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  1. Truly worried about CV rework

    from that video where the developers mentioned they will change the entire cv UI, starting by being able to only control a single squad at the time. In general the whole thing it's a huge nerf for aircraft carriers (specially taking in consideration what WG understands by "changing stuff and make them more fun to play". Thats why they did to arty in WOT, in the end was a huge and massive nerf to arties). The two bugs I mentioned are the ones where the planes goes silent without reason and when I select a target for the carrier´s weapons, a waypoint it's placed in that same spot. I even uninstalled the whole game and these still happens.
  2. Defence of naval station

    Also if the Hiryu appears it means you just lost a star. (And no, killing it wouldn't give it back your fifth one)
  3. Truly worried about CV rework

    I really like the way cvs are now except for those two bugs which happens since 6 to 7 versions ago. Also the idea of controlling only one squad at the time it's quite apalling. For worse, there aren't any news or anything like that. I just wonder, where are the insiders when one needs them??
  4. No comment...

    perhaps you didn't read the part of "I suffer them" Nevertheless nothing of what you say will make me say "Oh, sure, let all dds sit on smoke screens undisturbed because thats the only way they can survive and play"
  5. No comment...

    Pff, the excuses still happens. I don't need to play them. But I DO suffer them. Ocationally when I take a spin on a bb I see these damn things torpedoing out of range and sitting in smoke screens. Like saying "nya nya, you can't see me!" Thats another reason of why I spect my cruisers to hunt down dds. Also, all the time I do go to the frontline with my carriers. So I risk alot too.
  6. No comment...

    Yet ANOTHER post of a dd player crying about not being able to sit on it's smoke screen and shoot at will.
  7. In case we are ever going to be merged with WoT...

    At some degree it was possible to mix tanks and battleships in Battlefield 1942.
  8. Having a Plan in Random

    I allways reply "Cap ABC and sink the enemy. Do this and it's a guaranteed win"
  9. Dude, as I mentioned this isn't a recent bug, it's around 6 - 7 versions ago. And we don't know when the CV will be massively nerfed (the so called rework). For all what we know it will be within 6 versions more. And money??? It's just change some code lines FFS!!
  10. That way of thinking it's like "Why I need to wipe my a$$ That way of thinking it's like "Why waste toilet paper wiping my a$$ after taking a dump if tomorrow I will have to do it again?"
  11. What ships do you think need buffs?

    ALL IJN carriers.
  12. 3k base xp

    Dude. I would compliment anyone with that name too if I ever find them on battle. But also... Donald trump ITS the very definition of sealclubbing!. Just thing on it's adversary...
  13. At this point I really don't know what the fudge do... I really love using aircraft carriers. I'm one of those rare carrier captains who fills the matchmaking and does a decent job at it. Nevertheless, there are two bugs that I have no idea why WG didn't fixed it, even when I keep reporting them over and over, and over, and over, and over and over again. First the oldest bug. Very often I use secondary weapons (AA and cannons) on my carrier (anyone would say "Who in it's sane mind would use them?? However I do it, ALOT, and they work pretty well for me, if you don't believe me check my stats on tier 5 to 7 carriers). When I click an enemy plane squad (and sometimes another ship) the target it's selected, but also a waypoint it's placed there. This bug started to happen since 7 versions ago (or so, I lost track). 7 to 4 versions ago the bug was extremely annoying. Every SINGLE time I selected the target the waypoint was selected and the carrier wanted to go there. Since usually I go as close to the main battle as possible (hiding behind an island) this could be extremely annoying and even dangerous, because if I wouldn't pay attention the carrier would move to an unwanted position leaving me extremely vulnerable. Since 4 or 3 versions ago someone on WG did something to mitigate the problem, but the problem still happens, less often, but happens. And then, since 6 versions ago (I DO remember this started to happen one version later than the previous one) another bug happens. One when the planes stop giving status report. You know, when the planes says "group 1... Engaging the enemy/under attack/destroyed/engaging" etc. This is extremely important for me because often I focus on three fronts: One it's the carrier itself, another one are the fighter squads and the third one it's the strike one. I'm quite reliant of knowing whats going on due these status reports. But since 6 versions ago something happens where the planes STOP giving any status report at all. There is only a small "click" and then nothing... Nothing at all, planes stop giving reports which leaves me deaf to what it's going on the battlefield. So far I tried to pinpoint the reason of why this happens but there is no reason at all of how or why it happens. Sometimes I can play 4 straight battles without the bug, and sometimes it happens right in the FIRST launched squad. And when it happens the bug carries over on the next battle. I need to close the game and open it again if I want the status report again. EVERY... SINGLE...VERSION I reported these bugs. Even with capture videos. Even I erased the game and reinstalled it from scratch twice times. But nothing. Nobody does a jack shi.t about it. There is one mod which said it would report it... but nothing. The bug still happens... Just, what the hell I need to do in order to have this bug fixed?? I brought both Saipan and Kaga. And I regret missed the opportunity to buy Graf zeppelin. I really enjoy play carriers but these bug really annoys me. And as I mentioned, I reinstalled the game twice from scratch so there is no posibility of "corrupted gamefiles, run X thing to fix them" or anything. Just... Fix them NOW. (for worse, in the next patch notes I don't see these bugs fixed...).
  14. 3k base xp

    - I compliment everybody (even enemies) who tells me "good work" or something good about what I do. - Also I compliment those who makes me laught (a joke or something) - Also I report everybody who EVER uses defensive AA on me (THATS CHEATING!!) - Report those who I talk to, asking something or whatever, and doesn't answers. - And specially those who takes more than 1 min to start to move in the game (AFK), also AFK enemy carriers.
  15. Free 3 days premium account.

    Ouch, seems I got the last one then.