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  1. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    It would be pretty cool to have 4 cvs per side (as is currently, not on the rework)
  2. I lost my game, and not to players...

    As a matter of fact it looks that after the rework the sealclubbing can be much, MUCH harder (infinite planes!!). But doesn't looks fun. Now I enjoy playing an aircraft carrier, but after the rework you can only control the planes. And as a plane game it looks really poor (if I wanted to control planes I would play World of warplanes).
  3. I lost my game, and not to players...

    Nope, what I wanted it's to have fun (p2f?). Kaga and Saipan (but specially Kaga due it's weaponry) are fun. Hell, I enjoy alot using the Kaga in the Narai operation and kill the Lexington and it's escorts with my cannons. After the rework I wouldn't be able to control the carrier anymore. There will be no way to maneuver, to switch targets, etc. The new mode ISN'T fun.
  4. I lost my game, and not to players...

    I really wonder about the compensations. I want my MONEY back for my Kaga and Saipan since the nerf will make them uterly useless... And one of the reasons of why I purchase premium ships (and tanks) it's because they weren't supposed to be nerfed (hell in WOT despite the massive arty nerf they didn't touched the two premium arties).
  5. 5 DDs again, and again, and again...

    Weren't dds supposed to be dying due the "so many amount of radar ships"? Besides, every time a new ship line it's introduced there are alot of players who wants to try them. It's quite natural by now. Remember the queues when new battleship lines were introduced for instance.
  6. I had the same problems on my Nagato and Nelson (both with upgraded secondaries) the last time Narai was on. Haven't tried with these ships this time.
  7. Weird, I received an email; Commander! We know that you have first-hand knowledge of aircraft carriers in World of Warships. The Beta Test of the updated game process for this ship type will be launched very soon. Be amongst the first to join the test. For more details, read the dedicated article on the official site. If you want to join, you can apply right now simply by pressing this button: I wonder if wg it's sending this email to everybody or they actually know who plays cvs.
  8. PSA: Create polls that are unbiased

    A good example of a biased pool: - Have you stopped beating your wife recently? Options: Yes and No Answer yes: You were beating your wife! Answer no: You were beating your wife and STILL doing it! Doesn't matters the fact that you never had a wife to begin with. Another example where the answer might change the question: - "Are you a Homo?" - Yes and No Yes: you re gay. No: You don't belong to the Homo sapiens species.
  9. No more Auto-Pilot.

    I have the same problem too, there is no way to set a waypoint in the map (in a non cv ship)
  10. CVs in T5 ranked

    Actually with max AA you got 106 Dps at 7,2 km. And 7,5 km with concealment expert. Where you check your Kill/death ratio btw? Mines should be quite low since I go to the frontline. Usually I wouldn't brag about this whole thing (after all, thanks to these tactics I'm number 1 in average shoot down planes per battle in the Zuiho) because then everybody would do it and I wouldn't have any real advantage over the rest (probably that's why the Illuminatis hides everything). But what the hell, i'm drunk and after all cvs will be destroyed with the massive nerf. Sometimes I wonder if WG would like these ideas and actually do things which encourages cvs going to the frontline...
  11. CVs in T5 ranked

    Fortunately you didn't run into my Zuiho. I munch even Kamikazes with a well placed anvil/scissors attack... Althought some british dds managed to squeeze throught... These things are damn too OP, too small and maneuverable.
  12. Forgiven

    Depends... There are two kind of people in this matter: - Those who genuinely regrets the damage done and wants to compensate it - Or those who regrets it only due the punishment which comes with said damage. That kind of people only would apologize if it's discovered (and very often will try to deny it when ask it). And definetely I wouldn't forgive the second ones.
  13. CV Rework Discussion

    My Kaga ate several of those who maked that mistake.
  14. CVs in T5 ranked

    Thats another reason of why I quit playing high tier cvs. Besides the impossible strafes and the huge amount of defensive aa.
  15. Forgiven

    Another situation which maked me turn pink: A dd managed to sneak right next to one of our cvs. He was at point blank range and unloaded his torpedoes, hitting our cv and leaving him with 300 hp or so. I was rushing back to help our cv and the dd was between us (still at point blank range). I knew I was risking to a teamkill because he was that close, but I shoot the dd anyways (which was quite low on hp). The result was that due dispersion I hit our cv and killed him, and I turned pink trying to save him. It was unfair to turn pink for that. But I do understand creating an automatic mechanic for understand these kind of situations must be really, really hard.