from it´s launch to it´s end, any engagements it participatet, aswell as it´s history of developement, it´s improvements compared to predecessor classes, detailed information about weapons, engines and protection aswell as special information about unique characteristics, if available. Besides that, more than 900 water line drawings, showing how the ship changed during it´s service, aswell as blueprints with detailed protection layouts. In adition, the book features most, if not all blueprints and studies about ships which were never build, like the british Lion class or the german H-39 to H-44 series. The issue with this book might be, that it will also show the difference between historical accuracy and WG-game balance.
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    Capturing the imposing effect of certain ships

    It depends how deep WG diggs to build up a decent german techtree. There are enough designs to build up a nice battleship tree, almost even enough to go for a battlecruiser and a cruiser Line. Destroyers were also available in different designs, plus some blueprints for the "Z Plan". I like what WG did with the tier 3 St. Louis at the US-tree. This vessel provides a unique flair, it plays like a small battleship. In the time from 1985-1906, there were plenty of armored cruiser and bb designs of the pre dreadnaught era. If WG could decide to go for pre dreadnaugh era ships for the first 3 tiers, they would have a lot more shipclasses available for the higher tiers and more trechtrees, while adding a unique flavour to the lowtier, keeping them intresting to play again and again. WoWs is like the early WoT: tons of potential. The question is: did WG learn from WG, so they make it better? For the matter of premium ships: i personally see no problem in bringing a specific ship (like Bismarck) as a premium (or name it "legendary ship") into the game, even if it´s predecessor class is already present. Almost all ship-classes undervent significant changes and upgrades during the war, so no problem to make a "1941 Rheinübung-Bismarck" with prefered matchmaking and credit income bonus, but a reduced rato of fire, reduced radar capability (which was inferior to the british back in 1941) or whatever.