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  1. Sargento_YO


    Perhaps OP doesn't even knows what doubloons are for, or how to get them? Also, doubloons seems to be cheaper, I remember buying 2500 doubloons for 9,95€
  2. Sargento_YO

    Best Secondaries

    This thread refuses to die!! MORE!! Anyhow, on the subject. I think IFHE cutting half of your fire chance really killed all secondary builds!
  3. Sargento_YO

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

  4. Sargento_YO

    Should I drag my AA-gunners under the keel..

    I do remember a VERY old bug about spotter planes actually attacking enemy CV planes like a fighter plane did. Also in the WG fix log there was something along the lines that they scolded their pilots and they promised never do it again.
  5. Sargento_YO

    IFHE & Secondaries

    You know that if you take IFHE on a battleship you will lose half of your fire chance on your main guns? However secondaries WITHOUT IFHE are quite useless. So, yeah, secondary builds are pretty dead now
  6. Sargento_YO

    4 man Div?

    Once I had 6 members of the same clan on my team. I thought it would be an easy win... Boy, I was SOO wrong!!
  7. Sargento_YO

    #NORISKNOGAME CV needs help or we all will

    It's almost impossible to evade incoming torpedoes with autopilot.
  8. Sargento_YO

    #NORISKNOGAME CV needs help or we all will

    When I played Cvs (in the RTS era) I allways look to go close to the frontine. Had to withstand lots of "What are you doing idiot cv?? go behind everybody else!!!" (which later meet with silence when I showed them how effective that was, it was really fun) The risk was high, but the reward was really good (shorter flight paths, posibility of defend my planes with my own upgraded AA) this worked good till tier 7, starting in tier 8 maps gets too big and everybody camps behind. I was quite sucessfull with that. WG should encourage this kind of gameplay. Post massive nerf I just can't do that anymore. You can't control the carrier and the planes at the same time (thats a crucial thing) also what really frustrates me are the arm and attack times.
  9. Sargento_YO

    IFHE on Massachusetts?

    For instance, Massachusetts has a fire chance of 36% for main guns and 5% for secondaries, if you take IFHE that would be reduced to 18% and 2,5%
  10. Sargento_YO

    IFHE on Massachusetts?

    I have been thinking that BB secondary builds are useless now. You need to use IFHE to make them hurt something. But if you take it your fire chance would be cut in half which hurts alot. But without IFHE none of the shells would penetrate any Cruiser armor.
  11. Sargento_YO

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    I DO carry an Algerie with secondary spec and IFHE. Used solely for Narai, it was really effective and fun. Now it's a pile of junk rusting on my dock.
  12. Sargento_YO

    Fun and engaging tier III play (thanks to CV)

    I really miss the old Yubari's AA from the RTS era (pre massive nerf). It had a quite respectable aa and I usually avoided that ship when playing with cvs (Zuiho mainly). Nowadays it's pure crap. Otherwise I would take it much more often on those low tier cv battles. Also, I used to run a full AA Kirov and I had alot of fun with it on the RTS era, after the nerf it was somewhat useful (3 puffs of aa with the upgrade) but after the latests changes it's pure crap again. Yeah, WG is doing everything possible to remove decent aa from low tiers.
  13. Sargento_YO

    PSA free respec (but you need to activate it)

    Thank you alot! I had NO IDEA about this!!
  14. Sargento_YO

    Useless 9vs9 Co op: easy demontration

    if Co-op would have high rewards nobody would play Random.
  15. I moved ahead... I faced 3/4 of the entire enemy fleet by myself (both teams basically did lemming train). I kille one dd, and took half of the life of a Scharnhorst... I was the first one to die. And yet Number 1 in xp... And doing the ONLY kill in the entire game.