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  1. Sargento_YO

    HMS Agincourt - Tier 5 battleship

    Tier 4 (hell, should be rather tier 3,75)
  2. Sargento_YO

    Increased hardver requierements for game?

    until half year ago or so I used to play this game with a radeon HD 6790. Could play it with high settings at around 25 fps. But once you maxx out the 1gb vram you get lots of lags here and there. Currently I'm playing this game at max settings at 50 fps (you can check my computer at the signature)
  3. I was in love with the Zuiho (RTS). Using a full AA build. Quite long range Antiair guns (up to 7,2 km) and a max of 106 damage per second. Lots and LOTS of enemies tended to underestimate me (and many of my own team too, thinking I was yoloing). Another one was the Kaga (Rts too). The best battle carrier (havent tried the graf zeppelin). Really strong punch. Used to carry a build of max secondaries and aa. I used to bring the carrier to the frontline. Any enemy ship which was too close would have to first go throught my torpedo planes and then face all that secondary weaponry while I manually maneuvered the ship while launching planes. Damn, I wished so much to be able to manually use the cannons.
  4. Sargento_YO

    Standard premium account??

    The main problem I have with Cvs it's that I don't find them fun anymore. In the RTS mode. I enjoyed being useful to the team. I enjoyed protecting my team from the enemy cv. Enjoyed sinking that pesky dd using a well placed anvil attack, tactics which didn't deal alot of damage. But sure were pretty efective (65% overall victories in cvs). Sure, I had to wait up to 2 mins from attack to attack, but I did felt my attacks were useful. It's that pleasure in doing a well timed action (the kind of micro pleasures when in a non-cv you sink the enemy ship, hit a citadel, land a torpedo, etc). In the new mode I find cvs uterly useless AND frustrating. AA isn't much a problem currently for me (I just pick a somewhat isolated target. Wait for the first barrage of clouds. Enter attack mode avoiding that first one at full speed. Aim the enemy ship, fly throught the second barrage of clouds as fast as I can. Attack...) But all for what? Only two or three torpedoes which does 4000 - 6000 of dmg each one. And then the entire non-sensical thing of having to turn around with the planes. Perhaps one or two bombs which hits for 10.000 (after one and half mins or so). And then having to struggle with the control´s planes and the nonsensical cool down times (sometimes I attack a ship, there is another behind, but oh, no, I can't attack the second one due the non sensical cool down, even if I try to slow down). Cvs are really, really frustrating (and mind you, I really enjoyed Battlestations pacific controls and gameplay)... I have the Saipan and the Kaga... I wanted money back since they were nerfed to death (hell, there is no posibility to use the carrier and the planes at the same time. Something which I used ALOT on the Kaga, which I used with full secondaries and AA max out, I used to drive my Kaga as a battle carrier and I was damn good in it in the RTS mode, my stats totally backs me up, but over all, it was FUN). But no, Wargamming doesn't refunds money, only gives back doubloons. Ok, I got that. But since they killed the main fun I had to play the game, whats the use for the doubloons?? I thought "Ok, I might spend them in premium time in World of tanks" altought I was too bussy to play WOT until now... And it was when I tried to use doubloons to buy "regular" premium time when I found out I can't do, and I can't use the doubloons... What the HECK??
  5. Sargento_YO

    Standard premium account??

    Nope, Im talking about the one who you could buy with doubloons... which has only 50% extra xp (instead 65%). I have a good amount of useless doubloons now (since cvs are uterly useless and I can't do anything with them). So I thought "I might just spend those doubloons to buy premium time and play World of tanks". I swear, I don't want to spend a single Euro anymore on WOWS
  6. Sargento_YO

    Standard premium account??

    I have quite a few doubloons in World of Warships and was thinking in buying one day of premium account. Since I started to play WOT too (mainly due the nerf of Cvs... I don't find too much fun anymore on WOWS) I wanted to purchase a standard account (the one which is shared between both games)... However I don't find that option anywhere! Only the WOWS premium account (the one with 65%, but I want the other one, the 50%, with doubloons)... So... WHERE is the option?? I do recall there is the option to buy the standard one.
  7. Sargento_YO

    So whats the next step regarding CVs ?

    The main problem with cvs (and thats why I keep saying they are uterly useless now) it's that I don't get any thrill anymore from them. In the RTS mode I really enjoyed coordinating the squads, making a proper anvil attack. Protecting the fleet from the enemy cv. And despite the fact I had to wait 2 mins till the next attack I did get a big feeling of satisfaction when I sucesfully managed to sink that pesky dd with a well coordinated anvil attack. Now. With the new system. I struggle alot with the airplane´s controls which seem to gain "momentum" when I make a sharp turn (something no other plane game does) and all the hassle for hitting one or two torps for only 4000 dmg or so each one. Perhaps land a citadel hit with a bomb for 5000... and then the whole thing of turning around. It's frustrating. I think "Hell, even shooting HE with a cruiser makes more damage than this (dps)" Also I used to bring my cv close to the main battle. (Hell, I managed to get almost 80% victories in Zuiho thanks to that) but here I find that getting TOO close to the enemy has the problem of the planes having to "cool down", one for changing from travel to attack mode, and then another cool down for finally attack... I own the Saipan and the Kaga... And I keep them hoping that someday Cvs would be changed again to a more enjoyable style. (even return to the RTS system)
  8. Sargento_YO

    4th chat ban...no idea why

    In all the time I played this game (several years now) I was chat banned only once... ANd that was because I was drunk as f*ck and I was quite a d*ck. I deserved it, but otherwise I never was reported (or at least never reached the critical amount to trigger the automatic system). And mind you. I was a cv main player (not anymore. Now cvs sucks alot)
  9. Sargento_YO

    compensation for weekday outage

    I DID get my two containers.
  10. Sargento_YO

    ???? che succede?

    Whats with all that Italian nonsense?? Dude, they have their own forum (unlike the spanish and the turkish one)... Fine... Bopidi babidi?
  11. Sargento_YO

    Problema de ping por las noches?

    Basically because WG didn't earn enought money from the Spanish comunity. Thats why they closed the forum (along with the Turkish one, I think). And just leaved it as read only.
  12. Sargento_YO

    Preliminary analysis of CV skills/upgrades

    It's funny to see some of necromancy from time to time. I really miss the old rts system.
  13. Sargento_YO

    Problema de ping por las noches?

    Unfortunately Wg locked down the spanish section and there isn't any other way for the spanish comunity to talk to each other... And not everybody knows english. Por lo pronto. Yo uso Masmovil, no he tenido problema con el ping. Aunque claro, tengo fibra. Deberías de probar sitios online tipo https://www.meter.net/ping-test/ donde revisan el ping.
  14. Sargento_YO

    I used to enjoy this game, now I kind of hate it...

    I used to enjoy this game with the old RTS cv gameplay... Now sucks alot and I barely play this game anymore. I guess i'm the only one, or one of very few and WG doesn't cares about that. Whatever, the only reason to why I didn't switched to steel ocean (or any other game) yet is the fact that I did spend some money on world of warships (Warspite, Kaga, Saipan, and a bunch of smaller premium ships) and some permanent cammo. And I really hate throwing away the little money I have.
  15. Sargento_YO

    The 100 Kraken members club

    Yeah. Probably because when I used to play cvs I targetted dds and cruisers (without def aa) first. I was quite good in doing anvil attacks on them.