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  1. lovemasin


    you are completely right.
  2. lovemasin

    Gentleman agreement in clan wars

    All i want is that WG taks a look at the Smolensk and maybe say jp we have a problem lets fix it together.
  3. lovemasin

    Gentleman agreement in clan wars

    My proposal for solving the Smolensk problem is to all clan agree to not to play it in clan wars. Maybe in this way we as player can attract attention too the ship and maybe WG can have a look at the ship.
  4. lovemasin

    WarGaming you did it...

    Yes its balanced :D no ignoring the problem hear just keep moving and keep moving :) the smoke shod be removed and the armor shod be thicker so you dont get so many over pens.
  5. lovemasin

    Nerf Smolensk

    only over pens on his broadside and i was angled.
  6. lovemasin

    Nerf Smolensk

    Can you please nerf Smolesk this ship is not belevible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please exsplane to me how a 130mm gun with AP do so much damage to a Stalingrad. this is starting too be redeculus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!