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  1. lovemasin

    So you need 140 hours to get the PR for free

    yes and that why i said a normal player yes you can do it in less but you have to be a to 30% player
  2. As a normal player you need more then 140 hours to get the PR for free so ye i love my family too much to do this. So please tell me how was this a good idea?
  3. lovemasin

    This is getting unplayeble

    What is up with the ping? whole time i got 150 200 90 ping what is with the servers?
  4. lovemasin

    Wtf is with the ping

    my clan mates had also ping problems im a computer engineer so my connection is stable tnx for the advice
  5. lovemasin

    Wtf is with the ping

    what is going on with the ping in the clan battles im having 150 to 550 ping normaley i have 36 ping and no im not downloading.
  6. lovemasin

    Got a refund for boosters.

    did you get a full refund?
  7. lovemasin

    Lost the will to play the game

    increased ticket load i wander why :D
  8. lovemasin

    Lost the will to play the game

    Can anyone confirm of getting their doublons back? If so please tell me.
  9. lovemasin

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    NO! even after a was a idiot and payed the money im only maybe baying the premium no more money from me
  10. lovemasin

    Lost the will to play the game

    I love the game specially my clan NBS a wonderful bunch of people but this event is just i have no words :(
  11. lovemasin

    Lost the will to play the game

    I dont mind paying the normal money and a normal grind but this is just not possible for a normal player how is not anti social :( and it will only dum down T10 even more.
  12. After being a idiot and giving WG my money and trying to grind i just lost to play the game and im thinking of deleting my account first the CV fiasco then the russin BB the the devil him self Smolensk and now the PR fiasco is just sad. Edit: and now the LM fiasco :( wow keeps getting better and better :(
  13. lovemasin

    The Puerto Rico Dumpster Fire...

    yes the more the batter
  14. lovemasin

    I'm shocked

    hahahahaha it dose not surprise me :D maybe the same people that did the xmas event and PR fiasco :D #boycottWOW