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  1. Shanchat

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    New AA just decimates squadron. Not fun. Usually only getting one attack at any given ship and sometimes just not getting any attack on at all. What's the point in playing CVs?
  2. Shanchat

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    Not being able to launch planes from CV but having control of CV. It's happened twice now.
  3. Shanchat

    All the things wrong with the Black Ships

    I did...but not all the way. it was stupid as mission appeared. If you aren't able to play the mission then why even have it appear? The only difference in the ships is a black cammo. Piss poor to be honest.
  4. Shanchat

    All the things wrong with the Black Ships

    The Tirpitz B that I got from the Black Friday crates does not seem to be able to take part in the personal mission for the Dubloons. It's a Tirpitz and i have to play 1 game in the Tirpitz and I have the Tirpitz B and it doesn't work. I played the battle and got nothing.
  5. Shanchat

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    Well this has been interesting. I have no problem with banter and funny stuff like switching on your torpedo magnets. That is comedy gold. For all those saying get a tougher skin, well I wouldn't have been that bothered but it was uncalled for as I was killing and spotting and they weren't really doing anything. As for this person above, well just because my stats are average doesn't mean I'm wrong. IRL if someone spoke to you the way some of these people speak to you in chat, you would probably punch them. Rightly or wrongly. This is still a fun game and I play it most days. Interesting to see a lot of different opinions though.
  6. Completed everything bar the clan battle thing but nothing doing.
  7. The Go Royal Navy event seems buggy. Completed the first part of it but it will not load up the next missions. Worked OK yesterday so i guess the update broke it.
  8. Shanchat

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    So I am playing ranked battles at the moment. Tier V is fun (no radar). What I am finding is that if something doesn't go someone's way then you get hurled abuse. After capping and spotting and capping again all I asked was for someone to cap the last cap. "That's your job" I was told OK so I'm in a DD but I was spotting the whole of the enemy team AND capping. Next thing I know I'm the last person on my team and all I'm getting is abuse from all the dead team mates ( I use this term as loosely as possible). I'm a coward, *edited* and more all because they wouldn't shoot anything. 355,000+ potential damage and they manged 77,000. Wargaming can we start taking this kind of abuse more seriously? The report function doesn't really work and also can you stop blaming 2 people for any collisions, especially when one is blaring their horn, slowing and trying to turn away from the impact. Why am I being penalised when sitting in my smoke screen and someone on my team collides with me? I'm getting fed up of the abuse you get in this game.
  9. Shanchat

    Royal Navy Arc

    I wished they'd not done the London port and did Scapa Floe or Rosyth where the home fleet was based. Rosyth has a better bridge too
  10. Shanchat

    Personal Challenge Super-League bug

    WoW really do need to make it clearer. Very misleading.
  11. Shanchat

    Ship Horn

    They still aren't stopping friendly idiots crashing into. :)
  12. Shanchat

    Overall Quality & Stability

    I don't think I've ever had the game crash so many times since I started playing it, even on the Test Server.
  13. Shanchat

    General Feedback

    It would be nice if Wargaming kept us up to date with the PST. I have no problems with it being late but please just update the info on the main WoW site and the forums. Thanks
  14. Shanchat

    Ranked Battles Season 7

    Strange because the've had the flags in past tests......
  15. Shanchat

    Ranked Battles Season 7

    Got to rank 1...no Jolly Roger. Any reason??