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  1. GunnyGreenhill

    So, no daily shipment today?

    So I'm stupid and accepted the 1st daily mission and now lost my progress. Restarted the game, but still at day 1.
  2. GunnyGreenhill

    So, no daily shipment today?

    Great Daily is reset to 1st day, @Chrysanthos plz notify to the team,thx in advance.
  3. GunnyGreenhill

    So, no daily shipment today?

    Weird not working here either, the game client was updated when I logged in thou.
  4. GunnyGreenhill

    Let's have fun again - what is thsi?

    Clearly it's a beamer, to project movies in the air at night. Handy for camping trips.
  5. GunnyGreenhill


    thx 1 normal crate and a xmass crate
  6. GunnyGreenhill

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Bought 5 big boxes, got 2 ships, Kii and Gallant 1 camo type 59 1 wyvern flags 1 Red dragons flags So I'm very happy
  7. GunnyGreenhill

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hoo hoo hoo, I'd like to join the raffle too. Any price will be welcome and I thank you all for creating this contest. Happy Holiday's to you all.
  8. Thx Soup! Already own the Texas and the Lone Star Camo, good luck with the giveaway!
  9. GunnyGreenhill

    Get some freebies WG promo code

  10. GunnyGreenhill

    [WOTN] Warriors of the North is looking for more Northmen

    Looks like a nice clan,casual adult Dutch player, played all my games solo, willing to spend earned oil in a clan. Ingame application send.
  11. GunnyGreenhill

    Monarch: The Mutant

    Played a couple of games with her and the most annoying thing is her firing range. Her concealment is pretty ridiculous thou for a BB.
  12. GunnyGreenhill

    Where are the ARP ships

    Ok that works ty, I feel silly now
  13. GunnyGreenhill

    Where are the ARP ships

    Have the ships, but the ship filter does not display the hide button,
  14. GunnyGreenhill

    Where are the ARP ships

    The select ship option doesn't display ARP ships. Where are they?