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  1. Sargento_YO

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I want to participate too!!
  2. Sargento_YO

    Narai horror stories. How badly did your team fail?

    Too lazy to write a full battle, but I will tell you this; afk players which engages autopilot and leaves the ship somewhere, not shooting at anything. Or just allowing their secondaries to do some of damage, enought that the system wouldn't consider them as afk players. And it's easy to tell an afk player from a disconnected one; afk would aim all cannons towards a single point (like in regular battle) while disconnected players would aim their forward cannons forwards and the back ones backwards (like when you loaded the battle and you re waiting for the countdown to start the battle)
  3. Sargento_YO

    Whats your average dmg on T8 CV?

    It's not a matter of how much damage one does, but how "Efficient" that damage is. Pre nerf (rework) I was a quite good cv player (except in tier IX and X) and I had a quite low average damage per battle, but that is mostly because I focused in torpedoing dds, cruisers and finishing off bbs. Heck, sometimes I used two torpedo squads (with a potential damage of 64K in total or so) only for kill a dd which had 2K hp or less (even for 10 hp). Over all, removing that dd was much more benefical to the team than taking half or hp of a bb. (for instance, it was very hard to hit all 8 torpedoes on a single target). Which translated quite well in my win ratio with cvs. Post nerf, cvs are uterly useless and BORING. But I guess the same principle applies.
  4. Sargento_YO

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    Alternative: Go ahead, find coward dds hiding in smoke screen or torpedoing from very far, eat said torpedoes, and be called suicidal for not staying back and camp.
  5. I was only chatbanned (mind you, before the big nerf, in the RTS era) when I was really drunk and I was a utterly [edited]. In the many years I played World of Warships that was the ONLY time I was chatbanned. And I do recognice I deserve it. So far, I have a +315 karma thanks to being a cv main player. (altought since the big nerf I play cvs only in co-op battles). So I can say, if you ever get chat banned its because you either had a really bad chat "behaviour" or you really suck at cv play. (And mind you, I can't blame you for that. I was a great RTS player, but I SUCK ALOT after the big nerf/rework).
  6. Sargento_YO

    auto use of interceptors

    Not exactly. I really enjoyed ALOT to use the cv itself as a weapon tool. I used to go to the frontline with the carrier and use it's capabilities. For instance, check the last battle live recording I had with the Zuiho: After the big nerf I tried everything I could to get the grasp to the new gameplay. But I just can't. Specially due the moronic cooldowns. After the nerf (rework) I found out it's quite useless to bring the carrier to the frontline, because first, you need to wait until the whole squad would be on the air (which it's more than the original 10 seconds), secondly, I must set the planes in position, and third, I need to wait for the whole cooldown from flight to attack mode. I tried to use the Kaga in this way, only to find out that if an enemy ship it's closer than 5 km it's useless to use the planes due the cooldowns. In the past I used to bring the Kaga to the frontline (both to use it's aa and their secondary cannons) and I could deal quite well even with dds (if you don't believe me, check my old stats). I used to enjoy cvs alot because they were FUN to play (at least up to tier VIII, when impossible strafes and high def aa ships appeared). And that's the main objective of ANY game; having fun with it. Dealing with alot of automatic stuff isn't fun at all. In the past I felt I did really controlled an Aircraft carrier WITH planes. Now I feel that I control planes which just spawn from a mobile point, which it's a liason to deal with in first place. And when I sucesfully evade enemy AA and sucesfully hit a torpedo for... 5000 HP or less... Well, there isn't really any thrill on that. Now I only play Cvs in co-op battles, and mainly that is to remember the old feeling of using the cv as a battle carrier, without the enemy going away, hiding in smoke screens or camping at all.
  7. Sargento_YO

    auto use of interceptors

    It would be nice to be able to control the CV while using the planes, like it was in the past. But no, everything went to automatic.
  8. Sargento_YO

    This has to stop: autopiloting AFK and AFK behind islands

    Actually I never found such issue before. It was in this patch... And I don't really know why, perhaps the improved autopilot thing? I'm pretty sure that WG has enought resources to find out who does this and who doesn't. Like. Doing an average of people who does autopilot in such events... Mind you, RIGHT NOW I'm posting this on my second monitor, while I play Killer Whale, I set my ship on autopilot because I have almost 2 mins of time from the time I kill the enemy ships and to position my Queen elizabeth to where I can kill more enemies. Edit: So, for the purpose of "big data" up to this point there might be alot players who, after killing the enemy ships, moves towards the three posible points on this scenario. And there might be up to 2 mins where players usually set their autopilot and just wait until their ship gets into position... But when you see a player which just moves towards this point and just moves along the islands, not shooting at anything (and I'm pretty sure that there are averages and data about someone who blindly shoots at nothing and a bad player who can't aim) well, WG can just ban or warn these players for going afk.
  9. Sargento_YO

    This has to stop: autopiloting AFK and AFK behind islands

    Lately I find that at least one player in scenario battles does this. They set the autopilot sailing along the islands in Killer whale and do nothing at all. It's so frigging frustrating because we need everybody there. And of course, they wouldn't appear as afk players because they move several kilometers, but when you see their cannons pointing aimlessly towards the islands and not shooting a single shoot (or ocasionally randomly shooting at nothing) you know that there is some jerk who just left the computer running on its own.
  10. Sargento_YO

    I have stopped playing this game

    I had to switch from the computer of my signature to a Xeon X5450 4 cores (manufactured in 2009 I guess) with 7 gb of ram and a Radeon HD 6790 1 gb vram. The game runs fine in medium settings, 1080P (35 - 50 fps). I found out the main reason of the lags and freezes is running out of vram (nowadays 1 gb it's pretty low). Perhaps you should lower your settings and check your vram?
  11. Sargento_YO

    The amount of bots on the player team in coop is insane

    Think about it, the more bots on your team the more damage and XP you can farm (and even complete some missions, like land X amount of shells with your main battery) when your team it's full of human players you can kill one or two bots before the battle would end.
  12. Sargento_YO

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    I brought a Yubari to try to shoot down planes at those tiers. I found out that after the huge cv nerf (rework) Yubari's aa it's a piece of crap. In the RTS mode Yubaris did posed a threat to the planes of my Zuiho and I had to be careful with them. That is the only tier 4 ship which had decent aa. Also I have a Kirov with full aa build, pre-nerf it carried quite a good punch (up to 7,2 km) but now it's pretty crappy as well.
  13. Sargento_YO

    Es un bug?

    Desafortunadamente el foro en Español fue deshabilitado. No queda otra que escribir en inglés.
  14. Sargento_YO

    A little halloween event salt

    Usually I prefer to use the bb. I maxxed out the secondaries and sometimes I do as much damage with them as the main guns. I activate the heal even if I'm full HP, so I can heal others (or even the four bot ships, mainly repair Transylvania´s damage). When Rasputin appears I ram him with the shield. And then, if there are enough of us, I go after the Gorgon and ram him as well. If not, then I fall back towards the second tower to defend it.
  15. Sargento_YO


    I miss sooo much the RTS Kaga. My second most favourite ship after the Zuiho.