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  1. Sargento_YO

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I blindly (and drunkedly) torpedoed an unspotted enemy sub when I launched some wild (and un"pinged" torpedoes) towards an enemy DD (notice the dead sub between the enemy Farragut and Odin) Replay attached 20220409_013936_PGSS106-U-69_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  2. Sargento_YO

    Are these player made bots?

    Being clanless is a sign of being a bot?? WTF?! (if anyone wonders, I'm a clan because I was DRUNK when I was asked to enter one. And I need to keep my word, otherwise I would be totally clanless and most of the time I YOLO)
  3. Sargento_YO

    Support carriers closed conceptual test

    Actually I like the idea of supporting my team in a much better way. Back in the RTS era I could do that by keeping enemy planes in check with my fighter squads (or even with my own upgraded AA, I miss Zuiho battlecarrier so much). Cvs now sucks alot, all they can do it's just a little of damage or being a minor annoyance (I almost never get killed by a cv btw)
  4. Sargento_YO

    WG giving away a free day of premium EVERY DAY?

    Quite often these free premium days keeps me playing here despite I lost my main motivations to play this game (RTS CV era, Secondary build cruisers). A funny thing happened some months ago. In a supercontainer I got 1500 doubloons, I already had like 2000 or so (can't recall). I really wanted to buy the 9 de Julio but I was 1500 doubloons short or so (even with the discount coupon). There is no way I would pay 30€ for a ship (i'm poor) but I DID end spending 10€ for 2500 doubloons and buy her because I was so close that really encouraged me to pay that money. I guess if things like these happens to thousands of players every month WG gets a steady incomne of money from players which usually wouldn't spend money on the game.
  5. Sargento_YO

    Last 'Port'

    There were somethings I enjoyed about this game which were nerfed to ground. Namely the RTS Cvs era, I really had alot of fun with them!. The new CV system just sucks alot (heck, I really HATE all these stupid mini cooldowns among others things) Then I had fun sailing in secondary build cruisers (like the Cleveland). That too was nerfed. There are way too many bbs out there and I can't play them unless I wait a heck lot of time I was thinking in moving to WOT again (which I played for several years) until I received a super container with 14 days premium. So that kept me going... However I think I just play this game due sunk fallacy cost.
  6. Sargento_YO

    Daring out of Meta?

    Daring looks like a downgrade from Lightning, mainly due it's increased Detectability , lower speed and higher turning circle. Same weapons (only very slighty better reload) and has to face much deadlier ships. There is no reason to go beyound Lightning.
  7. Sargento_YO

    Update 0.11.1 Client crashes

    I had crashes when I enter the armoury and naval battles, three crashes so far this morning and I use NO mods at all!
  8. Sargento_YO

    Wallriding in Clanbattles

    Once you reach the border there shouldn't be any invisible wall. You just lose ship's navigational control with a message saying "You re leaving battle area! navigator will return you back!" meanwhile IA takes control and makes you get back. Once you re within the battle zone you get control back. I wouldn't be possible to border surf anymore, and the enemy ships will know you lost control of the navigation (perhaps an exclamation mark over the ship which leaved the battle zone?) punishment: said ship will fully show it's broadside at some point and the enemy would be waiting for it.
  9. I have been playing World of warships for a very, very long time now. All this time I have played this game for fun, but that fun have been taken off from me. For instance, I really enjoyed RTS Carrier gameplay, which was took away for a really boring and frustrating mode (*insert LONG and explicit rant about nowadays CV gameplay here*), I really enjoyed playing secondary cruiser builds until that wasn't possible, and I really enjoyed the broad scenarios that this game offered, until only 5 are available Nevertheless. This game has been testing several experimental stuff and gameplay from time to time, game modes, and I just want to add some wishes about an hipotetical future gameplay changes, just for fun sake: - Destroyers (DDS): Respawn! Nowadays people complains about DDS not contesting cap points. Up to the point of reporting those dds who doesn't goes right away to a cap point (while the rest of the team mates just stay back, not risking to help said dd at all). Even more important now that submarines are part of the gameplay. When I play a DD I often wish to be the most useful unit to the fleet, either by capping fast, or fall back and smoke screen my allies, or hunt down submarines which eventually would kill (and frustrate) our battleships. How many respawn? Two or three, thats up to debate. Perhaps "strong" dds can spawn only twice and "weak" dds can three as a gimmic? Also, a little debuf in order to improve gameplay: When DDS (and by extension any ship under smoke screen, plus current detection) are in smoke screen any ship can see it within standard spotting range. BUT... instead of the ship being totally invisible the ship will be shown under normal detection (including shooting from smoke screen) BUT adding a 100% percent (debatable) dispersion. For cvs? Think of a scene like "Master and commander" when the enemy ship shoots inside a heavy fog. They can see more or less from where inside the smoke the enemy ship is firing but can't exactly pinpoint from where the enemy is shooting from. - Cruisers: Being able to use secondary cannons as well as their main ones!! I insist in invoking "battlestations pacific" on this one. Cruisers have a great rate of fire, but often there are cool light cruisers where I really miss the posibilty of adding the secondary cannons to the main ones, ships like Cleveland (12 156 mm cannons plus 12 of 128mm ones) Gameplay wise would be like aiming all cannons to a single point, then when pressing the button firing the main cannons first and when there are no main cannon shoots available THEN firing the secondary ones (I recall a battlestations pacific bug about Yamato, when you pick up an upgrade and "activate" it about fast firing cannons. The secondaries would fire first, and since sec would first so fast then the secondaries would fire all the time and the main cannons wouldn't never have a chance to fire!) Cruisers would have a better task to carry on their tasks of being a threat to destroyers and light cruisers, while having a great (and fast) firepower. Wouldn't really break any gameplay. And heavy battlecruisers (like Alaska) would really benefit from being something between a heavy cruiser and a Battleship - Battleships: They are the strongest ships in the game. I understand the fact that using manual secondaries would make them too powerful against dds, so, what about a "cooldown" about switching from main cannons to secondaries in order to shoot to enemy ships? Regardless of that option, I really suggest that battleships should be able to target incoming torpedoes with their HE shells. A battleship should say "heck, dds are near me. And I know there will be torpedoes coming on my direction. I better switch to HE in order to shoot to the enemy dd in the smoke screen at 100% dispersion OR hold my fire to shoot down incoming torpedoes" all while their main cannons are distracted while another dd, a cruiser or an enemy bb it's aiming at said battleship. - Carriers? My opinion it's too biased to do a suggestion about this, but I really wish to bring the RTS mode back.
  10. Kaga and Saipan... I enjoyed them on the RTS era, and I brought premium cvs thinking they wouldn't be changed... But then the CV rework came and they (along with all cv gameplay) sucks alot. They are boring.
  11. Sargento_YO

    Having Trouble Finding a Clan?

    Once I did this when there was a 50% off in creating a clan. I spend there like 8 months or so, then someone told me to join their clan. I thought it might be fun to try the so called "teamwork" and I had to close mine first, then I was never contacted again. If anyone does it, it better to stay in not matter what.
  12. Sargento_YO

    PC help needed.

    First of all... Have you cleaned the fans and the dust? There must be a reason why the pc it's overheating (improper air flow, probably due dust) Do you smoke near your pc? (I have seen computers being KILLED by cigarrette tar)
  13. Sargento_YO

    Abnormally long Startuptime?

    I also was thinking "hey, this is taking a heck long time!!" Definetely much, MUCH longer than three days ago or so.
  14. I was just playing brawl... Being drunk, and suddently I maked myself that question. Why it looks like a shark who is about to bite the nose of a Mohawk native american dude? I wonder if I should change the brand of the beer I'm drinking.
  15. The funny thing is that WG changed the RTS cv gameplay for that same reason (skill gap). It was already hard enought to hit anything with rocket planes (I really, REALLY hate all these mini cooldowns) and now they did it much worse.