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About Me

WORLD OF WARSHIP CAPTAIN'S - 1701 are looking for new English speaking members to join our ranks in our main game, World of Warships. To join one of the oldest Fleets in WOWS with some of the best guys around you simply have to be all of the following:

- English Speaking
- Discord Using (https://discord.gg/KS4Fkgd).
- Team Player
- Have a personal rating of over 1300.
- Have a good sense of humour.
- Be able to take constructive criticism.
- Take part in Naval Battles during the weekends.
- Take part in Clan Battles during seasons.

We also offer King Of The Sea tournaments to the right person/persons.

If you tick all our boxes and we yours then you are looking at the Fleet for you! Feel free to drop by our discord and drop us a line in 'General Chat' and one of our Admin/Mods will get back to you.Thanks all and remember, STAY SAFE!