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  1. I really want to purchase 9 de Julio, I'm only a few hundred doubloons short from it. So I'm trying to purchase doubloons thought sms payment since yesterday and when I select the option, accept the conditions and hit next I keep receiving the same message... So, as a first resource I try to fill a report on the contact support section. And all what I get it's ANOTHER error message. So, I don't know where I can ask for help. It's really annoying that I get the constant message "something went wrong" instead of saying what the heck it's going on for two hole days. So, help please? EDIT: Ok, kinda solved it. If any mod ever reads this, just erase this post.
  2. I used to play my Cleveland with secondary build. While it might not be the most effective configuration I had a ton of fun playing her (which it's the most important thing of any game: having FUN). But now cruisers don't have any captain skills for secondaries and are uterly useless... Which it's something really bad on battlecruisers (or ultra heavy cruisers).
  3. Lol, thank you for the tips, I converted the gif with an online utility, next time I will use your advice.
  4. This was so much lol... I have no idea how to set the view on third person on the replay. Edit: Just added the replay, this happens at minute 5:30 20210117_154532_PFSD107-Vauquelin_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  5. This was a pretty misserable battle for me.
  6. The mode it's actually quite fun, either on low or high tiers (at least for me) however it's NOT fun when you find yourself being surrounded by regular (: :) bots.
  7. Oh, come on!!! Complain about bots when you find yourself on THIS position! : Or in the position of this poor Asashio
  8. These reworked skills are awful! There will be no viable way to use a secondary-build cruiser (like Cleveland or Roon, I had fun with these two ships!)
  9. Sargento_YO

    German CV's....

    Thank you for the mention, but I stopped playing World of Warships many months ago (when there was the IFHE nerf) Way too many changes, first Cvs and then that. The game stopped being fun for me and I just found it pointless to keep playing. I switched to World of Tanks for awhile, but now the same thing happened there; huge changes which bring nerf to several low tier vehicles and now the game doesn't seem fun anymore.
  10. Sargento_YO


    Perhaps OP doesn't even knows what doubloons are for, or how to get them? Also, doubloons seems to be cheaper, I remember buying 2500 doubloons for 9,95€
  11. Sargento_YO

    Best Secondaries

    This thread refuses to die!! MORE!! Anyhow, on the subject. I think IFHE cutting half of your fire chance really killed all secondary builds!
  12. Sargento_YO

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

  13. Sargento_YO

    Should I drag my AA-gunners under the keel..

    I do remember a VERY old bug about spotter planes actually attacking enemy CV planes like a fighter plane did. Also in the WG fix log there was something along the lines that they scolded their pilots and they promised never do it again.
  14. Sargento_YO

    IFHE & Secondaries

    You know that if you take IFHE on a battleship you will lose half of your fire chance on your main guns? However secondaries WITHOUT IFHE are quite useless. So, yeah, secondary builds are pretty dead now