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  1. Sargento_YO


    I just did it!!!
  2. Sargento_YO

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    I suggest nothing. I don't have to. The ones below those who ordered this should do it! Why I say this? it's easy. When you hire an electrician or a plumber 95% of the time you do it because there is a problem and you don't know how to fix it yourself. Since you don't know how to fix it You seek help of someone who DO knows how to fix it (in exchange of money, of course). Despite you don't know anything about electrical connections or plumbering, once the guy leaves you can know if the guy did a bad job or not. If the fuses or the swich trips, if you have short circuits, (electrician) or there are leaks of water (plumber) you KNOW that guy did a really shltty job! How to fix this problem with the forum? I have NO idea. But as I mentioned it. I don't have to know. I just know that the mods and the ones responsible of the forum did a really shltty job which shouldn't be forgiven!!
  3. Sargento_YO

    World of Warships Discord Server

    Ha! nice, but I see you and I think "I will NOT take the Vorknkx!!!"
  4. Sargento_YO

    What happens to the forum mods now?

    I don't see any forum mods fighting back, I recall what happened with the Spanish forum years ago, Delro h (head chief of WG in spain or something like that?) just one day said "we will be closing the spanish forum, goodbye to all", no fight back, did nothing to defend his base. Was just a m0r0n which just followed orders and nothing more. I don't see any difference about that with current mods (I don't see any mods opening an angry post denouncing bad WG things or creating an alternative or anything about it). So, we can conclude that WG cast them aside AND they want it in such way since I don't see any kind of fightback. This is just the end.
  5. Sargento_YO


    Oh, believe me, I know about it. For two years I reported Thirteen times (13!!) about a bug in the Carriers (back in the RTS era) which never was fixed. So, yeah, I KNOW that WG NEVER listened to any kind of feedback.
  6. Sargento_YO

    Where will you Migrate from the Forum?

    We should migrate to the "shell of the mother" who decided to close the forum! (Argentinean slang btw)
  7. Sargento_YO

    an farewell to all :(

    Fvck you all! instead of complaining to WG about being extremly cheap and saving a few bucks among the MILLIONS who they must be swimming in, you all are just saying farewells?? Just flood the entire site with NSFW stuff! the worse thing that can happen is to be banned a few hour earlier than EVERYBODY will be banned after all!
  8. Sargento_YO

    Farewell Fourmites.

    WHAT THE FVCK?! Seriously, yet another cost saving mesasure?! (surely I will get a warning but Fvck it! what I will get? not be able to post? Lol)
  9. Sargento_YO

    What is the point in grinding tech tree?

    I DO remember that at least in World of tanks WG deliberately did some tanks hard to grind (tiers VIII and IX) in order to make people think it's a good idea to spend gold to skip these. World of warships had their fair share of hard to grind ships as well. I recall the old Nagato, Amagi and Izumo stock hulls which were quite hard to go through.
  10. Sargento_YO

    Name one thing

    Probably not a good thing. But what keeps me on this game since a couple of years (at least since we can't use good secondaries on cruisers anymore) it's Sunk cost fallacy.
  11. Sargento_YO

    The glorious idea of mine fields...

    I like the idea of playing support ships to help my team. I miss the old RTS era where I could be useful to the team.
  12. In Brawl players in division should only face others players in divisions. I quit of frustration today because I found myself in four brawl battles where the entire enemy team (3) were in divs. Of course I lost the four times.
  13. Sargento_YO

    What ships do you play in Asymmetric Battles other than BBs?

    I have a great time in my Des moines
  14. Sargento_YO

    Biggus Dickus - worth ship name of T11 Italian battleship

    Romanes eunt domus!!
  15. Sargento_YO

    Is there's way to make game more playable for low end PC?

    Two years ago I used to play the game in a Xeon X5450 with 8 gb of DDR2 ram and a Radeon HD 6790 with 1 gb of vram. It ran quite good (40 fps) on high settings. Also it had a cheap 240 gb ssd (kingston A400). Altought the 6790 had enough power to run it on higher settings the fact it barely had only 1 gb of vram really hurt the performance. Currently I play the game on max settings on an Athlon 3000G (2 cores 4 threads) with 16 gb of ram and a Geforce gtx1650 ti with 4 gb of vram.