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  1. You can't compare an Independence with a Zuiho. Both are from different tiers. Independence can strafe and also tier 6 and 7 carriers have alot more planes than tier 5 ones. It's like comparing a house cat with a cheetah. Duh. My all record it's 93 with Ranger. But of course, there is no comparision with the Independence.
  2. Ahh, the good ole times of strafing. It was secretly nerfed since it's introduction. This video was from July 2016 (don't remember which version it was). Check this: 27 shoot down planes in 2 strafes.
  3. There was an ocean map. Only water, no landmases. It was a quite fun map to play (seriously). Unfortunately seems WG removed it.
  4. Really nice. About the change of USN loadouts. I barely play USN carriers, but I really don't like the idea. Lots of people will complain about it and will cry that the IJN carriers must be nerfed as well, and it's THEN when I will be affected.
  5. I see your 41 and raise to 50. My record (and number 1 in Zuiho, EU server) it's 57 planes shoot down in a single battle. Altought that one was back when tier 5 carriers could do manual attacks (and hence strafes)
  6. It's way too easy to neutralize enemy planes with AS Bogue. Specially Zuiho's ones. It's the way it's supposed to happen, like a cat catching and killing a mouse. Whats not so common it's when the mouse kills the cat. In this case, Zuiho uterly defeating Bogue's AS. I will really miss AS Bogues when WG changes the loadouts. And I really fear people will start complaining that Bogue it's useless against Zuiho and start crying about nerfing the Zuiho (and by extension, all IJN carriers) One of my many battles against an AS Bogue. Btw... I tought I was the only one who had that weird bug about having the clan names in different colours.
  7. Well, I have lots of fun in my Zuiho. And I allways try to be as close to the main battle as possible. However, the few times I lose almost allways was because the entire fleet went towards the edge of the map leaving me alone (and unable to hide, I got targeted by long range plunging fire, damn cowards, attacking a defenseless carrier, people without honor) In my Zuiho I munch AS Bogues for breakfast.
  8. In the OP case, probably I would have send my torpedo planes to sink that DD, I priorize DDs and CLs since I believe it's much more benefical for my team to remove them before the battleships. However there are situations, specially in big maps, where the target it's way too far from me (despite I allways try to go as close to the fronline as possible with my carrier). Or when the enemy it's using an AS setup (or there are two enemy carriers) when I need to keep my planes close to the carrier and shoot down the enemy fighters first, which might take a couple of mins (or much longer if the enemy it's too coward. Hell, I even faced AS Bogues which even actively avoided my Zuiho's fighter planes). But yeah, I allways try to look for the entire fleet, but I can't be everywhere at the same time. And if I try to help a lone battleship which is facehugging the map border I would waste alot of time. It would be much more useful to do two short attacks than a long one.
  9. AA consumable shouldn't exists at all. It's a dirty and annoying cheat. Thats why I play mostly the Zuiho. Of course, when there is an aa consumable active I retreat my planes at once and wait 45 seconds before torp the SOB again... But still, that shouldn't exists at all.
  10. Lesson number 1: Avoid high AA ships unless you have no other choice.
  11. I want to know it too.
  12. If only I would have 2 mins more... Notice the fact I got more XP than the number 1 from the winning team. The plan was to sink the enemy Kongo using my remaining 4 torpedo planes and plummel the enemy carriers with cannons (I was half way doing it to the Zuiho, took half of his life while I still had all my hp)
  13. Desafortunadamente esos debates no tienen gracia. Lo gracioso es cuando van insultos, injurias y baneos acá y allá...