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  1. If you're going to spot dd in a smoke screen from 2 or 3 km in a cruiser, you might better just press "exit to port" instead....
  2. These rewards are a joke! At least you could sell them for silver... This is waaay too disappointing, especially for a cruiser - hydroacoustic?? It is completely useless as you can spot enemy dd from like 5-8km anyway depending on tier, and the hydroacoustic spotting range is ~3.5km? Wargaming is just trolling their players with these kind of rewards.
  3. Hey, so I was thinking about this theory, that playing some ships gives you more chance to earn large amount of medals(signals flags), than playing others.. And this is why I find it a sad truth. Me and my friend playing different cruiser lines and now stuck at tier 6 where he has Cleveland and I have Aoba. After playing a fine session of division games yesterday I noticed that he manages quite often to get Confederate while me playing the Aoba have a very different objectives in a game (supporting battleships, map control via long range torp and just searching for opportunities) that results in a very small possibility to get a decent medal. At any means I don't want to say that Aoba is worse than Cleveland, just have a smaller possiblity to get a medal. So my questions for you guys are - do you think this should be tried to change somehow? Maybe giving the same signals for different medals would help(Liquidator medal doesn't give signal flags at all, and maybe it should at least for cruisers)? Or just simply if you want a nice amount of signal flags - get a Cleveland or maybe Atlanta - ships which can pour massive amounts of damage if you let them do it. Btw how about some nice division medals? Thanks for reading so much and see you guys in game
  4. nelabasai

    What can we expect in the next big patch (0.3.1)?

    I can't understand all these talks about IJN cruisers being weak... Maybe it's because I didn't really play USN cruisers, but I'm kinda satisfied with IJN cruisers as they are now.. Most of the time I use torpedoes for changing the direction target is moving while I can position myself to have and advantage (Crossing the T). And If they refuse, to change the direction, well, torpedoes then work, as it is supposed to work - sink.
  5. nelabasai

    Myoko issue

    Hello captains of the mighty Myoko. As we all know, the worst thing about Myoko is its very slow turret turn speed... So I'm just wondering if anyone tried using Main Battery Modification 2 upgrade? Is it worth to sacrifice reload speed to get quicker turret turning?
  6. nelabasai

    Mogami upgrades

    +10% main battery loading time, +15% main battery aiming speed. It increases rof, not lowers it. Or I just got it wrong, I think you're right, pardon me.
  7. nelabasai

    Mogami upgrades

    I think that situational encounters is bread and butter for all cruisers. You have to be aware of your enemy positions all the time, to make some decent dmg in a battle. If you have a good chance to pour let's say at least 30k dmg on a battleship, why not? If you know what you're doing, you aswell might get away with minimal losses. Talking about upgrades I took Main Battery Modification 1, Damage Control System 1 and Steering Gears Modification 2 so far.. Mogamis' AA batteries have a range of 3km so AA guns modification 2 would increase it's range by 20% to a 3.6 km and now I really don't think it is worth it... So for the last upgrade I'm choosing between Gun Fire Control System Modification 1 and Main Battery Modification 2, any opinions on these two?
  8. nelabasai

    Mogami upgrades

    Yup, but I played pensacola a bit and it seems that it has a way better AA, so I'm thinking would AA upgrades make me feel more comfortable against those planes..
  9. nelabasai

    Mogami upgrades

    Well I can agree that torpedoes shooting angle sucks, but it's kinda like aoba, so I'm fine with it.. Turret reverse is also not the fastest, but it's tier 7 ship so i think that's kinda ok too. The main issue that gets me is AA. Don't know why, but it feels like mogami has little to none AA and a very small engagement radius, so ussually when when a CV decides to bring torpedo bomber at me, I manage to shoot only 1 or 2 until the let's the torps of...
  10. nelabasai

    Mogami upgrades

    Hey guys, I'm wondering what upgrades should I buy for my mogami... what do you think of empowering AA? Or should I go with main battery upgrades? Manouvering or acceleration? Feel free to tell your opinion
  11. nelabasai

    One shot. One kill.

    I don't really remember, but I think it was AP
  12. nelabasai

    One shot. One kill.

    Hey guys, I was playing with kongo and managed to one shot cleveland. It's was one critical hit, not to the citadel and ~32k dmg. How it is even possible?