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  1. playarci

    Green Team

    +1 from me for the self awareness and for getting a smile on my face when its been an awful day so far. Smoke - when you think you are in chat and it becomes obvious you arent and then everybody just thinks "oh look a noob".
  2. playarci

    Russian Destroyers

    The Grem at tier 5 can out range a Cleveland at tier 6 and with its 127mm guns deliver a surprise.
  3. playarci

    Green Team

    You do know that the enemy think you are the red team and they are the green team?
  4. playarci

    Cruisers Tier 7-10 Auto repair Costs prohibitive

    Tier 9 IJN DD 144k repair - dealt with by trying harder NOT to get sunk + playing tier 5's for support costs. This is almost identical to the way WoT plays also.
  5. playarci

    Weathering on ships

    Pictures 2 + 3 in the slide show will demonstrate to you that in the real world they could be even more weathered than the models in game http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2013/03/02/sons-labour-of-love-creates-convoy-ship/hms-honeysuckle-3/
  6. playarci

    The main problems of the game

    At Stratford Rex it unsurprisingly held not an entirely different meaning
  7. playarci

    The main problems of the game

    -1 given to OP corrected. I dont think voting somebody down because an online translator is a bit rubbish is very fair.
  8. playarci

    The main problems of the game

    All I can say is 'My hovercraft is full of eels'.
  9. playarci

    Ships slots

    Welcome to the grind. After tier 5 or so, if you havent invested in a premium account, then at that stage you might want to as repair costs begin to start mounting up, for example at tier9 it will cost you 143.5k credits to repair a sunken destroyer.
  10. playarci

    what is that ?

    Mine warfare at sea https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/37/Types_of_Naval_mine_001.svg/600px-Types_of_Naval_mine_001.svg.png
  11. playarci

    Can you please answer some newbie questions?

    You lost three battles to Bots? Three?
  12. playarci

    Minekaze.... what have they done !

    I have kept the mini since I got it in CBT and as soon as I could unlock it in OBT and doubt I will ever get rid of it OR the 7k torps because the loss of speed for range coupled with extended spotting distance on the longer range torps with WG seemingly to incessantly tweak rudder shift times on BB's and other classes all works against those extra 3k. When you can get to much less than 6k before getting spotted it shouldnt be an issue either.
  13. playarci

    Help us to have a better community on Ranked !

    Should have just let him kill you, and then contacted support with evidence to back up what you are telling them. To be honest it is the old 'two wrongs dont make a right' scenario, tough but it needs people to be the better person if you really want to help to have a better community *hippy bs alert* be the change you want to see...............
  14. playarci

    The bitter truth

    Do you really take it to heart? Yet when these people who say those sorts of things are saying them do you not think to yourself "well how little do they know and how foolish are they making themselves look"? and then move on like it really doesnt matter? Personally most of the time I dont even think about it that deeply and just assign them to the cockwomble category in my head also making a note to make them a priority target should I spot them on the enemy team in future games.
  15. playarci

    Minekaze.... what have they done !

    I never bothered with buying the 10km torps after unlocking them anyway, 7km ones are far more effective.