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  1. I bought two premium ship packages on World of Warships during the OBT (or even CBT, can't remember which it was). I enjoyed the game and knew the Doubloons would not go to waste as I could later either use my WoT gold to buy a premium ship in WoWS or if a tank comes out I want I can use my Doubloons to buy something in WoT. As this was officially promised to come. Not a "maybe" promise. No, a hard promise of "this will be in the game, it is just a matter of when and not if" Now the game released and suddenly they have gone silent. The last thing I see on this is already mentioned on this thread (will link here again as this thread is 8 pages long); "Just to clarify once again - this first integration of Unified Premium Account into WoWS will only include premium time. Gold and free XP will not be shared for the time being." But this was 2015 and they have suddenly gone silent on the topic in the western forums. As someone who has paid a lot more money than I should have on WoT and on World of Warships. I do not feel this is right and in fact I refuse to play World of Warships as I just do not enjoy it as I feel I have been duped (as you will note that I am an alpha tester and yet only have 85 battles on World of Warships post release). I love World of Tanks too much to give it up but it did make me consider it quite firmly. I may just be one player but you lose one paying customer here, one paying customer there and it adds up on the long run. I do not need to mention that other highly popular games went from being very popular and successful to suddenly dead just because of bad decisions by the developers and especially too many lies to their paying customers. I will never play World of Warships until the unification that was promised is there. I do not expect free XP unification as the XP earnings are just way too different on World of Warships at the moment and that is not an easy fix. But the gold value is already the same; to buy 1 doubloon cost exactly the same to buy 1 gold. So there is no reason at all not to unify it.
  2. Yes but there was no announcement about changing their minds which just rubs me the wrong way as per my post those are official statements and videos and even the official website CLEARLY said it. So they can't act like they never made that promise. The promise was made and now they either need to deliver on the promise or come out and say they will never deliver on it. PS: about the version numbers - my bad; I was not aware of this. Sorry about that and thanks for the links!
  3. World of Tanks is on version 9.20 so your argument is a bit wrong :P With version 9.20.1 about to be released (I don't know why you added a non-existing 0. in front of the 9......) World of Warships is currently on 0.6 with 0.6.12 about to be released And I stand by the fact that even though it officially "released" it is not a proper release version and indeed does not feel like a finished product and very much feels, looks and plays like an open beta. So when it reaches 1.0 then hopefully they will finally decide to stand by their original official statement that the resources of free XP and gold would be shared - even if they only do it for Doubloons and not free XP. Doubloons cost exactly the same as Gold anyway so it is only logical they can be merged into the unified system.
  4. I think you all have short term memory loss... Wargaming CEO officially stated that gold + free XP + premium time would be shared eventually between all three games! Looking at the release versions of WoWS even though it has "released" it is still not considered version 1. So while they have officially "released" the game on 17 September. The game is still not up to version 1 and is only up to 0.6 at the moment. So hopefully once they reach 1.0 update then we will hear more about doubloons becoming unified with Gold on WoW & WoWAR - unless WG literally lied to us and has changed their mind. But if they do we need to make a big fuss about it as they should not officially announce something only to turn around and be like nah - never mind and just act like they never even said it (such as sneakily removing it from their official website). This was first announced at E3 2012 and then followed up with confirmation on the official World of Warships website as well as videos that are still on the official Wargaming channel (I tried finding the specific ones but they upload a lot of videos and it is just mentioned as a segment in various ones. The official website has since been changed but from 2012 until end of 2016 the official website still said that gold + free XP would be shared from WoWS as well. As this user has screenshot in 2016:
  5. InCole


    I agree with point 1. The visual indicator to see if you are inside a smoke screen is really bad. When I am in a smoke screen I see no difference vs being outside of one. The only time I actually see smoke is when I am outside of it!
  6. InCole

    Closed beta FAQ section?

    Yes but that's what confuses me, there was not a full wipe after the CAT. When CAT ended and CBT begun, our ships were removed but we were refunded in credits and XP! Thus not a full wipe! Everyone keeps saying "yes there is going to be a wipe" but still not a single OFFICIAL source
  7. InCole

    Closed beta FAQ section?

    How do you know there will be a wipe? Was this confirmed by an official source, where is this source? Not all closed beta games have server wipes, thus why I ask...
  8. or alternatively you upgrade to a newer version of Kaspersky Internet Security (it is free to do depending on your license key, I think up to 3 or 4 years back, e.g. a key from 2012 can be activated for 2015 KIS) and then just go to the Settings - Additional - Threats and Exclusions - Configure exclusion rules - Add Then navigate to the folder of World of Warships (just the main folder e.g. D:\World of Warships\ and all options should be right already (thus all boxes checked, rule status active) nothing else needs to be changed or modified and this will apply for all protection elements. Click add and you are done
  9. InCole

    Critical graphic bugs

    Speaking of graphical issues. When I play World of Warships I only see one plane, what setting is needed to see the full squadron of planes? I see people uploading gameplay videos but they see all the planes and I always only see one... *edit* found it... (Animate small objects)
  10. InCole

    Closed beta FAQ section?

    Sure there is, like a FAQ is needed to answer if progress will be wiped or not
  11. InCole

    Closed beta FAQ section?

    Hello fellow Captains! I was wondering where the Closed Beta FAQ section is? Does progress become wiped at end of Closed Beta as well? Some closed betas wipe progress and some do not, thus why this is not obvious if World of Warships will wipe progress or not. Also unclear is if you were in alpha testing are you also in the Closed Beta? I got an email to download the client and claiming I am in the Closed Beta, but it it still downloading so don't know yet if it speaks the truth or not