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  1. Shipstacking in CW

    Perhaps if they allow Cvs to be in clan wars...
  2. Deepest Ever Water Torpedo

    Honestly I think he was very light with the swear... Seeing what just happened.
  3. [IDEA] Carrier-focused scenario's

    In Battlestations pacific there are Player vs Player scenarios, where one must attack and the other must defend something. I kinda wonder why in WOWS all scenarios are player vs bots.
  4. [IDEA] Carrier-focused scenario's

    That would be quite cool. I also like the idea of carrier based scenarios.
  5. Anti-Aircraft Visuals and Sound

    I really wish AA would be more visually impressive. Not only due the "coolness" of seeing lots of shoots coming from a single ship, but also it would give a clue about how many AA the target has (playing as a CV) but more importantly WHO it's firing at my planes. Sometimes I attack an enemy destroyer or a cruiser which I know doesn't has defensive aa, but I know there is one cruiser nearby which DOES has AA by default (most of the USN tier 6+ cruisers). Sometimes I don't know if when I attack a ship my planes enters the outer aa of the cruiser with def AA because visually there is very little to no feedback about that. This is specially important if said cruiser deceides to activate its def aa and scrambles my attack planes. (I Allways check if there is a defensive fire consumable activated and when it does I retreat my planes. But nonetheless it would be quite useful to know how many ships are attacking my planes).
  6. Tier V now what

    Dallas sucks quite badly compared with the Cleveland (when it was tier 6). However Helena looks quite fun (I wish to have the money to buy the ARA 9 de Julio). I suggest you to hit the test server where you can use them (both tier 6 and 7 USN cruisers) without having to spend any grind and money. There is currently a test server going on, but I don't recall which tiers they are using right now.
  7. Radar way OP

    Yet ANOTHER dd player which wants to sit down in it's smoke screen undisturbed and torp enemies from distance without any chance of being shooted back??
  8. Abusive or insulting players

    Think about how miserable must be their lifes if they do that. No happy person would do such thing.
  9. School Kids

    Lots of kids means more seals to club.
  10. Saipan is dumb

    Yeah, but carrier snipping it's not my style. I only attack the enemy carrier if there is a straight path between us and there are no nearby threats.
  11. Saipan is dumb

    In tier 7 I play mostly with my Kaga and I have defeated many Saipans. I just learned to adapt to them and currently I have a winrate of 80% on it. Saipans are challenging but nothing more. Also I have a Saipan myself and I can assure you that you can run out of planes pretty fast with it. Also it's 6 torpedo bombers can be quite fragile despite being tier 9 (lots of times I attacked lonely battleships which didn't had it's aa upgraded and I end losing 2 planes in the process. Sometimes 3, and with so few planes these attacks can be quite costly).
  12. Bug Reports

    Im quite tired of reporting this over and over again... SInce 8 - 10 versions ago (Seriously, I lost track): - Aircraft carrier´s planes stop giving status report in battle for no reason at all. They suddently became silent (the only sound it's the radio chatter from the beggining of the message) without any reason or without any particular action. Sometimes I can play up to 5 battles with carriers without the bug, and others times happens right at the first squad launched on the first battle. Once the bug appears I need to close the game and relaunch it again. - When I select a target for the carrier´s weapons (both ship and enemy plane squad) sometimes a waypoint it's placed in the same place when the target it's selected, engaging the autopilot. These bugs happens in both of my computers, both with fresh instalations (using the installer) and the only thing that both computers shares are AMD processors (Phenom II and Athlon 64 X2) and Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits. EDIT: I got a new bug: Playing Narai in my Nagato, half way on the battle I was unable to target any enemy ship or instalation for the secondarie´s cannons. I selected the enemy ships and the cursor didn't changed at all making impossible to select a target for the secondaries. This happened until the battle was over.
  13. Radar Discussion Megathread

    What that has to do with the fact I SUFFER them?? Besides, I play for fun. And I can tell you high tier cv battles aren't fun. Hell, even dds have defensive aa there!