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  1. Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    Lots of people mentions that CVs are important because they can spot, I only spot if my planes haven't got anything more useful to do (for instance if enemy carrier has been sunk and my fighters are idle), or with dive bombers in very specific situations (few targets left, or an allied battleship which is being harrased by a dd from distance). Because any attack plane which is not on it's way to attack a target or back to the carrier for reload it's wasted time and wasted damage output. I prefer to do things which are more useful for my team and which works... I'm not sure if I'm doing it wrong or just doing something else which works better.
  2. Carrier Rework and the artificial fog around it

    Everything points to a massive nerf so noobs wouldn't complain about being sky-clubbed. Seems carriers will be ruined. 2017 "year of the carrier" all what they did was removing the manual attack on low tiers.
  3. Waterline discussion

    Seriously... I don't want a refund. Carriers are the main reason of why I play this game. If they refund me it will be in doubloons and I wouldn't have any reason to play this game anymore if carriers are nerfed like that. Also one of the reasons of why I purchase any premium ship it's that they can't be nerfed. I really regret not having but the LefhB2 and the Sexton (premium arties in Word of tanks). Nowadays they enjoy the old system and are totally awesome.
  4. Waterline discussion

    Hey, I do like to think I'm using a battlecarrier, since I move close to the main battle and follow the fleet (unfortunately this goes pretty bad for high tier, too few concealement, and too far and open maps). It would be really cool to be able to manually use the cannons on a carrier (I think it is possible in World of warships blitz). But still... this sounds like a huge nerf. Fortunately I have my Saipan and Kaga which can't be nerfed.
  5. Waterline discussion

    "Players will be able to have direct control over squads one at the time"... What this means? That carrier players can be able to ONLY control one squad at the same time? (Which would be a really massive huge nerf which would totally ruin carrier gameplay) OR... it means that one could take control of a single plane but from it could control the entire squad WHILE having others squads flying around at the same time like in Battlestations Pacific? (Which would be totally cool!). I don't like the idea of having even MORE AA that there is now. But oh well... Also, I don´t like how it sounds the whole "compensation" thing. Despite the guy saying that no one will lose anything... It's like the massive nerf on artillery in WOT, which WG claimed it wasn't a nerf but it totally was. In overall, carriers are ok the way they are now, except for the OP Midway.
  6. The CV Captains Cabin

    Hey, it's perfectly possible to play solo in a carrier and have a decent winrate. EVEN when one faces those so called "cancer divisions". Facing a "cancer division" with your carrier while playing solo it's no frigging excuse to suck.
  7. Dude... you should leave some room to the "ship happens" factor. Sometimes I accidentally torpedoed an ally (happened very few times, but happened). And I guess everybody did it at least once.
  8. ANOTHER middle finger in discounts.

    That already happened to me a couple of times, thats why I almost never buy anything at normal price.
  9. ANOTHER middle finger in discounts.

    Today I saw this in the news: I was quite happy because I thought "finally I can buy some permanent cammos for some of my ships" and I checked into the game how much it would cost for some of my ships (tier 7 and 8) But noo... permanent cammo doesn't has any discount. WTF?? In the news said "40% discount on camouflage" period!! There is no other text saying "only for..." or whatever. Even more, at the top says " with great discounts on credits and doublons!" Just... WTF it's going on lately with bundles, discounts, offerts and all that?
  10. Limited ammo

    A battleship would only need 40 AP and 40 HE shells per cannon. Anything above that would be useless (with a firing rate of 2 per minute and a limit of 15 mins, plus any bonus you get for adrenaline rush).
  11. Do you know that feeling?

    Usually when that happened I happily hopped on my Zuiho, but since three versions ago there is this really annoying bug where the planes stop giving status report. And also the other bug where I select a target in the carrier and the carrier wants to go there instead of attacking it.
  12. You have to laugh

    In Theory Co-op it's the place to do all those kind of weird things, perhaps he was trying to do something different. From time to time I try crazy things (Like playing with a fully secondary spec Kaga). Perhaps it's his first ship with torpedoes... Who knows. Still I don't think it's a good idea to complain about what people does on Co-op (unless they teamkill you)
  13. That actually happened to me a couple of times, but not in WOWS. Not at all. Just really wondering how come I was in top XP doing so little (at least for what I tought was so little) while battleships and other ships which must have tanked and delivered alot more of damage than me were below.
  14. Ultimate Frontier any changes im missing?

    I have been playing it on my Nelson, I win 5 stars each time I play the battleship, I go south (while other battleship takes care of the Atlanta) and soak damage from the battleships. However I found it was harder this time to play as a cruiser.
  15. I just found the replay. I didn't exactly capped these zones, it was more assist in capture. Also I didn't did much of spotting. 20180413_202134_PASC012-Pensacola-1944_46_Estuary.wowsreplay