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  1. KuscheItier

    Please WG.. encourage smart and teamoriented play!

    Probably a pure coincidence Jingles mentioned the same issue today..
  2. KuscheItier

    Please WG.. encourage smart and teamoriented play!

    True, still regarding the age of the game they came very late, one by one and are still missing many aspects like basic positioning and strategies.
  3. KuscheItier

    Please WG.. encourage smart and teamoriented play!

    Well WG is not guilty for the general evil in the world, but they have their share in keeping the game mechanics intransparent and the playerbase clueless regardless of the number of games you play. Collecting the key informations which actually let you progress takes a lot of effort. You must actually know what you're looking for if you use the WG wiki. And even then there are many ways to misunderstand it or get outdated information. IMO it's quite embarassing independent youtubers explain basic game rules better but had to spend hours in the test room and on "reverse engineering". This would be a nice start. And a nice sideeffect would be that bots don't reach high tiers unless someone puts really effort in it.
  4. No other issue is more demotivating and frustrating at the moment. Not the omnipresent CVs, not the imbalanced premium/ressource ships nor nation bias.. but the complete lack of will in the teams to play for a common goal, a team victory. And why should they? Nearly all immediate rewards are focused on strong individual results. A comeback of a team that lost the majority of caps is getting regular nowadays. You have the point and cap advantage and suddenly 2/3 of the team decide to run one by one in the camping enemy. Because why wait for the win with little damage? You probably lose more credits than if you make a suicidal attempt to torpedo or ram an enemy. It became so regular that for the average player it is a legit "strategy" to drive circles in spawn with his battleship or go from left spawn to right spawn and vice versa. Because you can just expect sooner or later to have easy targets and get higher damage than you would by actually taking a more advanced position where you get roasted by HE spam, focused by carriers or taken out by long range torpedos. This all leads to mindblowingly stupid gameplay and new players have less than ever a chance to understand what successful or unsuccessful gameplay is. It just doesn't matter what you do individually if noone else is taking important positions, forming crossfires, setting ambushes, tanking damage, spotting for allies etc. etc. The whole game concept becomes irrelevant and turns into a dumb clicking at the closest ship. This community just needs more encouragement to achieve something together! We need more explanations and demonstrations for newcomers to see that this game can be more than a slow paced arcade shoter. It is so beautiful if you actually see people reacting to your play and taking advantage of it, putting the enemy in trouble. But it happens so rarely lately because too many players don't even expect it anymore or know how to use it. I doubt that something like a skill based MM or extended ranked gameplay is a solution for this. Because it just creates more bubbles with little interaction. It just should feel better to play for and with your team because you immediatly see the rewards for it, like you do when you score a high caliber. I guess this was written in many ways before, i just hope the more people mention this issue, the sooner WG might want to take a look at it.
  5. KuscheItier

    Timed freezes since last update

    In case someone has similar issues, i found at least a workaround. If I restart Windows 10 using Run windows (press Windows key + R) and enter /shutdown -g -t 0 (which just empties some caches) the freezes are gone.. as soon i shut down or restart the PC the normal way, they appear again the next time i play.. so actually i have to restart now my PC every time i want to play WOWS
  6. KuscheItier

    Timed freezes since last update

    Hello Captains, since the last patch it started that the game repeatedly freezes for exactly 5 seconds. First i thought it was lag but it happens in a too timed way, either every minute or 5 minutes. In the attached replays you can see how it occurs every minute in the Shira replay at 19:09, 18:09, 17:09 and so on. Meanwhile in the NC replay it occurs every 5 minutes at 18:35, 13:35 and 8:35. I had no changes in my hardware or software and it just occurs since the last update. Apart enabling of replays i have no mods or changes of the game.. i guess i dont have to explain how annyoing it is to get such a freeze while dodging torpedoes or making a turn ending up broadside to everyone.. Any ideas? replays.zip
  7. KuscheItier

    Battle ends after 500 points and 10min left?

    i see, didnt know that dropping at 0 points instantly ends the battle.. well.. not much i could do about that..
  8. Please dont judge my gameplay.. i was a bit impatient But what i rly wonder.. why did the battle suddenly end after enemy reached 500 points and 10 minutes left on the timer?? 20160822_002704_PGSC107-Yorck_17_NA_fault_line.zip
  9. KuscheItier

    Bug Reports

    Rammed an island, camera froze and i lost controls but i didn't disconnect.. No modifications of the game except enabling of replays. 20160620_001406_PRSC104-Svetlana_10_NE_big_race.zip